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AS Sociology Exam Technique.

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1 AS Sociology Exam Technique

2 Assessment objectives
AO1: knowledge, and understanding. Know some of the theories, methods and concepts that sociologists have used and studies they have done. AO2: identification, interpretation, analysis and evaluation. Recognise what you need to include, select what you know and apply it with relevance, explain what the question involves, link your knowledge to the item and use relevant examples.

3 Analysis involves breaking down an argument into the ideas that make it up and show how they fit together. AND organising your essays with a focused logical line of reasoning. Evaluation – looking at ‘for’ and ‘againsts’ and examining a theory and linking it to a perspective. Of course the two objectives overlap in practice.

4 General Advice You must answer all questions
The exam lasts for 1Hr 15 mins Use the items for clues of what to include You can do the questions almost backwards spending approx 50 minutes on the two essay questions, (20-25 mins each) then do the rest starting with a. (in practice the small questions might not take that long so you can spend more on e and f. Aim to write about ¾ of a side on a, b and c combined. Don’t write too much on these as you can waffle and give unclear answers. Spend the rest of the time on question d.

5 ( a ) 2 Marks What does ________ mean?
You need to give a clear explanation / definition of the term. It will be in the item so read it carefully. Avoid repeating the term and an example is not enough.

6 ( b ) 4 marks This will ask to ‘identify’ or ‘suggest’.
Identify – state from your knowledge Suggest – put something forward. – there doesn’t have to be definite evidence. Sometimes you might be asked to explain the difference or similarity between two things. You need to define/ explain each so you can bring out the difference.

7 ( c ) 6 marks Identify and suggest three points
One sentence for each part will be fine Refer to the item to get your answer in context. Put an extra point down if you are not sure if one of them is right. (but you will use up more time)

8 ( d ) 8 marks ‘identify and briefly explain two things’ (or describe)
The two things might be reasons, problems, criticisms, examples, ways, policies etc. You will get two marks for each plus two for explaining. Set out your answer by leaving a line between points. Make sure your points are clearly different.

9 E and f For the mini essay 14 marks are allocated for knowledge and understanding and 6 marks allocated for interpretation, analysis and evaluation. Each is worth a third of the total marks for the paper. You can do these questions first as they carry the most marks. As long as you label your answers it does not matter to the examiner.

10 ( e) 20 marks Asks you to ‘examine’ something – need to look closely, consider its different aspects or features in detail. You need to show you have a good knowledge and understanding of the relevant material and the issues raised by the question. Write about a range of reasons Write a solid paragraph for each main point using relevant studies and theories. Knowledge must be your own not from the item

11 ( f ) 20 marks Asks you to assess a theory, method or explanation.
Assess means evaluate. You must use the material from the item(s) You can quote from the item but make sure you build on it by linking it to the question and your own knowledge. You also need to use material from elsewhere - you won’t find everything you need in the item!

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