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Edward, the Reluctant Hero

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1 Edward, the Reluctant Hero

2 Byronic Hero Can be taught as part of a Hero study, a Period study (Romanticism), or unit on Quests/Hero’s Journey. Teach Definition first by using common dark movie heroes: Batman, Simba (Lion King), Snape (Harry Potter), Neo (The Matrix), etc… Activities: Scavenger hunt for characterization (hand-out) Bare Bones character analysis (visual representation) Debate (presentation)

3 Byronic Hero  highly intelligent and perceptive
 often sophisticated and highly educated  cunning and adaptive, arrogant  mysterious, magnetic and appealing, seductive  conflicting emotions, bipolar tendencies, or moodiness  distaste for social institutions and social norms, cynical  "dark" attributes not normally associated with heroes  troubled past, guilt over past crime, struggles with integrity  self-destructive, self-critical and introspective  loner, rejected from society, exiled

4 Scavenger Hunt Assign whole list to a group or individuals to be completed. Divide list amongst groups or individuals. Completed findings are shared with the class and become class notes. Below is list of traits shared by Byronic heroes. Find scenes or dialogue from the text that match this characterization of the hero. ____________________Hero’s Name 1. highly intelligent and perceptive ____________________________________________________________ 2. often sophisticated and highly educated

5 Bare Bones Draw a skeleton or silhouette, and label with the following: Feet: Where I go Hands: What I do Heart: What I feel Mouth: What I say Eyes: What I see Head: What I think Write what the character does in each area that is consistent with being a Byronic Hero

6 Bare Bones Example *Thinks he’s no good for Bella (past crime)
*Sees the biology slide too quickly (smart) * Says Sarcastic remarks (cynical) *Feels like a monster (critical of self) *Dazzles people (magnetic) *Eats lunch alone (outcast)

7 Debate Is Edward a Byronic Hero? Who is the Bryonic Hero of the Book?
Team Yes and Team No Who is the Bryonic Hero of the Book? Team Edward Team Bella

8 Hero’s Journey/Quests
Teach the outline of steps to a Hero’s Journey/Quest using popular tales: The Lion King, Shrek, Harry Potter Activity: Students fill out chart with scenes from plot. Can be done individually or in groups. With words (textual notes) With images (comic book style)

9 Hero’s Journey/Quest chart
Call to Adventure Crosses threshhold from known to unknown Refusal to Hear Call Mentor/Helpers Trials (usually in 3’s) Supreme Ordeal (lowest point) Atonement Boon Refusal to return Magical rescue Master of two worlds Freedom to live

10 Archetypes Unit for Literary Archetypes. Can be taught along with Journey/Quest. Activities: to be done individually or in groups Assign a character to each type. Defend choice with textual evidence. (hand-out) T-shirt graphic: Design a t-shirt graphic identifying chosen character according to type. (visual) Create a profile for character, in line with type & true to text (synthesis)

11 Profile Nemisis—James My favorite story: The Deadliest Game
My favorite toy: whatever someone else is playing with Biggest Regret: that Alice got away Biggest Fear: none, I’m invincible. I never lose.

12 T-shirt Front Back Image of character as archetype
Line of supporting text

13 Archetypes, pg. 1 1. Hero: born under unusual circumstance, marked for greatness, exiled, must prove self through test/trial 2. Helper – usually has own abilities, but lacks traits of being a hero on own 3. Mentor —“Wise old man” 4. Femme Fatale —seeks to destroy the hero 5. Good/Earth Mother —possesses all the positive aspects of life (warm, nurturing, protection)

14 Archetypes, pg. 2 6. Father Figure —represents all that the hero is trying to attain or find; may have a secret that affects hero’s destiny 7. Trickster –causes problems or messes things up, may be accidental or on purpose 8. Nemesis —hero’s sworn enemy, usually evenly matched in ability 9. Damsel in Distress —needs hero to save fragile being in harm’s way

15 Period Study Romanticism Emotion over Logic
Intuition over Rational Thinking Supernatural Ominous Setting Nature Plain folk as main character Nationalism (reawaking of folklore)

16 Period Study, activities
Find scenes that meet definition of Romanticism Text or Drawings Compare against Classic Romanticism works Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Count of Monte Cristo, Phantom of the Opera, Hunchback of Notre Dame Discussion as foundation to Modern Anti-Hero The Great Gatsby, Artemis Fowl, Catcher in the Rye, Catch-22

17 Lauralee Owen Lauralee at

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