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Input from TEXONO on Reactor  13  Experimental Particle Physics in Taiwan  TEXONO Program Overview  Kuo-Sheng( 國聖 ) Reactor Site for  13 Henry T.

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Presentation on theme: "Input from TEXONO on Reactor  13  Experimental Particle Physics in Taiwan  TEXONO Program Overview  Kuo-Sheng( 國聖 ) Reactor Site for  13 Henry T."— Presentation transcript:

1 Input from TEXONO on Reactor  13  Experimental Particle Physics in Taiwan  TEXONO Program Overview  Kuo-Sheng( 國聖 ) Reactor Site for  13 Henry T. Wong / 王子敬 Academia Sinica / HKG -03

2 Experimental Particle Physics in Taiwan Academia Sinica ( 中央研究院 ) :   Shuttle & Station  TEXONO Program on Neutrino Physics in Taiwan    Future : GRID Computing, Sonoluminescence ………. National Taiwan University ( 台灣大學 ) :    Future : Rare -telescope ………….. National Central University ( 中央大學 ) :    + Satellite Institutes + closely-connected Theory, Astronomy, Space Program, Sync. Rad. … communities …… started late 80’s

3 TEXONO * Collaboration W.C. Chang, K.C. Cheng, M.H. Chou, H.C. Hsu, C.H. Iong, G.C.Jon, F.S. Lee, S.C.Lee, H.B. Li, V. Singh, D.S. Su, P.K.Teng, H.T.K.Wong, S.C. Wu Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan W.P. Lai Chung Kuo Institute of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan C.H. Hu, W.S. Kuo, T.R. Yeh Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Lungtan, Taiwan H.Y. Liao, S.T. Lin, M.Z. Wang National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan F.K. Lin National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan Z.M. Fang, R.F. Su Nuclear Power Station II, Kuosheng, Taiwan J. Bao, K.J. Dong, S. Jiang, L. Hou, Y.H. Liu, H.Q. Tang, B. Xin, Z.Y. Zhou Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing, China J.Li, Y. Liu, J. Nie, Z.P.Mao, J.F.Qiu, H.Y.Sheng, P.L.Wang, X.W. Wang, D.X.Zhao, P.P.Zhao, B.A.Zhuang Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing, China J.Q. Lu, T.Y. Chen Nanjing University, Nanjing, China Y. An, D.Z. Liu, Q. Yue, Y.F. Zhu Tsing Hua University, Beijing, China C.Y. Chang, G.C.C. Chang University of Maryland, Maryland, U.S.A. Co-Prinicipal Investigators Ph.D. Students * Taiwan EXperiement On NeutrinO ( 台灣微中子實驗 ) Home HISTORY  Initiate : Chang Chung-Yung 1996  First Collab. Meeting/Official Start : October 1997  First Paper : October 1998  KS Reactor Experiment Installation : June 2000  First Ph.D. : Liu Yan, July 2000  First Physics Data Taking : June  First Physics Results: Dec 2002.

4 TEXONO Overview Poineering Efforts : “Zero-Background Experiment” !  KS Expt: 1 st large-scale particle physics experiment in Taiwan  TEXONO Coll. : 1 st big research Coll. % Taiwan & China [feature report in Science, Vol. 300, 1074 (2003) ] Program:  Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory ※ reactor : high flux of low energy electron anti-neutrinos ※ m  0  anomalous properties & interactions ※  physics full of surprises, need intense -source  study/constraint new regime wherever experimentally accessible  explore possible new detection channels  R&D Projects


6 Kuo-Sheng Nuclear Power Plant KS NPS-II : 2 cores  2.9 GW KS Lab: 28 m from core#1

7 Kuo Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory Front Gate Configuration: Modest yet Unique Flexible Design: Allows different detectors conf. for different physics Inner Target Volume Front View (cosmic vetos, shieldings, control room …..)

8 KS Expt: Period I Detectors FADC Readout [16 ch., 20 MHz, 8 bit] ULB-HPGe [1 kg]CsI(Tl) [46 kg] Multi-Disks Array [600 Gb]

9 Kuo Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory : First Results

10 Reactor  ( e ) Sensitivities  Sensitivities

11 Coverage in International Press

12 Reactor Neutrino Interaction Cross-Sections P3+: Coh. ( N) < 1 keV P1: MM ( e) keV P2: SM( e) > 2 MeV

13 R&D Projects  Explore New Detectors Scenarios (LE, CDM …)  other crystal scintillators  ultra low energy HPGe [ O(100 eV) threshold ]  CsI(Tl) for Dark Matter Searches  CsI(Tl) CDM Korea by KIMS Coll.  Upgrading FADCs (+ FPGA etc. capabilities…..)  for SPring8  Trace Radio-purity with AMS ( Accelerator Mass Spectrometry)  1 st goal : sensitivity of g/g in 40 K  Sono-Luminescence Project (inter-disciplinary)

14 Kuo-Sheng + Wan-Li Site Geographically possible for medium baseline experiment for “  13 ” Merits / Our Offer :  Easy reach from city  Access to Plant established  Road tunnel at 2 km  100 m rock overburden Contacts with International Team

15 Date: Wed, 21 May :36: (CST) From: Henry Tsz-king Wong To: ………………………. Subject: Re: Future Reactor ExperimentsHenry Tsz-king Wong …….. We are aware of this possibility and have discussed a bit among ourselves. Our thinking is that we will not just "go out and do the experiment ourselves." (we are busy with ongoing things, and the required resources will be beyond what we can have on our own). However, if there would be an international team who would bring in a strong scientific case and substantial resources, we would be interested to explore the scenario of performing such an experiment in Taiwan. A 1% measurement of the reactor spectra is very tricky, and I agree that having too many cores may not be a positive aspect. ……………. TEXONO’s standpoint/position ::

16 Possibility and Offer Raised to International Study Group : …. a 140 page document !!!

17 "B2" is the space at sub-basement 80 m from one of the cores. It can be considered "generically" what one can expect -- i.e. there are other buildings in the plant that may have similar space at the same level. Distances from the two cores would be different of course.

18 Site(28 m) is the "mirror" site to our present lab at the other core Site(23 m) is some storage space we have now. It is at the 4F of the reactor building.

19 site-views give a general impression of the plant. You can see it is spacious to bring in containers.... etc. Also see the slopes -- and the "no digging“ sign.

20 Wanli ( 萬里 ) Tunnel is the road tunnel 2 km from the plant. We make close and far views. There are three auxillary tunnels (one shown).

21  Taiwan Experimental Particle Physics  a small & young but vibrant community  TEXONO Collaboration  Built-Up and Growing  Kuo-Sheng Neutrino Lab.:  Established & Operational  Physics Data Taking since June 01  Results published on  (  )  More topics under way  Diversified R&D Program in parallel  Reactor  13 experiment :  Kuo-Sheng Plant+Wan-Li Tunnel submitted for consideration  Our hands are tight, but we keep our mind, eyes & heart open Summary & Outlook

22  Hidden/higher agenda of this meeting besides/beyond neutrinos ??  VALUE of the project not only on the scientific contents BUT also the infrastructures/traditions it can build up Some Personal Thoughts : (forgive me if I am incorrect)

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