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Advertising as a Reader Service sandy woodcock director newspaper assoc. of america foundation.

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1 Advertising as a Reader Service sandy woodcock director newspaper assoc. of america foundation

2 Plan your advertising as you plan your visual and written content.

3 Why $ell? Financial Independence is desirable Selling ads provides most advantages provides other half of media education no limits to $$$ raised taking responsibility for own finances results in better publication

4 Additional Benefits By adding an AD staff to your newspaper staff more and different types of students can become involved. All that adds up to a more diverse staff, perhaps one MORE reflective of the diversity of ages and interests in the your school.

5 Ads ARE NOT The red-headed step child of your pubs program donations or charity or patronage

6 Think about what ads to run Solicit ONLY from businesses whose products and services your readers USE. REMEMBER: Advertising PAYS for the America Media…

7 Methods Conduct a student spending survey Prepare an advertising brochure based on the information gathered in your survey Create a prospect list Obtain/develop an Advertising contract Design Spec Ads Demonstrate Salesmanship

8 Did you know? 26 percent of the US population is under the age of 18 26 percent who spend over 170 billion a year

9 Do a SURVEY and then …do the math The average teenage boy spends $84 a week The average teenage girl spends $83 a week What does the average male/female in your student body spend?

10 Survey Note To get a statistically valid sample the number of persons surveyed (percent) must be equal to the percent of those persons in the student body.

11 Prepare a brochure Using information based on your student spending survey. TIPS: Mulitply average income/week by the # of students to = Weekly school income EXAMPLE Avg. income = $15 X 1000 students = $15,000/week. Average students visits fast food 3 times/week x 1000 x 52 = 156,000 visits/YEAR

12 Create a Prospect List Using 3x5 or 4x6 index cards to identify businesses which provide the goods and services your students use. Keep contact information, dates and selling info on the card. Sources are: Individual users lists, yellow pages, local newspaper

13 Create an Ad contract Be sure to include: Rate schedule Publishing schedule Example: per inch rate = $6/in ¼ page = 16 col. in = $5.75/in ½ page = 33 col. In = $5.50/in Full page = 65 col. In = $5.00/in

14 Create a Spec Ad Determine the number of inches needed, design an ad that fits that space. Each staff member should have a sample spec add to take along on sales calls.

15 SALES Demonstrate salesmanship - Be appropriately dressed Avoid the busy times of day, so call on them when their business is quieter Remember YOU ARE NOT begging nor asking for charity. Your are trying to help the prospect make MORE money by selling more products to your readers. You are trying to connect your readers to someone who WANTS and values their business.

16 Sources: The Advertising Survival Kit--A guide to advertising in high school newspapers and yearbooks by Larry Lain

17 Many a small thing has been. made large by the right kind of advertising – Mark Twain

18 Who the heck is the NAA Foundation? NAA is a nonprofit organization representing the newspaper industry and more than 1,500 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. Most NAA members are daily newspapers, accounting for 87 percent of the U.S. daily circulation. NAA FOUNDATION is the 501c3 Educational non-profit established in 1965 as the American Newspaper Publishers Association.

19 Adviser Materials Check out materials available for free download at:

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