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Franklin R. Chang-Diaz Vocabulary. Franklin Dreams…

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1 Franklin R. Chang-Diaz Vocabulary

2 Franklin Dreams…

3 Franklin Does…

4 Aeronautics Definition: design and building of aircraft Synonyms: aviation, flight science Sentence: Aeronautics engineers need to consider the weight and strength of building materials.

5 Aeronautics

6 Applicants Definition: people who request a job or membership Synonyms: candidates Sentence: The best applicant for the job had a degree in engineering.

7 Job applicants in line…

8 Astronaut Definition: someone training to fly in a spacecraft Synonyms: cosmonaut, rocketeer Sentence: Being an astronaut requires years of specialized training.

9 Astronauts train for weightlessness.

10 Demonstrated Definition: showed clearly Synonyms: exhibited, displayed Sentence: By coming to work early each day, she demonstrated her enthusiasm and commitment for the project.

11 Laboratory Definition: place for scientific research Synonyms: workshop, lab Sentence: In the laboratory, they experimented with different liquids for use in space.

12 Laboratory

13 Methodically Definition: in an orderly way Synonyms: accurately, precisely, carefully Sentence: If you did not put on your spacesuit methodically, you may suffer from a malfunction.

14 Methodical

15 Physics Definition: science of matter and energy Examples: study of gravity, sound, light, electricity, motion Sentence: Sir Isaac Newton discovered one of the greatest laws of physics, the Law of Gravity.

16 Physics: Law of Gravity

17 Qualifications Definition: skills for a particular job Synonyms: requirements, experience Sentence: Some of the qualifications for being on the basketball team are the ability to run, dodge, jump, throw accurately, and be part of a team.

18 Qualifications: Basketball Tryouts ( x ) Running ( x ) Dodging ( x ) Jumping ( x ) Throwing ( x ) Teamwork

19 Rocketry Definition: science of designing and building rockets Sentence: She was so excited about being an astronaut, she signed up for a rocketry class in Middle School.

20 Rocketry

21 Simulate Definition: pretend or imitate Synonyms: copy, reproduce, replicate Sentence: The astronaut team often trained in rooms that simulate the conditions in space.

22 Simulator Training

23 Franklin R. Chang-Diaz meets his goal…

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