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1 December 19, 2014 1 Sterlite Technologies Limited

2 December 19, 2014 2 Disclaimer Certain words and statements in this communication concerning Sterlite Technologies Limited and its prospects, and other statements relating to Sterlite Technologies’ expected financial position, business strategy, the future development of Sterlite Technologies’ operations and the general economy in India & global markets, are forward looking statements. Such statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause actual results, performance or achievements of Sterlite Technologies Limited, or industry results, to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements are based on numerous assumptions regarding Sterlite Technologies’ present and future business strategies and the environment in which Sterlite Technologies Limited will operate in the future. The important factors that could cause actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from such forward-looking statements include, among others, changes in government policies or regulations of India and, in particular, changes relating to the administration of Sterlite Technologies’ industry, and changes in general economic, business and credit conditions in India. Additional factors that could cause actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from such forward-looking statements, many of which are not in Sterlite Technologies’ control, include, but are not limited to, those risk factors discussed in Sterlite Technologies’ various filings with the National Stock Exchange, India and the Bombay Stock Exchange, India. These filings are available at and

3 December 19, 2014 3 Our Group, Company and our successes

4 December 19, 2014 4 Group overview Diversified business portfolio that includes metals, mining, energy, telecom & infrastructure. Listed on LSE with other subsidiaries listed on NYSE (US), BSE and NSE (India). Total revenue ~ US$ 8 Bn. Market capitalization ~ US$ 10 Bn. Globally 30,000 employees. Global positions in all business verticals. Volcan Investments (HoldCo) Vedanta Resources Sterlite Technologies Business focus: Metals, mining & energy Business verticals: - Copper - Zinc - Aluminium - Iron Ore - Lead - Power Generation Business focus: Technology & infrastructure Business verticals: - Telecom - Power - Infrastructure 59% 51%

5 December 19, 2014 5 VEDANTA STERLITE Group’s market leadership Copper (India’s largest smelter ) Aluminum (Globally # 5) Zinc (Globally # 1) Optical fiber (Globally # 5) Conductors (Globally # 1) Iron ore (India’s largest exporter)

6 December 19, 2014 6 Who we are Sterlite Technologies is a leading global provider of transmission solutions for the power and telecom industries. Operations: India. Sales & technical support: China, Denmark, India, Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA. Net revenues (FY11): US$ 503 Mn; Talent pool:1000+ full-time employees.

7 December 19, 2014 7 Products, solutions & services Intellectual property portfolio of 30 patents in USA, Europe, India & China. Conductors, OPGW Optical fiber & Cables Datacom cables Power Cables Systems & solutions Grid networks

8 December 19, 2014 8 Who we have helped with our power solutions * Representative customer list

9 December 19, 2014 9 Our India network footprint Key highlights About 25% of India’s transmission grid runs on Sterlite Conductors. India’s first 765 kV EHV transmission line commissioned with Sterlite conductors Sterlite AL-59 conductors awarded ‘IEEMA best new product’ Portfolio of 3 transmission system projects on BOOM basis (2200 km of transmission lines + 2 substations)

10 December 19, 2014 10 Client testimonials

11 December 19, 2014 11 Our capabilities and innovative solutions

12 December 19, 2014 12 Our innovative power solutions OPGW CablesPower Cables Application: Smart grids Application: T&D Application: Grid efficiency HTLS Conductors Winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia-Pacific Awards 2004-2009.

13 December 19, 2014 13 HTLS Power Conductors: Applications Sterlite – Pioneer in development & promotion of HTSL conductors in India. Used for reducing I 2 R losses: Under equal load conditions reduces the I 2 R losses by 30 to 40%. 100% more current carrying capacity, compared with traditional conductors. Upgradation of existing line without any modification to existing structure

14 December 19, 2014 14 HTLS Power Conductors: Solution suite Low resistance conductors AL-59 / 1120 ACCC (Aluminum conductor composite core) ACSS (Aluminum conductor steel supported) High temperature low sag conductors ACCC STACIR (Invar) ACSS (TW) TACSR (thermal alloy) Dull surface finish conductors Dull conductor Blackened conductor

15 December 19, 2014 15 Power Conductors: Manufacturing capabilities Facilities Certifications, Approvals, Systems Largest global total capacity of 160,000 MT per annum. Standards: BIS, BS EN 50182, ASTM, CSA, IEC, Gost, JIS, AS. System certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, NABL. Product approvals in over 50 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas & Australia. Total Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

16 December 19, 2014 16 OPGW cables Quest for excellence Combining the best of our conductor & fiber optic cable strengths OPGW standards: IEC 60794, IEEE 1138:2009 OPGW product certifications: SABS (South Africa) OPGW type tests: DRDO (India) Fiber & conductor system certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TL 9000 Total Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System OPGW Cables: Manufacturing capabilities

17 December 19, 2014 17 Power Cables: Manufacturing capabilities Voltage grade up to 6.6 kV to 220 kV. Conductor: Aluminum and Copper. Conductor size: Single Core (up to 2000 sq-mm) Multi Core (up to 630 sq-mm). Standards: IS7098 (Part 2), IS:7098 (Part-3), IEC 60502 (Part 2). Single integrated facility. Commencement of facility: May 2011

18 December 19, 2014 18 Our quest for excellence

19 December 19, 2014 19 Our conductor operational capabilities Value chain Growth Key focus on operational efficiencies and economies of scale Manufacturing process Stores / Incoming goods inspection Ingot melting Rod rolling Stranding QC / QA / Reliability testing Dispatch FY06 FY08 FY10 60,000 MT 115,00 MT 160,000 MT FY12eConductors 200,000 MT Conductors Rod rolling Ingots Rods

20 December 19, 2014 20 We invite you to a virtual tour of conductor facilities

21 December 19, 2014 21 Our system certifications ISO 9001 ISO 14001OHSAS 18001

22 December 19, 2014 22 Our product certifications NABL - Electrical NABL - MechanicalNABL - Chemical Winner of the IEEMA Best New Product Award 2007 (AL-59 Alloy Conductors)

23 December 19, 2014 23 Why Sterlite?

24 December 19, 2014 24 GLOBAL SCALE EFFICIENT OPERATIONS QUALIFIED TALENT POOL PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS Experience in global markets Integrated manufacturing Solutions for diverse applications 1000+ employees in 11 countries Sterlite: A reliable partner with relevant resources

25 December 19, 2014 25 Sterlite: A responsible corporate – within our facilities and for the community Our sustainable development focus: Directly impacting over 75,000 lives Environment Health careEducation Environment Employee well-beingEmployee safety

26 December 19, 2014 26 Sterlite Technologies China Denmark India Netherlands Russia South Africa Taiwan Turkey UAE UK USA Connecting every home on the planet

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