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1) AS….AS Ayses cat Merves cat Ayses cat is as pretty as Merves cat.

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2 1) AS….AS Ayses cat Merves cat Ayses cat is as pretty as Merves cat.

3 Jane Jim Jim is as hardworking as Jane

4 David Bob David is as tall as Bob.

5 Gulben Ergen Hulya Avsar Gulben Ergen is as beautiful as Hulya Avsar.

6 Mehmets car (70000 TL) Ahmets car (70000 TL) Ahmets car is as expensive as Mehmets car.

7 Max (25 kg) Hans (25 kg) Hans is as heavy as Max.

8 Adile Nene (87) Fadime Nene (87) Adile Nene is as old as Fadime Nene.

9 Melisa Melek Melek isnt as tall as Melisa. Melisa isnt as short as Melek

10 A chair isnt as comfortable as a n armchair.

11 Ilyas Salman Tarkan Ilyas Salman isnt as handsome as Tarkan.

12 Turtle Rabbit A turtle isnt as fast as a rabbit. A rabbit isnt as slow as a turtle.

13 2) DIFFERENT FROM A laptop is different from a computer.

14 Pen Pencil A pen is different from a pencil.

15 Telephone Mobile Phone A mobile phone is different from a telephone.

16 Table Desk A table is different from a desk.

17 3) THE SAME AS.. Cindy and Linda are twins. Cindy is the same as Linda.

18 Leylas bag Lales bag Leylas bag is the same as Lales bag. They are the same.

19 Fundas house Pelins house Fundas house is the same as Pelins house. Fundas and Pelins houses are the same.

20 JENNA ELFMAN CHARLIZE THERON Jennas dress is the same as Charlize Therons dress.

21 Shoe A Shoe B Shoe A isnt the same as shoe. (= Shoe A is similar to Shoe B.)

22 Toms bike Martins bike Toms bike isnt the same as Martins bike.

23 Bills mug Terrys mug Bills mug isnt the same as Terrys mug. They are similar to each other.

24 EXERCISES Useas….as-the same as-different from, smilar to DVD (100Ytl) VCD(40Ytl) 1-A DVD isnt ………….. a VCD,actually it is very ………….. a VCD,because it plays both CD and DVD.But,it isnt …….A VCD. 2-Baseball is…………………..Football. 50 tl 50tl 3-T-shirts price……………… skirts price the same as similar to as different from the same as

25 4. A banana is yellow. A lemon is yellow a) A lemon has the same color with banana. b) A banana isnt yellow enough. c) A lemon is the same age with banana. d) A banana is more comfortable than a lemon 5- Maths is ………… difficult …………. Science 6- Cem Yılmaz is …… funny ……… Kemal Sunal as

26 7-He is as… a bee a)stubborn c)handsome b)hardworking d)slow 8-This snowman is ________ to that snowman 9- You are as _______your friend. A) beautiful as B) than beautiful C) as beautiful as D) beautifuller 10- A scorpion is as _______ a snake. A) dangerous as B) safe C) dangerous D) safe as similar


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