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1 Onomastic Schemes in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows By Alleen Pace Nilsen And Don L. F. Nilsen.

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1 1 Onomastic Schemes in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows By Alleen Pace Nilsen And Don L. F. Nilsen

2 2 Alleen Nilsen and Harry Potter

3 3 Don Nilsen and Harry Potter

4 4 Part I: Surface Structure Schemes Alliteration Assonance Cacophony Deconstruction Ethnicity Euphony Poetic Scansion

5 5 ALLITERATED HOUSE FOUNDERS: Godric Gryffindor Helga Huffenpuff Rowena Ravenclaw Salazar Slytherin

6 6 ALLITERATED TEACHER NAMES: Filius Flitwick Minerva McGonaggal Alastor (Madeye) Moody Severus Snape

7 7 ALLITERATED STUDENT NAMES: Cho Chang Dedalus Diggle Viktor Krum: Note k spelling Luna Lovegood

8 8 ALLITERATED OTHER PEOPLE’S NAMES: Bathilda Bagshot The Bloody Baron Dudley Dursley Gellert Grindelwald Ted Tonks: Nymphadora’s Father

9 9 ALLITERATED GHOST NAMES: Moaning Myrtle Nearly Headless Nick

10 10 ALLITERATED PLACE NAMES: Borgin and Burkes Store Forbidden Forest Hog’s Head Tavern Room of Requirement

11 11 ALLITERATED THING NAMES: Decoy Detonator Fiendfyre Nosebleed Nouggats Polyjuice Potion Puking Pastilles Skiving Snackboxes Headless Hats Weasley’s Wildlife Whiz-Bangs

12 12 EYE ALLITERATION: Caterwauling Charm Stan Shunpike (Director of the Knightbus)

13 13 ASSONANCE OF PEOPLE’S NAMES: Hannah Abbott Fleur Delacour Vernon Dursley Gray Lady: Ghost of Helena Ravenclaw

14 14 ASSONANCE OF OTHER NAMES: Godric’s Hollow Potterwatch Snargaluff Pods Sword of Gryffindor

15 15 CACOPHONOUS TEACHER NAMES: Hagrid Severus Snape: Snake + Hissing Sound Dolores Umbridge

16 16 CACOPHONOUS STUDENT NAMES: Crabbe: cf. Crab Goyle: cf. Gargoyle Viktor Krum: Crumb

17 17 CACOPHONOUS OTHER PEOPLE’S NAMES: Dudley Dursley Mundungus (Dung) Fletcher Grawp Rufus Scrimgeour: Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt Horace (Slug) Slughorn Nymphadora Tonks

18 18 CACOPHONOUS THINGS: Blibbering Humdinger Dung Bombs Flourish and Blotts Store Mudbloods Muggles The Quibbler Snargaluff Juice Spattergroit (Ron’s fake illness) Splinching (what Ron does) Squibs

19 19 DECONSTRUCTION I: PARAPHRASE The One Who Lived/Undesirable No. 1/ The Chosen One (Harry Potter) R.A.B. (Regulus Arcturus Black) You Know Who, He Who Must Not be Named, The Dark Lord, Tom Marvolo Riddle (Lord Voldemort) Death Stick, Wand of Destiny, Elder Wand

20 20 DECONSTRUCTION II: GOOD-GUY NICKNAMES (IRONIC) Dogbreath (Elphias Doge) Dora (Nymphadora Tonks) Moony (Remus Lupin): Werewolf Padfoot (Sirius Black): Dog River (Lee Jordan) Rodent/Rapier (Fred Weasley) Romulus (Remus Lupin) Prongs (James Potter): Stag Royal (Kingsley Shacklebolt) Witherwings (Buckbeak)

21 21 DECONSTRUCTION III: BAD-GUY NICKNAMES Cissy (Narcissa Malfoy) Vernon Dudley (false name for Harry Potter) Dung (Mundungus Fletcher) Slug (Horace Slughorn) Scabbers (Peter Pettigrew): Rat Tuney (Petunia Dursley) Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew): Rat

22 22 DECONSTRUCTION IV: The Scar on Harry’s Forehead Whenever Harry’s forehead hurts Voldemort’s thinking is entering Harry’s mind.

23 23 ETHNICITY I: CHINESE: Cho Chang FRENCH: Beauxbatons Academy Fleur Delacour Bellatrix LeStrange GERMAN: Durmstrang Academy Gellert Grindelwald (Gellert is Hungarian) GERMANIC: Nurmengard Prison Wizengemot

24 24 ETHNICITY II: IRISH: Seamus Finnegan ITALIAN: Firenze: Palomino Centaur SCOTTISH & WELSH: McGonnaggal & Gellert RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN: Dolohov Gregorovich: Wand Maker Igor Karkaroff Viktor Krum (Hungarian)

25 25 EUPHONY: –The Order of the Phoenix –Phoenix Rising Conference EYE RHYME: –Viktor Krum SLANT RHYME: –Rita Skeeter POETIC SCANSION: –Helena Ravenclaw (same scansion as Rowena Ravenclaw, her mother)

26 26 SPELLING INNOVATION: Diagon Alley Floo Powder Knight Bus Kreacher N.E.W.T. O.W.L. R.A.B. (Regulus Arcturus Black) QUESTION: What is the answer to the “Tom Marvolo Riddle?” ANSWER: “I am Lord Voldemort.”

27 27 Parody Book Titles Note Phonetic Similarities The Philosopher’s Stone (The Sorcerer’s Stone in U.S.) The Chamber of Secrets The Goblet of Fire The Order of the Phoenix The Philosopher’s Scone (The Magic Biscuit in U.S.) The Chamberpot of Secrets The Acne of Fire The Order of the Penis (Chang 10) (Gerber 11, 86, 112-113)

28 28 Parody Spells: Note that they are more contemporary than the originals Anorexianervosa!: Changes a person into a rail-thin person. Arsenio: Turns a person into an African American Aveda Neutrogena! A death-by-moisturizing spell Openadoora!: Open the door! (Gerber 55, 111, 125-126) (Chang 19-20)

29 29 Schemes in a Parody of Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Hermione Granger Minerva McGonnagle Madame Pomfrey Harry Potter Severus Snape Voldemort (the Dark Lord, he who must not be named) Ron Weasley Alpo Bumblemore Ermine Cringer Professor McGoogle Madam Pommerfritte Barry Trotter Professor Snipe Valumart (the Dork Lord, he who smells) Lon Measley (Chang 8-9)

30 30 Other Names Include: Basil Basingstoke Brainless Bill Chi Ching Flatulent Fanny (like Moaning Myrtle) The Forsaken Forest (like the Forbidden Forest) Buggering Birch (like the Whomping Willow) (Gerber 11, 21, 31, 34, 136) (Chang 21)

31 31 Alliteration and Assonance of Parody Places & Games Griffindor Hogwarts Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin Grittyfloor Hogwash Pufnstuf Radishgnaw Silverfish (Gerber 9, 21, 130)

32 32 Quidditch  Quiddit (Quit it!) In a Quiddit game, Lon Measley suffers an accident in which a Basher “whiffed on a Brainer, causing it to lodge in Lon’s noggin at great speed.” When the school nurse tried to pull it out it became further imbedded, eventually penetrating Lon’s head and leaving a “peephole.” With the Brainer gone, Lon became a “no brainer,” both physically and intellectually. (Gerber 13)(Chang 13-14)

33 33 Onomastic Anagrams Just as “Tom Marvolo Riddle” transforms into “I am Lord Voldemort.” Art L. Valumord transforms into Art Valumart, and “Valid Tumor Alarm” transforms into “I am Lord Valumart.” (Gerber 111)(Chang 18, 24)


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