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¡VIVA! Peer Tutor Project Overview

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1 ¡VIVA! Peer Tutor Project Overview
This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, under Contract No. HHSN C with the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library.

2 South Texas Independent School District is comprised of four magnet high schools and one junior high campus. Med High provides students a rigorous curriculum and hands-on clinical experience. It facilitates certifications as pharmacy technicians, nursing assistants, or as dental technicians and is a 2010 Blue Ribbon School. SciTech offers a nationally recognized academic program focusing on math and science, engineering, architecture, and computer science. Med Academy focuses on careers in the medical and medical technology fields and provides hands-on clinical experience in area hospitals and doctors’ offices. It also facilitates medical certification programs. BETA focuses on the career fields of business, education and technology. Juniors and seniors in the business program gain internship experience at local companies. All STISD schools have partnerships with universities, local hospitals, and also with the Regional Academic Health Center in Harlingen. Project Lead the Way and the Rochester Institute of Technology have been instrumental in shaping a portion of the curriculum at Sci Tech. The partnerships with Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University are particularly beneficial to all of our students.

3 National Library of Medicine contract
2001 National Library of Medicine contract University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio and the NN/LM SCR develop the Health Information Hispanic Outreach Program Regional Academic Health Center (RAHC) of Harlingen partners with South Texas Independent School District In 2001, Debra Warner of the Regional Academic Health Center in Harlingen selected Med High as a partner school for the Health Information Hispanic Outreach Program.

4 Peer Tutor Program History
Project Personnel Debra Warner, RAHC Library Dir. Lucy Hansen, STISD Lead Librarian Dr. Cindy Olney, Evaluation Specialist Serena Ceci Med High Students Serena Arancibia Cecilia Castañeda Joey Nichols William McCormick Four juniors were selected to be Med High Peer Tutors to teach MedlinePlus. They remained with the project for two years. Program goals included increasing the utilization of MedlinePlus by high school faculty, librarians, students and their families and obtaining feedback. Joey William

5 2003 - 2004 Peer Tutors Brittany Linkenhoger Jessica Conaway
Chris Martin Ginny Cohen Loida Tamayo Aileen Carranza Luis Capuchina Jessica Conaway Flor Zuviri Michael Ortiz Matthew McCormick Kayvon Kiani Lisa Brown Orlando Ortiz Elizabeth Meyers Interest in the program grew and in 2003 we had 34 students who applied and were interviewed by the librarians and the four peer tutors. The tutors chose the new members for the project.

6 Lucy with Rachel Herrera & Nerey Esparza
Peer Tutors Henry Crites Jaime Cantu Samantha Richardson Andrea Kall Sarah Yang Counselor and teacher recommendations were used to select new tutors for the project year. Tutors from Science Academy and Med Academy joined the program. Matthew McCormick Flor Zuviri Kayvon Kiani Lisa Brown Michael Ortiz Lucy with Rachel Herrera & Nerey Esparza Jessica Conaway Nina Lu

7 2005 Summer Institute Peer Tutors Andrea, Unnam, Stephanie & Sarah
Erin Norris Library Intern Andrea, Unnam, Stephanie & Sarah Nereyda Esparza Virginia E. Cohen Camilo Gonzalez With NLM funding, a summer institute program was implemented in The goals of the program were to give the peer tutors adequate time to form working relationships with each other, develop presentation skills, interact with health professionals from the community, and perform outreach. One library school intern, two graduate peer tutors, and six regular peer tutors were hired. Michael Ortiz Carolina De La Garza Matthew McCormick Davinia Rodriguez Georgina De La Garza

8 2005-2006 Peer Tutors Clay Young Jose Calzada Juhi Koolwal
Mayda Saldaña Stephany Gonzales Stephen Galarza Samantha Richardson Victoria Elizondo Nidia Cedillo Jackie Ho-Shing Marisol Garcia Lianne Yang Luis Lopez Every year the program gained in popularity, so in 2005 we tried having a more open enrollment style to permit wider participation. Students were also allowed to join throughout the school year.

9 2006 Summer Institute Peer Tutors
The first summer institute was a huge success, so a second institute followed in 2006 with some changes in format. Two graduate peer tutors, 13 regular peer tutors, and six teacher content advisors were hired. The focus of this summer institute was for the peer tutors to collaborate with the teachers on writing lesson plans that incorporated NLM resources. Katherine Farley Adrian Perez Clay Young Andrea Kall Gracie Cuellar Diego Figueroa Miguel Setien Nidia Cedilla Samantha Richardson Mayda Saldana Michelle Castellanos Jackie Chang Camilo Gonzalez Nerey Esparza (GPT) Michael Ortiz (GPT)

10 2006-2007 Peer Tutors Lianne Yang Jackie Chang Gracie Cuellar
Luis Lopez Katherine Farley Diego Figueroa Veronica Guerra Michelle Castellanos Adrian Perez Miguel Setien Piyush Pathak Clay Young The returning peer tutors felt a lack of continuity with new members appearing at random times during the year. They also felt the new members weren’t as committed to the program. We decided to return to counselor and teacher recommendations to recruit new peer tutors for

11 2007 Summer Institute Peer Tutors
Josue Arenas Hunaid Rana Clay Young Gracie Cuellar Arya Kudalmana Lianne Yang Steven Padilla Veronica Guerra Piyush Pathak Luis Lopez Rocio Rodriguez William McCormick (GPT) Our third summer and our third program format. Evaluation interviews with peer tutors revealed that they wanted to have more outreach events and visits with professionals in the medical community.

12 2004 – 2007 Overview Science Academy and Med Academy peer tutors recruited Summer Institute introduced Med High Peer Tutor Project becomes ¡VIVA! Vital Information for a Virtual Age First annual Teen Health Fair Teacher Content Advisors hired for Summer Institute Online Summer Symposium Partnerships with other high schools initiated NNLM/SCR trip as capstone event for Summer Institute Careers in medical libraries promoted MLA poster session To summarize: In 2004, Biblioteca Las Américas was awarded a subcontract from the NLM, allowing the peer tutor program to expand. In previous years, peer tutors were selected only from Med High, but in 2004, peer tutors were recruited from Science Academy and Med Academy. In 2005, the program needed a new name to represent all three campuses. ¡VIVA! was selected to reflect our commitment to developing 21st century skills. In 2006, ¡VIVA! decided to hold its own health fair after participating in fairs hosted by other groups. More than 700 students and faculty attended the event. That summer teachers joined the summer institute staff. They worked with the tutors to write lesson plans to use in their own classrooms during the upcoming year. Also new to the project was an online symposium using WebEx. The 90+ participants represented 19 states. Beginning in the spring of 2006, the ¡VIVA! peer tutors have held health fairs in collaboration with the Sci Tech P.E. Club and a H.O.S.A. chapter at Med High. In 2006, the theme was “Because those rolls are only cute for so long,” in 2007 it was “Operation Health Fair,” and in 2008 it was “Lean, Green, Healthy Machine.” The first year the health fair was held in the gym and over 700 students and faculty members attended. In 2007 and 2008, the health fair moved to the library. The Health Fair is popular with students and teachers at both campuses and attendance is high. Schools groups, including H.O.S.A. chapters have tables at the fair. Community groups like the TX. Organ Sharing Alliance, University of Texas Border Health, the Valley AIDS Council, Planned Parenthood, the Family Crisis Center, and the Harlingen Table Tennis Assn. also have tables and provide raffle prizes. In 2007, the peer tutors traveled to Houston to visit the NNLM and the Texas Medical Center as a final event for the 2007 Summer Institute. They met with Dr. Elizabeth Eaton, Dr. Ana Cleveland, Karen Vargas, Baylor College of Medicine students, medical librarians, and other Med Center professionals. Also in 2007, Lucy Hansen, Sara Reibman, Ann Vickman, and Javier Jimenez displayed 2 posters at the Medical Library Association meeting in Philadelphia.

13 2007 – 2009 Overview Med Academy renews peer tutor program DeBakey Seminars in Medicine field trip ¡VIVA! web site launched Summer Institute included field trip to the NLM Peer tutors exhibit MedlinePlus at HOSA conferences Texas Library Association Conference presentation NIH Challenge Grant proposal by Dr. Suad Ghaddar Improving Adolescent Health Literacy: A MedlinePlus-Based Intervention Health Careers Fair

14 2007-2008 Peer Tutors Sci Tech Med Academy Med High
Katherine Farley Arya Kudalmana Luis Lopez Cristina Mendez Steven Padilla Piyush Pathak Rocio Rodriguez Lianne Yang Med Academy Ramiro Cantu Rosaidalia Cardenas Ernest Culver Nora Galan David Delgado Citlalic Laguna Julie Cavazos Luna Hernandez Breanna Rodriguez Bianca Sanchez Taylor Villanueva Victoria Lozano This year we had the largest number of returning peer tutors; vacant spots were filled after obtaining counselor and teacher recommendations. Med High Josue Arenas Michelle Castellanos Alice Eure Carolina Garcia Veronica Guerra Hunaid Rana Kelly Reyna

15 2008-2009 Peer Tutors Med High Med Academy Sci Tech
Erica Garcia Jeffrey Go Jonathan Guzman Pablo Muniz Christian Ninal Jeriel Omoso Ryan Palacios Hunaid Rana Kelly Reyna Med Academy Rosaidalia Cardenas Nora Galan Julie Cavazos Luna Hernandez Maritza Robles Breanna Rodriguez Bianca Sanchez Taylor Villanueva Sci Tech Ismael Melendez Cristina Mendez Rocio Rodriguez

16 2009 – 2011 Overview Peer tutors present MedlinePlus to all incoming freshmen at South Texas ISD New Scholar Academies BETA peer tutors recruited Peer tutors present at the Mexican American School Board Association Conference Peer Tutors exhibited at Open House, and Parent Advisement sessions Health Careers Fair Peer tutors present at Texas Association of Future Educators conference Peer tutors host the M+ Run 4 the Health of It 5K run Health careers field trip to NNLM/SCR in Houston Peer tutors host the M+ Paddle 4 the Health of It 5K kayak race 2009 – All four STISD high school campuses now have peer tutor project.

17 Peer Tutors Sci Tech & Med High Med Academy & BETA

18 Peer Tutors M E D H I G M E D A C S C I T E H B E T A

19 2011 – 2013 Overview ¡VIVA! Facebook page developed Peer tutors exhibited MedlinePlus at South Texas ISD’s Wholehearted Scholar Fest Peer tutors sponsored a nationwide Health Literacy Challenge video contest Peer tutors exhibited MedlinePlus at the Texas Onion Fest in Weslaco, TX Peer tutors presented to staff Head Start of Hidalgo County Peer tutor project implementation guide completed Peer Tutoring for High School Health Information Literacy: A Guide for Assessing if This Program Can Work for You Peer tutors participated in Photovoice Participatory action research strategy

20 Peer Tutors S C I T E H M E D H I G M E D A C B E T A

21 Peer Tutors BETA Sci Tech & Med High Med Academy

22 Training & Meetings Peer tutor meetings are held once a month at each STISD campus. Topics of discussion include previous events, upcoming events, marketing ideas, and paperwork to be completed. MedlinePlus presentation skills are practiced at most meetings. Meetings are about 30 minutes long, so only small tasks are accomplished here. After school meetings or meetings with individual tutors are scheduled when needed.

23 Class Presentations MedlinePlus is presented to all incoming Medical Academy freshmen during the New Scholar Academies held in June and July. The freshmen all receive training from the peer tutors, followed by a hands-on assignment completed with help from peer tutors and librarians. Other special events such as the Brown Bag Lunch at BETA are also scheduled throughout the year.

24 Outreach Events Our outreach events have allowed us to collaborate with many community groups such as the Harlingen Boys & Girls Club, the Rio Grande Valley Science Association, Valley Baptist Medical Center, the Gold Wing Road Riders, Mujeres Unidas, and more. We also have displays at campus open houses.

25 Peer Tutor Program Awards
2003 Texas Library Association Project of the Year HOSA Student Community Awareness Projects NCLIS Blue Ribbon Winners 2004 National Award for Museum and Library Service awarded to the RAHC by the IMLS 2006 National School Library Media Program of the Year award – Individual library category 2012 National School Library Media Program of the Year award – District libraries category The success of the peer tutor project has achieved recognition for itself as well as other programs, including Biblioteca Las Américas, which won the 2006 National School Library Media Program of the Year award. The project has also been cited in several professional journal articles. The popularity of the project generates many invitations from local organizations.

26 Evaluation Data shows that:
Students improve research and evaluation skills Students improve public speaking and presentation skills Teachers use more hands-on teaching Research projects introduced earlier in curriculum sequence Dr. Cindy Olney has evaluated the project from the beginning. She has used several collection methods to generate data relevant to the project. Data indicates there is a documented impact on peer tutors. They tell us they learn about evaluating resources, improving presentation skills, and becoming comfortable with public speaking. In addition to benefits for students, the peer tutor project also generates outcomes for the schools according to interviews with the campus administrators.

27 Project Team Members Lucy Hansen Principal Investigator Sara Reibman Project Specialist Ann Vickman Project Director Linda Robles Project Specialist Rigo Olivarez Project Specialist Javier Jiménez Technology Support Debra Warner Project Consultant Cindy Olney, PhD. Evaluation Consultant

28 Contact Information Biblioteca Las Américas Med High Dr. Mercedes, TX (956) South Texas Independent School District Med High Dr. Mercedes, TX (956) or Med High Med High Dr. Mercedes,TX (956) or Medical Academy S. Helen Moore Rd. San Benito, TX (956) or Science Academy Med High Dr. Mercedes, TX (956) or

29 PowerPoint prepared by Sara Reibman & Ann Vickman 2014

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