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BOLETÍN VIRTUAL DE NEGOCIOS NR.10/2013 Oficina de Promoción Comercial - Económica de Rumania Santiago de Chile Tel: (562) 2891.24.99 Fax:(562) 2886.79.74.

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1 BOLETÍN VIRTUAL DE NEGOCIOS NR.10/2013 Oficina de Promoción Comercial - Económica de Rumania Santiago de Chile Tel: (562) 2891.24.99 Fax:(562) 2886.79.74 E-mail: Web site:


3 FORO INTERNACIONAL DE NEGOCIOS On behalf of the trade unions and employers’ confederations represented in the Economic and Social Council in Romania I have the great pleasure and honour to invite you to attend the first session of the World Business Forum (WBF), organized by the Economic and Social Council of Romania in Bucharest, at the Palace of the Parliament and the Romexpo - Central Pavilion on the 20 – 22 de March, 2013. The debates of this WBF first session will focus on the following topic: “Promoting contacts and dialogue between economic and business communities in the world”. The Board of the International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) in Seoul, South Korea, 22-23 November 2012, noted with interest the idea of the creation of the World Business Forum, a project launched by the Economic and Social Council of Romania. This Forum aims at bringing together, on voluntary basis, business people from the employers’ organizations represented in ESCs and similar institutions, and create opportunities to promote contact and dialogue between economic and business communities worldwide, achieve major goals of business development, and explore new business opportunities and investments, in order to create decent jobs, especially for youth and women, and promote equal opportunities for women and men.

4 FORO INTERNACIONAL DE NEGOCIOS The WBF is expected to open a new channel for economic cooperation between our countries and establish new infrastructure projects and foreign investments, thus facilitating the conclusion of cooperation agreements between represented companies. In this regard, we kindly ask you to popularize this event so that we could benefit from a participation of up to 10 companies from your country interested in developing business relations witch Romania; these companies would consequently benefit from the status of WBF founding members. We are pleased to mention that this project is enjoying the attention and assistance of senior representatives of the Government of Romania. Moreover, several ESCs or similar institutions have already announced their full support and participation and are expected to come to Bucharest along with representatives of companies from their own countries. From the Romanian side, the Government will put forward a number of major investment projects, which will be made available to participants in the Forum with the view to concluding public-private partnerships of great mutual interest, notably in the following domains: infrastructure, industry, agriculture, energy, and other domains they suggest. Moreover, representatives of a number of Romanian great companies and SMEs from these industrial sectors will be present and open to discuss possibilities to conclude concrete partnerships.

5 FORO INTERNACIONAL DE NEGOCIOS We would be grateful if you could confirm your participation in this event before the 7th of December 2013 by filling in the registration form attached and sending it for the attention of: Monica Bănărescu - or Eugenia Ştefănescu -, or by fax: + 4 021 316 31 31. (also available online on

6 OPORTUNIDADES DE NEGOCIOS SC CD SOFA EURO 07 SRL Dirección: Str. Grigore Alexandrescu nr.4, Campulung Muscel, Arges, Rumania Tel: +40248.530.068 E-mail: Web: Empresa rumana tiene como actividad principal la producción de muebles tapizados en cuero natural u orgánico y material textil. Cartera de producto es diversificada: sofás fijos/ extensibles, modulares, sillas, sillones de comedor y sillas de bar, camas y cabeceros y cuerpos tapizados para la cocina.

7 OPORTUNIDADES DE NEGOCIOS En presente, las exportaciones representan 90%, tienen más de 110 empleados altamente especializados en el campo y una experiencia de más de 10 años. En los últimos años han trabajado mueble personalizada para las habitaciones de hoteles, para recepciones, restaurantes y bares, con diferente específicos culturales. La empresa esta abierta a los nuevos retos y las posibles nuevas colaboraciones, buscando empresas para la representación de los productos de la empresa rumana y concluir las relaciones de colaboración a largo plazo.

8 OPORTUNIDADES DE NEGOCIOS Our company S.C. BIO INTELLIGENCE DISTRIBUTION S.R.L., located in Bucharest, Romania, Aron Cotrus street, no. 61, ground floor, ap. B05, room 2, 1st district, registered under number J40/9343/2011, CUI 28945616, phone +403 17171717, fax: +4021 4090020, email:, has experience and expertise in the fields of: - Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and waters - Cleaning and removing hydrocarbon from contaminated pavements - Treatment and disposal of organic waste and odors from waste waters - Treatment and dissolving of organic fats from separators, septic tanks, drains and sewers - Treatment of lakes (sludge disposal, odor and parasitic vegetation)

9 OPORTUNIDADES DE NEGOCIOS Waste water treatment plant in Civitavecchia (Italy) Waste water and organic fats treatment in hospitals from Romania Treatment of oil contaminated pavement - Globeground Romania, Petrom Aviation Treatment of waste water contaminated with hydrocarbons - Subiaco waste water treatment plant (Italy) Our aim si to get involved further, in similar projects especially abroad, meaning that we would like to sell our products and to collaborate/partner with companies with experience and tradition in the countries in which your institution is represented. We specify that our interest is for the following areas of the world: Europe, Asia, Russia, CIS, North America, Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

10 OPORTUNIDADES DE NEGOCIOS ABOUT US Bio Intelligence Distribution SRL is a 100% Romanian owned company founded in 2011. Our mission is to generate value for our clients in the context of a cleaner environment. Concern for the environment, for everything about Earth, gave rise to the range of products Bio|Logic®. Using Bio|Logic® products is the reward for all that nature has given us and continues to give us. Products Bio|Logic® are the solution of nature. We, Bio Intelligence Distribution, we are honored to be a natural mean of expression, to put into practice what nature gave us as a solution to problems that mankind has generated throughout its existence. Products range Bio|Logic® are inventions of a Romanian biologist and is the result of ten years of research. Selection of bacteria and enzymes used to produce each product is guarantee of success. By using our products, the customers significantly reduce their costs compared to traditional methods and a swift resolution of environmental problems generate by them. Products range Bio|Logic®is 100% biological, 100% non-pathogenic and 100 % non-pollutant. A detailed description of our products is available

11 OPORTUNIDADES DE INVERSIONES MANAGER ANTICRIZA Website: Phone: +40740 196290 Email: Romania has so far attracted investment of over 4.4 bn. EUR in renewable energy sector. According to the National Action Plan for Renewable Energy (PNAER), by the end of 2020 Romania should have 4,000 MW in the wind, 260 MW in solar and 600 MW in biomass. At the current technologies cost this means another 4.5 bn. EUR investments till 2020. An updated strategy will be elaborated, according to recent developments on the Romanian green energy market In Sept 2013, according to The National Power Grid Company Transelectrica SA, the installed capacity of renewable energy production plants was the following: 459 MW – Micro – hydropower plants; 2,394 MW – Wind Farms; 508 MW – Photovoltaic Parks; 43 MW - Biomass Plants.

12 OPORTUNIDADES DE INVERSIONES The attractiveness of the local renewable energy production is given by the fact that by 2020 the state will support the sector in the form of green certificates (GC). In 2012, according to the Romanian gas and electricity market operator (OPCOM), 1,053,229 green certificates were traded at a weighted average price of 56 EUR/GC. The price of 1 GC declined in 2013 from 56 to 41 EUR/GC but current reduction in state support for future projects is expected to increase the price of GC. In 2012, according to the market operator OPCOM, the market price for electricity averaged 50.23 EUR/MW. In June 2013 the Government decided to delay the payment of green certificates between 2013-2018 (for projects already approved). GCs deferred will be recovered starting from 2017 and till then the producers of hydropower will receive only 2 out of 3 GC, solar energy - 4 out of 6 GC and the producers of the energy based of wind resource - 1 out of 2 GC. Projects that will be approved from now on will receive less GCs/ MW.

13 OPORTUNIDADES DE INVERSIONES Nr.crt.ProjectProject StagePrice (EUR) 1.Photovoltaic Park 2.46 MW, Bihor CountyReady to Build233,700 2.Photovoltaic Park 2.98 MW, Brasov CountyReady to Build150,000 3.Photovoltaic Park 1 MW, Satu Mare CountyReady to Build95,000 4.Photovoltaic Park 2.9 MW, Covasna CountyReady to Build120,000 5.Photovoltaic Park 0.99 MW, Timis CountyReady to Build150,000 6.Photovoltaic Park 2.9 MW, Cluj CountyReady to Build188,500 7.Photovoltaic Park 2.5 MW, Brasov CountyReady to Build400,000 8.Photovoltaic Park 4 MW, Covasna CountyReady to Build640,000 9.Photovoltaic Park 2.99 MW, Sibiu CountyIn construction250,000 10.Photovoltaic Park 2 MW, Tulcea CountyReady to Build260,000 11.Photovoltaic Park 2.72 MW, Arges CountyReady to Build326,400 12.Photovoltaic Park 0.89 MW, Arges CountyReady to Build111,250 13.Photovoltaic Park 2.2 MW, Ilfov CountyReady to Build264,000 14.Photovoltaic Park 2.5 MW, Ilfov CountyReady to Build300,000

14 OPORTUNIDADES DE INVERSIONES Nr.crt.ProjectProject StagePrice (EUR) 15.Photovoltaic Park 2.2 MW, Arges CountyReady to Build264,000 16.Photovoltaic Park 2.75 MW, Arges CountyReady to Build330,000 17.Photovoltaic Park 3.2 MW, Dolj CountyReady to Build384,000 18.Photovoltaic Park 2.7 MW, Gorj CountyReady to Build324,000 19.Photovoltaic Park 0.99 MW, Olt CountyReady to Build123,750

15 MUCHAS GRACIAS Oficina de Promoción Comercial Económica de Rumania Santiago de Chile Tel: (562) 2891.24.99 Fax:(562) 2886.79.74 E-mail: SARMIZA BUMBARU CONSEJERA COMERCIAL

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