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Halong Bay (Halong Bay), one of Vietnam's World Heritage (UNESCO World Heritage Site), this bay has an area of ​​ approximately 1,553 square kilometers.

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5 Halong Bay (Halong Bay), one of Vietnam's World Heritage (UNESCO World Heritage Site), this bay has an area of ​​ approximately 1,553 square kilometers. Each of the islands, about 1,960 islands, most of which are limestone islands which formed since. 500 million years ago. Halong Bay is the source of more than 60 species of flowers and plants can be found only here. In 1962, Vietnam's Ministry of Tourism arranged Halong Bay is a conservation area and in 1994, the organization announced UNECO bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Halong Bay area travelers today is one of the most attention in Vietnam. And is to be the most beautiful bay in the world, with a rating of 33.


7 Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City (Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Ho Chi Minh City abbreviations HCMC), formerly named Saigon (Saigon) is the largest city of Vietnam. Located in the Mekong Delta Saigon. In the past, a city in the rule of the Khmer before. Later, when the separation is the capital of South Vietnam, Saigon, Vietnam. On North Vietnamese seized and renamed. Ho Chi Minh City. By the leader of the Viet Minh, Ho Chi Minh City.


9 Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. With a population of approximately 4,100,000 people ( 2547 ), the former was the capital of North Vietnam between 2497 to 2519 and before that had been the capital of the Vietnamese today. occasionally from the 11th century until the year 2345 Hanoi is located on the right bank of the Red River. Industry in the machinery, plywood, textiles, chemicals and handicrafts. Hanoi is located at 21 ° 2 ' and 105 ° 51' East, on 29 May 2551 has been extended to other districts of Hanoi. It covers the area of ​​ more than 3 times to accommodate growth. Growth of the city and on to the month of October 2553 was the inaugural year in 1000 to a full term in the "Hanoi " refers to the beginning of the river. Located at the beginning of the Red River Valley. Attila the Lee Dynasty established the capital in the year 1553 by the name of " Thang Long " means " dragon fly " until the year 2345 the Nguyen dynasty moved when I got to town "West ". on becoming part of French Indochina. Hanoi is the capital of the official 's back again in December 2430 after the independence in the year 2489 land split Vietnam into two countries. By Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. On the country in 2519, it is one of Vietnam's capital city today.


11 Water Puppet. A puppet of Vietnam. Are shown only to Hanoi Was that of a lake in theater regarding cedar. Hoang Dinh street Tiam user manipulation behind bamboo blinds with a blackout. The puppet is at the end that is long enough to protrude outside the scene where the manipulation force. A mechanism to force the hand or organ of the body is made of wood ฉ m ฉ a lighter weight and buoyancy in the water. Manipulation and not a robot, not force. It seems I have a style of their own water puppet theater (Municipal Water Puppets) Location: Located in the northeast of the lake was found that Cedar Hall. Hoang Dinh street Tiam (Pho Dinh Tien Hong) Admission 40,000 VND and 20,000 Water Puppet Theatre turn. Show many times a day. Vietnam's water puppet shows. Regarded as one of the national identity and it was lost to the world. Water puppet show from the Mekong delta area. Of the area is flooded every year, so the inspiration to invent skits to entertain the flood for a long time. For Water Puppet Show. The show, which will be located behind a waist high water levels. To control the movement of the robot using bamboo trunk length. But manipulation techniques will be treated as confidential. The story is about the frequency v beliefs of Vietnamese life. Encourage more followers.


13 Dalat is a small town located on a plateau in the south of Vietnam. In the past, a distant land, prosperity, the villagers live peacefully. Without the growth of large cities Rattlers. But then a small town in the valley. It must have seemed that her virginity to a stranger. When the French ruling class to experience the development of different areas. Up to unwind. The message of the beauty of the land in the Central Valley. To talk to people from the other side of the world is perceived. When they run out of missions on land Indochina. Dalat is a town in the south of Vietnam.


15 Lake Xuan Huong (Xuan Huong Lake) This lake. Located in the heart of Dalat city. In colonial times, this lake. As part of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam. But now is an ideal place to relax and watch the lifestyle of Dalat. Xuan Huong lake all day. Which will meet the love of the city is an agricultural society in which they are found. The love of the city. Located in an agricultural society, whose daily life is a hustle. If you sit on the edge of this lake. In addition to the people. Also a view of the city with Sam every area has pine surround the evening to watch the sunset on the lake edge. Cycling or water is no less interesting. If you are hungry there are many restaurants that serve delicious food with the cold weather and the most romantic sunset. In the city the sweetness of the atmosphere of relaxation in all areas


17 Waterfall Chang (elephant falls) waterfall Chang or Elephant fall into the high waterfall, a river is cut off, then plunged into the water below. Like Thee Lor Su. But Lor Su waterfall above it. This cascade can climb the cliff to view the steep and slippery, but be careful, too. Down to the south end to the recesses of the rocks are filled with roots. And when it is full of water. If the camera is not waterproof and should not be taken out. The top of the waterfall elephant is like a temple for tourists to visit. And the show traveled to weaving. The trip to visit the waterfall elephant. I recommend buying Tours Local tour which will take us to several points in a day. Including this waterfall. This waterfall is the last to see cricket. And back to town to eat lunch. To train the afternoon mr.hotsia March 2555.


19 Fairy cave or cave paradise cruise Halong Bay. Boat trip in Halong Bay. Most of the medium. And a dragon head at the bow. Some ships have had to create a look of retro sailing tourists to experience the vibe of the maritime past. The cruise takes tourists to the cave writhingly snazzy (Dao Go) cave lake with magnificent stalactites. Has been launched from the French who came to visit the first group in the early 19th century and was known as the Cave Cave Cave heaven or angels.


21 Valley of Love is to the north of the lake to Hwang. Also known as the Viet Minh Thung Lung Ting Qiao. A wild Emperor Bao Dai had been hunting in the past. It is a valley with a lake in the middle. Surrounded by low hills covered with pine trees. Before moving up to the top lake to an amusement park with rides. There is a memorial ride and shoot. Alternatively, cycling in the lake. The top section is a souvenir shop. The peace and relaxation.

22 /12_article/article01.htm sm-g293922- Dalat_Lam_Dong_Province- Vacations.html etnam/DalatTour.htm

23 1.Miss Thicha Sripa No.28 2.Miss Junjira Thewarat No.21 3.Mr Parkpoom pawale No.9 4.Mr ThanakolRimsa No.2 5.Mr AussadaThungjan No.18

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