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Lydia Twimasi. Where did your creativity come from? From As to A2 I feel that my technical proficiency has revolutionized.By looking at my AS work it.

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1 Lydia Twimasi

2 Where did your creativity come from? From As to A2 I feel that my technical proficiency has revolutionized.By looking at my AS work it is clear where my downfalls were. In order to successfully go through this transformation I have allowed external forces to influence my ideas. For example, my mother is a primary school teacher, and as a result of this, I have reflective of her creativity and have become more imaginative when composing my A2 front cover. Moreover By learning how to use software's such as Photoshop, I am able to manipulate images. Furthermore, in addition, besides being a media student I also study both English and Drama. I feel that these subjects have partially affected the way I think. Drama as a subject is very demanding an spontaneous therefore in relation to media I am able to think of ideas instantaneously. Critical Perspectives In Media For Evaluation of Creativity- AS Portfolio

3 What research did you do? In order to produce my music magazine, I had to research the genre, The main source of information was the internet. The main reason why I choose to use the net, is because its a form of media thats efficient and resourceful. I also researched audience preferences for and reactions to horror films. Moreover I also took an interest to the fact that the proliferation of new media technologies and devices is empowering people to become their own media, and create personalized media gateways. These changes create an increasingly challenging environment for capturing a greater share of market. How did this research help you? This research helped me to understand the following points … Genre are dependent on various factors such as story line, whom the director is, what are the audience expectations et cetera. In researching genre I was able to create a short cut in how we are to describe films. Genre theory through it's use is a method of shortening academic works. In order to understand Genre I looked at several examples. When I come across the western I knew that within this collection of films we may expect to find gun fights, horses and Indians, the solitary cowboy and to some degree the actors and directors of such films. Another example would be when looking at the horror film where we know everyone will die except one. The audience whom go to those films expect to see zombie, ware wolves, They also expect certain content and a certain style of film making. Audience When marketing and studying cinema it is important to know whom the intended audience are. For example when studying the classics such as Gilda we must take into account at what time the film was made and for which audience. We know that it was created after the Second World War and that the role of the woman was changing and this was an important element to the audience of the time because it was re-defining the fabric of the society. The time period An important part of Genre theory is knowing at which period a film was made. This is particularly important when considering what technology was being used. With today's high speed films (shorter exposure times) films may be shot with very different lighting from those of twenty years ago. The rhythm and pacing of the film may have been altered with editing. Core values which would seem unimportant to us when watching certain films may be of prime importance to the people whom are contemporary to the film's. Marketing Genre theory is a very good way of marketing a film both for the producers, secondly for the audience. It has become a logo of sorts marking which films certain people may want to see. In particular we may notice this with the teen movie genre. It is a genre which is divided into many sub genres such as spoof etc. Problems with Genre theory If all films were exactly the same then genre theory would be easy to study and defining which type of film it is would be easy. Unfortunately though it is far more complicated than this. As we look and analyze various films we find that although they have similarities in other aspects they are very different. It creates the need for genre theory to continually re-define itself according to the technology, the audience, the political message among many other variables. What may have been typical of a genre at one time may evolve other time as the audience evolve in such a way that an action film from the a few years ago may be a very slow paced film by today's standards, compare for example the Western with the action film.

4 RESEARCH CONTINUED … MEDIA RESEARCH METHODS Total Film Empire Sight and sound Case studies Audience feedback surveys Questionnaires Focus groups Primary ( own words ) Secondary (found research) Genre research Audience research Institutional research. Qualitative (written words) Quantative (numbers/stats)

5 How did you use media technologies/software's in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Photoshop It is the current market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulation software, and a product of Adobe Systems. It has been described as "an industry standard for graphics professionals" i used Photoshop to influence my images in way that would assimilates a proficient look. As you can see with the help of Photoshop I was able to add different effects to better to my images such as: Black & white ContrastBright light Dimmed back light

6 Paint features included a zoom slider, and a crop function. Paint saved my images and f as a.jpg default. This dramatically impact the overall quality of an image, especially after multiple saves of the file due to its method of compression. In addition to this there is also a selection of fonts PowerPoint PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or slides. Slides may contain text, graphics, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely on the slide. I used this programme to create my evaluation and to also display my original images. Publisher Includes the enhancement documents, picture enhancement, editing Web publications, typography features and include print and print Preview experience.

7 A2 Horror Magazine Front Cover A2 Horror Poster


9 AS Music magazine front CoverAs Music Magazine Contents Page

10 Personally I feel that my AS magazine front cover, covers a variety of representational aspects. Reasons being that my artist is of an afro Caribbean decent. This was done intentionally because stereotypically, the Hip-Hop industry mainly consists of black males. And through the ages this trend has carried on. moreover the pioneers of old school Hip-hop such as jazzy Jeff and Run DMC are also black. So I thought it would make sence conform and release a generic artist, as the audience would be used to this. Although rappers during the 80s usually started their careers in their 20s I decided to subvert this by choosing for him to be aged 17. reasons being that I wanted to show other young artist that they also have a shot at this. How does your work approach issues of representation?

11 Usually a white female Submissive Innocent Typically the ideal scene most people picture when thinking of a horror movie is a chase scene. Within that scene, there is some girl being chased through woods, or a house, or some dark alley by a male somehow costumed or covered so his identity cannot be discovered. The position as the female as the antagonist also seems to be a rarity in the horror genre

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