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Prepared January 2013 Focusing on: Oil Exploration Mineral Exploration Fuel for South Sudan. SOUTH SUDAN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Chang & Skalbania Exploration.

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1 Prepared January 2013 Focusing on: Oil Exploration Mineral Exploration Fuel for South Sudan. SOUTH SUDAN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Chang & Skalbania Exploration Ltd. A division of Chang & Skalbania Exploration Ltd. Naath – means "people“ from the language of the Nuer Nilotic nation in South Sudan.

2 2 Overview Republic of South Sudan, became an independent state on 9 July 2011. It is a landlocked country located in the Sahel region of northeastern Africa. It is also part of the North Africa UN sub-region. Its current capital is Juba, which is also its largest city. South Sudan is bordered by Ethiopia to the east, Kenya to the southeast, Uganda to the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the southwest, the Central African Republic to the west, and Sudan to the north. The official language is English and Christianity is the major religion. The economy is primarily driven by the production and exportation of oil. Oil revenues constitute 98% of the government’s budget, according to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and this has amounted to more than $8 billion in revenue since the signing of the peace agreement. 2

3 3 Oil and Gas Overview South Sudan’s oil reserve is currently estimated at 6.5 billion barrels of recoverable crude oil, placing it in the top ten countries with greatest proven petroleum reserves, above other sub-Sahara African States in the world petroleum reserves ranking. Current production is approximately 400,000 bpd. The source rocks are the Lower Cretaceous lacustrine shales, whereas reservoirs and seals are both Palaeogene and Upper Cretaceous. Heavy to light crude oils and gas have been discovered in the Palaeogene and only light crude oils and gas in the Upper Cretaceous producing zones. The dominant oil production is in the Melut basin in Unity State, South Sudan and is in the Palaeogene zone. 3

4 4 Oil and Gas Market South Sudan’s oil industry is dominated by pacific rim companies. Oil is exported via pipelines to a small refinery in Khartoum and a larger one at Port Sudan with the balance of crude exported from Port Sudan South Sudan is an importer of refined petroleum products. 4

5 5 OPPORTUNITY: Oil Concessions by Providing Power 5 C&S has entered into negotiations to provide a number of electricity generating sets (diesel fueled) to certain cities in South Sudan. The concept is to provide gen-sets (0.5 MW to 1.0 MW) to seven cities provided: a) power purchase agreements with the governments are obtained b) some oil exploration concessions could be obtained, the size of the concessions determined by the number of gen-sets that are provided.

6 6 Opportunity: Oil Concessions by Providing Mini-refineries 6 Naath has entered into negotiations with the government to provide refinery capacity for South Sudan. The initial program is to acquire and install two mini-refineries that would only process diesel fuel while returning the unused crude to the source. Further, the plan is to develop a larger refinery (20,000 barrels/day) to be located at the southern terminus of the existing pipeline that goes through North Sudan to a refinery on the Red Sea. The negotiations with South Sudan are that we will build refineries provided: a)sufficient crude from existing production provided for the refineries and b)Naath to have some oil concessions in BLK 7 or BLK B to develop its own crude. Naath has retained Stefan Kmetovic, P.Eng., (Petro-Mont Technical Services Inc.) as the refinery consultant.

7 7 Opportunity – Mineral Concession 7 The Ministry of Mines has granted Naath exclusive rights to explore/develop certain properties identified as prospective by the government. We have identified the most promising areas for initial exploration which are in the SW and SE of South Sudan. Naath is in the process of selecting a geologist and/or firm to joint-venture and explore these mineral targets. Paul Sarjeant, P.Geo. of Toronto has been retained as Naath’s consulting geologist to supervise this program.

8 8 Opportunity: Fuel Distribution 8 Naath is government licensed to deliver diesel/petrol/kerosene fuel to South Sudan. Fuel is sold to government agencies, the United Nations and to the private sector. To date, the fuel source is from depost/suppliers in Kenya. Naath has now delivered several diesel tankers of 31,000 litres each, along with some kerosene. The diesel program is to ultimately have one tanker per day delivering fuel from Kenya to South Sudan. Naath has installed its own storage tanks in Juba and is in the process of purchasing its own truck tankers. The target is to bring in 2,000,000 litres per month.

9 9 Management 9 Chairman Simon Tut Native South Sudanese with Canadian citizenship, political /military background with oil & gas experience PresidentNelson Skalbania B.Ap.Sc.,M.Sc.,P.Eng. VP Operations Rick Rockliffe

10 10 StockShares$/ShareCapital Founder/Acquisition20,000,000 Private Placement10,000,000$0.20$2,000,000 Warrants10,000,000$0.20$2,000,000 Total40,000,000$4,000,000 The private placement to be in the form of a convertible debenture with the following terms: (Each $10,000. debenture is convertible to shares at $0.20 and on each conversion, a warrant to acquire a further share at $0.20.) (1)Three-year term (2) Bear interest at 6%; paid quarterly (3) Secured pari passu by 100% of the assets and shares of C&S (4) Converts into shares of C&S and/or new Pubco at the rate of $0.20/share. The Company, once it has secured oil exploration agreements (by arranging gensets and/or mini-refineries) will finance the installation of the gensets/mini-refineries by Joint-Venture agreements with major/junior oil companies. Financial Plan NAATH Resources is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chang and Skalbania Explorations Ltd, a company incorporated in the Republic of South Sudan

11 11 Use of Proceeds : Twelve-Month Budget 11 Item$ CDN Fuel Purchases650,000 Marketing200,000 Office overhead in Juba (supplies, phone, etc.)45,000 Staff costs (2: Simon Tut and Rick Rockliffe)95,000 Deposit on three mining properties20,000 Exploration of mining properties100,000 Deposits on two oil concessions80,000 Consulting petroleum engineer/geologist110,000 Consulting geologists, mining engineer90,000 Office overhead in Vancouver30,000 Entertainment/travel60,000 Vehicle (4WD), gas70,000 Legal/accounting/commissions200,000 Deposits on Gensets/Mini-refineries250,000 Total$2,000,000

12 12 EXIT STRATEGIES 12 A.GO PUBLIC STRATEGY: CNSX, or equivalent, where Pubco acquires 100% of C&S in a tax- effective share exchange. Proforma share structure, post acquisition of C&S and post-funding of $4,000,000: a.Existing Pubco shell with $100,000. cash 2,000,000 b.For C&S20,000,000 c.For 2,000,000 shares10,000,000 d.For 2,000,000 shares (warrants exercised)10,000,000 42,000,000 shares B.JOINT-VENTURES (OR SALES) with oil companies and/or mining companies.

13 13 Conclusion 13 WHY INVEST?: 1) Early stage investment not generally available to small investors 2) First leader advantage in South Sudan which is considered a highly desired natural resource market 3) Political connections provides strategic advantages which will accelerate investment advantages 4) Robust return in early stage market 5) Diverse portfolio of opportunities 6) Security: First charge pari passu against assets and shares of C&S

14 14 Chang & Skalbania Exploration Ltd. CONTACT INFORMATION: Nelson Skalbania 604.970.5560 Simon Tut +211.955.615086 Mike Sullivan 403.650.8952

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