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Building a German Nation

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1 Building a German Nation
Chapter 10 Section 1 pp Problems 1-7

2 #1a Zollverein Economic union created in Prussia that dismantled tariff barriers between many German States!

3 #1b Otto von Bismarck a JUNKER, Prussian Diplomat who became Chancellor in 1862 he was loyal to the Hohenzollerns not to German Unity.

4 #1c William I [Wilhelm] King of Prussia

5 #2a Chancellor Prime Minister, leader of the government in Germany, first chancellor was Otto von Bismarck, Hitler was a chancellor, and today Angela Merkel is chancellor.

6 #2b Realpolitik Bismarck’s political belief of realistic politics based on the needs of the State, power is more important than principles—Machiviellian

7 #2c Annex To take control of, seize land

8 #2d Kaiser Title for emperor in Germany taken by William I in January 1871 creating the Second Reich

9 #2e Reich Empire--the Germans considered themselves heir to the Holy Roman Empire

10 *Additional* Ems “dispatch” Telegram
Bismarck played up the image of the French menace to Prussia and the German States. Then edited the “Ems dispatch” to seem that William I had insulted a French ambassador. Napoleon III became angry and declared war on Prussia. Napoleon III French President Emperor of France

11 #3 What territorial and economic changes promoted German Unity?
Annexation of Rhine lands by Napoleon and creation of Zollverein.

12 #4 Describe the techniques Bismarck used to unify the German states.
Started and supported Realpolitik, strengthened the army, and won 3 wars.

13 #5 How did the emperor and his chancellor retain power in the new German Government?
Created a Constitution that set up a two house legislature. The upper house the Bundesrat was appointed by the rulers of the German States. The Reichstag, lower house, was elected by universal male suffrage. The Bundesrat could veto any act by the Reichstag so actually William I and Bismarck still controlled the government.

14 #6 Identify three examples of Bismarck’s use of Realpolitik.
Bismarck funded the Prussian army with money appropriated for other purposes. He treated Austria as an ally or enemy depending on his needs. He edited a telegram in order to start a war with France.

15 #7 How did the nationalism represented by Bismarck differ from that embraced by liberals in the early 1800s? European liberals who embraced nationalism also favored democracy. Bismarck’s nationalism was combined with military expansionism and increased “ROYAL” power.

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