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29-3: Challenges and Changes in the Movement

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1 29-3: Challenges and Changes in the Movement

2 1. What is the main difference between de facto and de jure segregation?
De facto segregation exists by practice and custom De jure segregation exists by law

3 2. How did the ideas of SNCC differ from those of the Nation of Islam?
SNCC believed in nonviolent civil disobedience and racial harmony The Nation of Islam believed that Whites were evil and that African Americans should separate from White society- It also advocated the use of armed self-defense

4 3. How did the early views of Malcolm X differ from his later ideas?
Early on Malcolm X was a Black Muslim who believed in the teachings of the Nation of Islam Later on his attitude toward Whites softened, and he advocated “ballots over “bullets” = African Americans should vote for African American representatives or for people who support civil rights.

5 4. What changes took place in Stokely Carmichael’s membership in civil rights organizations
Carmichael was an organizer for SNCC, an organization that believed in peaceful protests, but he later became a Black Panther

6 5. How did the ideas of SNCC differ from those of the Black Panthers?
SNCC believed in non-violent civil disobedience and racial harmony. The Black Panthers advocated black nationalism, black power, and armed revolt

7 6. What gains were made by the Civil Rights and Black Power movements?
A. Increased pride and awareness of racial identity among many blacks B. New College programs in African-American history and literature Integration of educational facilities Increased graduation rates of Blacks in high school and college C. Greater visibility of African Americans in movies and on TV Growth of affirmative action programs D. End to de jure segregation The passage of the civil rights laws Increased awareness of de facto segregation

8 Terms Kerner Commisssion: A commission that reported on the state of race relations and urban violence in America Commission named the one main cause for violence in the cities: white racism Black Power: Movement that stressed African American pride and leadership Civil Rights Act of 1968: Act that banned discrimination in housing

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