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2012-2013 Mary Roosevelt Honor Scholars UC Irvine School of Education MAT/Credential Programs.

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1 2012-2013 Mary Roosevelt Honor Scholars UC Irvine School of Education MAT/Credential Programs

2 Mary Roosevelt Honor Scholar A candidate who shows promise as a visionary, a leader, committed to improving educational opportunities for all students.

3 Jillian Blackledge, Mathematics Graduated: UC San Diego, Mathematics with a Concentration in Teaching Discovered Mathematics for Secondary Education at UCSD and knew it was the right choice for her. Completed fieldwork in downtown San Diego teaching 8 th Grade Algebra. Enjoys helping students grasp old and new concepts as well as helping them appreciate mathematics.

4 Kelly Casassa, Art Graduated: University of San Diego, Art History One of 50 Orange County 7 th graders to attend Arts-X- Press, a summer immersion program for promising middle school art students Later taught art fundamentals at Arts-X-Press Pursued undergraduate photography, 2D design, and painting Has visited some of the world's most renowned museums. Senior thesis, "Portrait of a Woman: A Critical Analysis of Sixteenth Century Italian Oil Painting.”

5 Michelle Chang, Chemistry Graduated: UC San Diego, Biochemistry Held a job as a swim instructor and mentored middle school students. Discovered her passion for teaching while teaching an English literacy class in Taiwan to 58 eager students. Believes in the importance of engaging and promoting critical thinking. Wants to promote higher education among underprivileged students.

6 Robert Chodola, History Graduated: UC San Diego, History Had his first experience in teaching through the AVID program where he was a tutor AVID gave him a different perspective on cultural diversity in education Believes that successful teachers earn respect through their actions Believes in the principles of respect and honesty

7 Erika Espinoza, Multiple Subjects Graduated: UC Riverside, Political Science & Ethnic Studies The only Latina from her high school to be admitted and graduate from UCR Attributes her access in higher education the Upward Bound Program. Worked with at-risk students in MEChA Summer Leadership Camp at UCR

8 John Funk, Multiple Subjects Graduated: CSU San Jose, Political Science Substitute taught after his Bachelor’s in K-8 classrooms Believes in high expectations for all students Wants to build a strong educational foundation and inspire children to be curious and love learning all their lives

9 Elizabeth Gastelum, Math Graduated: UCLA, Political Science Influential teachers and life experience ignited her passion for teaching Believes in the power of hope, kindness, and optimism in the success of learning communities Believes that a teacher should be accessible, professional, engaging, and dedicated Draws on the lessons of parenthood to help with understanding youth

10 Stephen Gorgone, Biology Graduated: UC Santa Barbara, Biopsychology Explored several professions before the decision to teach Working with the disabled was one of the most fulfilling professional experiences before teaching Biology offers a unique way to look at the world and ourselves Science fulfills our curiosity and our intellect

11 Trevor Herschberger, English Graduated: UCLA, English His summer work at the migrant camp in Davis, CA during High School ignited his love of teaching He taught sports, games, and then English vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills to 1 st – 6 th graders. These experiences taught him patience Trevor is committed to access and equity for all

12 Madeline Mullens, English Graduated: UC Irvine, Art History & European Studies Served as the Graduate Coordinator for the Ph.D Program in Visual Studies at UCI Taught ESL in South Korea to middle schoolers Korea ignited her interest in being a teacher Loves discovering students’ individual needs Works at a museum on exhibits and marketing

13 Christopher Perez, Math Graduated: UC Irvine, Mathematics and Anthropology His double major in Math and Anthropology taught him the different perspectives of social sciences and mathematics A staunch advocate of equality and social justice Participated in the UCI Cal Teach program with placements in Santa Ana Unified School District Uses his own experiences as a Latino male to identify with his students

14 Amanda Roberson, French Graduated: Appalachian State University, French & Political Science Is an avid Francophile Her high school French teacher helped establish Amanda in the profession Taught French for several years in North Carolina before coming to California Had to begin again on her credential once in California

15 Lisette Vega, Multiple Subjects Graduated: UC Irvine, Psychology & Social Behavior Despite surrounding risk factors, her family believed in education Lisette’s Kindergarten teacher showed her the pathway to teaching She later volunteered in her Kindergarten teacher’s classroom Committed to helping low-income children believe in and meet their potential

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