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Startalk Summer Camp Chinese Program Umass Boston- 2008 Themes for Discovering Chinese Language Level 1-3.

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1 Startalk Summer Camp Chinese Program Umass Boston- 2008 Themes for Discovering Chinese Language Level 1-3

2 Demographic at Umass Boston * 52 students in total * Three levels: Chinese Level 1, 2, 3 * Most of the students from Boston area * Different cultural and family background * Age gap: from 11-19 * Grade gap: from 6-12

3 Infusion of Chinese Culture into the Study of Chinese Language Taichi (morning exersise) Field Trips Guest Speakers Arts and Geography Workshops Films Chinese Lunches

4 弘扬传统文化 教练太极拳,为 造福人类作贡献。

5 中国太极拳 修身养性 祛病延年 神奇功效 造福人类

6 太极拳汇报表演

7 再见了,难忘的 2008 Umass Boston 中文夏令营

8 中文夏令营全体师生在波士顿 中国城合影 2008

9 在中国城聚餐, 2008

10 参观 中国老房子荫餘堂

11 Introduction Our Chinese student program at Umass Boston followed the Startalk Program Curriculum Template, and went through three steps to design our standard-based curriculum. According to the weekly plans and five day lesson plans, our teachers selected the appropriate level text books, chose authentic materials to capture the students’ interest and stimulated their imagination and motivated their Chinese learning. With the effective use of the authentic materials in the classrooms, the teachers bought a different learning experience to the summer camp students, helped them benefit from the exposure to real language used in a real context, and helped them gain more confidence studying directly with authentic materials. Especially, introducing and utilizing natural authentic materials is a good way to bring real world experience into the classroom by focusing on practical language skills. Based on the authentic materials, the teachers designed the three-mode communication class activities to support the students learning. The summer camp teaching experience showed that having students worked in a small group was a better approach because they tend to be more active, enthusiastic and work harder, they also tend to contribute individual strengths and ideas to the completion of the task.

12 Curriculum design Three steps used at Umass Boston 1. Description of the Program (Startalk Template) 2. Themes for weekly planning 3. Five-day lesson plan

13 The effective ways of using authentic materials in our Chinese classes at Summer camp Dr. Suhong Chang, Springfield, MA

14 外国人把那京戏叫 Peking Opera, 紫色的天王托宝塔,绿色的魔鬼斗夜叉 types of facial makeup in operas

15 金色的猴王 银色的妖怪

16 哈哈,我刻的私人印章! Making my own seal

17 你知道那枚是我的印章? Do you know which one is mine?

18 再见了,难忘的 2008 Umass Boston 中文夏令营

19 Teaching Materials Text Books Teacher- Designed Materials Authentic Materials

20 Teacher: Suhong Chang From: Central High School

21 Transportation: 你认识公共汽车上的广告词吗?公共汽车

22 火车开往哪个城市? Which city dose the train go to?

23 请描述一下这个画面

24 Public service 公共服务 这个牌子上写的什么? What does this sign say?

25 Public service 公共服务 这是在飞机场还是在火车站?

26 你知道这些标识的意思吗?

27 你知道用中文怎么说 McDonalds 吗?

28 特色小吃特色小吃, 你喜欢吃吗? Local delicacy Local delicacy

29 Five Day Lesson Plan for Summer Camp 2008 Language Chinese Level/Grade Chinese 3 Teacher Suhong Chang Central High School First Week, June30-July 4, The Largest Country in Asia: China Day 1 Content 中国概况 I. Important Facts of China Materials : Text Book 双双学汉语 Nouns: 主席, 总理, 红旗, 省, 城市, 人口, 山峰, 河流, 气候, 首都, 地 图 Readings: Introduction of China 直辖市: 北京,上海,天津,重庆 人口和民族 P.6 特别行政区:澳门,香港 Verbs: 超过, 划分, 有, 想 去,去 过 句 型: 暑 假 你 想 去 哪 里? Class Activity Role play: Where do you want to go in summer vacation? Study the map of China Skills Students will: 1. Be able to give and obtain information from others. 2. Present information to others based on the text in Chinese. Assessment While looking at a map ask the students to name the cities and autonomous regions. And ask the students to answer the questions about the readings (write out in Chinese characters) Home Work: Internet Search-Facts about China and Chinese culture and Study the Map

30 五星红旗, 你是我的骄傲 五星红旗, 我为你自豪 为你欢呼, 我为你祝福 你的名字比我生命更重要 The five-star red flag is fluttering in the wind

31 我要去中国

32 我要去日本

33 请看,这是我去北京的旅行计划

34 Using Authentic Material In real life situations, interpretation plays an important role in international communication. So, we emphasized the use of authentic materials using the “three-modes of communication class activities” to encourage students to practice their interpreting skills. With various forms of practice they will improve their abilities to memorize the important facts and information.

35 1. Focus on your thematic units (for content and meaning) 2. Choose authentic material that is appropriate for the students’ level 3. Design class activities to implement the authentic materials 4. Cultural content is key to effective Chinese teaching Choosing Authentic Material

36 Cultural Themes Geography Festivals Customs Traditions Songs Rhymes Poems Literature

37 Advantages Reinforce for students the direct relationship between the language classroom and the real world Provide authentic cultural information Provide exposure to authentic language Closely relate to students needs and interests Encourage turn taking keeping everyone involved

38 Authentic Visual Materials Street signs (Chinese websites) Children’s artwork, Pictures, Postcards Chinese MTV ( Chinese movies (Tapes & DVD) Chinese Website for music 百度 Dance/Theater Performances

39 Authentic Printed Materials Daily classroom expressions Tourist information brochures City maps, bus schedules Lyrics to songs Restaurant menus Street signs Weather report Visa application forms

40 An example: A documentary film Title: Iron and Silk Learning martial arts in China Absorbing Chinese culture

41 How to use authentic materials For using the authentic material effectively, question handouts must be well designed: Provide a good opportunity for students to practice Chinese Help the students develop the ability to immediately identify as much information as possible from what they listen, read and watch Expose the students to cultural differences and customs Help the students gain more confidence in Chinese expression

42 Conclusion Our experience shows that authentic materials enable students to interact with authentic Chinese language and content rather than the language form alone. A student said, “I learned more this summer than in a whole year at school!”

43 谢谢大家 Thank You questions

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