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T HE U SE OF V IDEOS As An Effective Teaching Strategy By Cynthia Watson.

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1 T HE U SE OF V IDEOS As An Effective Teaching Strategy By Cynthia Watson

2 D EFINING V IDEO I NSTRUCTION Education via video encompasses prerecorded DVDs and web accessible viewable files that present materials that need to be conveyed. This embraces many different styles of presentation and includes a wide variety of techniques.

3 A DULT L EARNING T HEORY " Adults will commit to learning when the goals and objectives are considered realistic and important to them. Application in the 'real world' is important and relevant to the adult learner's personal and professional needs. (Speck 1996) Content in videos can realistically make concepts visually come alive the way printed material and lectures alone cannot. Videos are a visual medium that people are accustomed to and videos can be entertaining and engaging.

4 S TYLES AND T YPES OF V IDEOS Recorded faculty lectures Professionally prepared teaching videos Patient Information/Education Student or Staff Education/Competencies Interactive videos requiring student responses Student prepared videos Marketing videos

5 R ECORDED F ACULTY L ECTURES A technology widely used in student education Presents the same material as presented in class Available either in DVD format or via information web site such as Blackboard/Wimba Research shows little statistical difference in grades of students who attend lecture or view video Many students prefer format over live lecture and Wimba allows live feedback over internet.

6 P ATIENT I NFORMATION Short informational videos are a good tool that provide consistent information Can be used for teaching about a skill, diagnosis, regimen Case Scenarios for upcoming treatment or surgery such as cardiac catherization or cancer treatment make the realistic Should be proceeded with instructions Should be followed up with clarifications Patients should have accompanying printed information Atrial Fibrillation

7 S TUDENT OR S TAFF E DUCATION Provide consistent information for skills and competencies Can be entertaining case scenarios with real life situations that demonstrate theories and concepts May be accessible repeatedly May be interactive, requiring responses Provide simulation Male Catheter Insertion

8 I NTERACTIVE V IDEOS Videos depicting case scenarios are viewed by student or patient Videos have periods where they are paused allowing participants to select an answer or to interact Instant feedback is provided and the participant moves on with the video Participants are engaged in process

9 S TUDENT P REPARED V IDEOS Students prepare videos on specific topic depicting their knowledge or skill set Process engenders students to a fuller understanding of topic or concept Provides active participation in learning process

10 M ARKETING V IDEOS This is an example of a commercial marketing video. This format can be used for hospital marketing, school marketing, program marketing, in fact any health or educational related program that needs promoting. kingdom/ kingdom/

11 PROS Consistent information is given Format can be engaging and entertaining Medium is commonplace and comfortable for most to view May be viewed repeatedly for reinforcement May be viewed anytime to accommodate schedules Adaptation can be achieved through anticipatory guidance, post viewing review and support materials

12 C ONS Participants may not have technology at home for viewing on line videos or playing DVDs Material may become dated quickly Professional videos may be expensive As with printed material, language and cultural barriers may make video irrelevant Adaptation of material within video is not possible

13 E VALUATION AS A T EACHING S TRATEGY Offer video pre-test and post-test, compare results Survey participants, ask for feedback Offer material in straight up, traditional method, written word, lecture, demonstration to one group and compare post teaching results with group that uses video Track readmissions for chronic patients comparing a control group and a video group Access and analyze existing volumes of research for both patient and student video teaching

14 C ONCLUSION The use of videos has a broad application. Research shows that it can be an effective teaching tool both for patient and student education. The use of video is expected to broaden. In order to make video use effective, a videos must continue to be evaluated for its value and its relevance. It is a teaching strategy that has value for the 21 st century. Videos should be used as an adjuvant teaching strategy and adapted and reinforced in conjunction with other strategies. Education Today and Tomorrow

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