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Effective Print Advertising

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1 Effective Print Advertising
Creating Great Ads 7 Steps To Writing Your Ad

2 AIDA: Four Basic Principles of Advertising
1. ATTENTION – your headline should attract specific prospects Target it to the buyer, e.g., "Golf Course Living.“

3 2. INTEREST - Get the prospect to read the rest of the ad.
Avoid terms like "Features Galore." Spell them out. Avoid industry jargon, e.g., "w/w carp.” Provide facts. Avoid clichés. Who wants to read about another "dream home?"

4 3. DESIRE – Use descriptive copy
Edit the copy to emphasize the best selling features Make the house come alive through word pictures, e.g., "living room with exposed beams and lake view."

5 4. ACTION – Make it easy for the prospect to respond
Close with a call to action, a person to ask for, a number to call, an address Include Web site address- THIS IS CRITICAL- You must include your direct URL address in every ad. It enables every listing in the MLS to have it’s own unique website. Your sellers will love that their listings have their own website - $25.00 One Time Set Up (Prudential is already set up) Source: USA Today

6 Primary reason for making a housing change…
Desire to own a home More space/ larger home or downsizing Relocation Closer to job, school, relatives Source: NAR



9 7 steps to writing effective copy

10 Step 1: Describe the Prospect
The first step is to understand your target market. Who is the person or family most likely to buy the home? Marital status Age range Size of family Income range Occupation Lifestyle Who is the secondary prospect?

11 Step 2: Describe the Home and Community
Location Neighborhood/Area Access to conveniences Address/Directions Size Number of bedrooms Number of baths Square footage

12 Step 3: Evaluate the Features Try to evaluate the property
List the features of the home or community in order of importance. Try to evaluate the property as the prospect will see it.

13 Step 4: Create a Headline (lead line)
The headline is the most important element in your ad other than the photograph. Take the most important feature of the property and turn it into a benefit. Make that your headline. Value: (Example: Buy Your Freedom) Safety/Security: (Example: Built to Endure) Status: (Example: Prestigious Tudor Under the Elms)

14 Step 5: Write the Body Copy
In the first line, tell the prospect how he'll achieve the promise you've made. Speak of features in terms of benefits, include the property basics and justify the price. Benefit Headline: ______________________ Body Copy: ___________________________

15 Step 6: Signature When appropriate, add a sense of urgency to your ad and a call to action. Action Line Ideas: Act Now! Tee off today A rare opportunity - call

16 Ask the sellers why they purchased the house
Ask the sellers why they purchased the house. They may describe the features you need in an ad.

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