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The Nuts and Bolts of Puberty * * 4You * These notes are a summary of the information in the 4You booklet that you may have seen in your P.S.H.E. lessons.

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1 The Nuts and Bolts of Puberty * * 4You * These notes are a summary of the information in the 4You booklet that you may have seen in your P.S.H.E. lessons. Weve made this PowerPoint so that you can go through things at your own pace as and when you want to. A.Garratt January 2010

2 Growing Up…Whats Happening? change bodiesfeelings relationships You may have noticed some things about yourself and your friends that are starting to change. Changing bodies, changing feelings and changing relationships. facts ideas Here youll find some facts about what to expect and some ideas on how to cope if it doesnt happen quite like you thought it would.

3 First, a word about words… Its really important to know about your body and understand the changes its going through. Its also important to know the right names for the things youre learning about. It may be that some of the words you use with your family or friends wont be liked or understood if you use them with other people. bold italics The words used here in bold italics are the official ones and will be understood by most people.

4 change Peoples bodies change throughout their lifetimes. changes puberty The changes that happen during puberty though are the most dramatic changes of all. Puberty physical changes sexual maturity Puberty is the word we use to describe the physical changes that lead to sexual maturity. Adolescence physical, psychologicalemotional changes Adolescence is the word we use to describe all the physical, psychological and emotional changes that transform a child into a young adult.

5 Puberty Puberty usually starts about 18 months earlier in girls than in boys. It can start as young as 8 and will usually continue until 15 or 16. puberty hormoneschemical messengers Everyone changes at their own rate. No-one can decide when to start puberty. It all depends on when the hormones, the chemical messengers inside the body, decide its time to begin work. puberty Remember – everyone goes through puberty and gets there in the end!

6 Feelings changes puberty transformed puberty Remember its not just a young persons body that changes during puberty – minds and feelings change too. This is because in the same way that the bodies are transformed during puberty, brains are changed too so that the childs brain you had becomes the adult brain you will use throughout your life.

7 Ups and Downs emotional ups and downs. During puberty you will probably have lots of emotional ups and downs. Sometimes youll get angry and have rows with family and friends. Sometimes youll feel moody and totally fed up and miserable – often for no particular reason. Sometimes you may not understand why you behave like you do. For many people puberty is a bit of a roller coaster ride!

8 At other times though life will be really exciting, for example when youre learning or doing new things, meeting new people and going to new places.

9 Remember..... normal, All of these things are normal, although it can feel awful at the time. But..... If you feel bad, worried or upset nearly all the time, talk to someone you trust about how you feel.

10 You might want to talk to someone about whats happening to you. If your parents or carers havent already talked to you, try asking them. They may be embarrassed and you may be too, but theyll probably be pleased you asked. You may also be able to talk to another relative or an older friend or teacher or the school nurse.

11 Puberty is a time when.... sexual feelings You may start fancying people and getting exciting feelings when you think about them. You may imagine yourself kissing or being close to them. These are called sexual feelings. Sometimes you fancy people you know; sometimes you may fancy someone whos famous. They may be the opposite sex from you or the same sex.

12 Puberty is a time when... You will probably be good friends with lots of people without fancying them. There may be times when you dont fancy anyone at all.

13 sex Sometimes it might seem like sex is everywhere. You hear it talked about on TV and radio, in songs, in peoples conversations and on the school bus. sex You read about it in magazines and advertisements and hear jokes about sex and people calling out horrible things about it. sex Sometimes it seems as if sex is everywhere and everyones doing it all the time but

14 Remember...most of what you hear is more to do with peoples imaginations than reality! sex Some people act this way because they are embarrassed about sex or because they dont understand what theyre saying or because they think its grown up. But it isnt! Its a sign of being immature.

15 sex Being grown up about sex is About treating yourself and other people with respect. About not being afraid to ask someone appropriate for help if you need it or if you dont understand something.

16 Puberty A Close-Up on Girls Puberty puberty During puberty girls bodies start to change shape. They grow taller and heavier. Breasts Breasts develop. Hips widen and flatten. vulvavagina genital organspubic hair Hair grows in the armpits and around the vulva, the opening to the vagina. The hair around the genital organs is called pubic hair. Sweat Sweat becomes heavier and smellier. An all over daily wash is essential.

17 puberty reproductive organs Many of the changes of puberty place inside girls bodies and are to do with the development of the reproductive organs. egg ovum ovaries Each month a tiny egg (which is too small to see) or ovum is released from one of a girls two ovaries. egg fallopian tubes The egg travels slowly down the fallopian tubes.

18 eggovum fallopian tubes uteruswomb At the same time that the egg or ovum is moving along the fallopian tubes, the lining of the uterus or womb is becoming thick and soft. egg lining of the uterus vagina When the body knows that no baby is growing, the egg is re-absorbed by the body and the lining of the uterus passes out of the body through the vagina as a small amount of blood. having a period This process is called having a period. Usually the amount of blood is very small – about enough to fill an egg cup – and takes about 4 to 5 days to come out.

19 periods Beginning to have periods can feel like a very big change. For most girls it happens somewhere between the ages of 8 and 14 but sometimes its later. periods Some girls may get a whitish mark on their pants. This is a sign that their periods may soon begin. periods To begin with periods may not come regularly but after a while they settle down and come about once a month.

20 towelspads tampons period Girls and women use towels, pads or tampons to absorb the blood from a period. These need to be changed every few hours. Pads Pads which have adhesive backs and sometimes wings too, stick to the inside of the pants. Tamponsvagina Tampons fit inside the vagina and absorb the blood before it leaves the body.

21 Pads or Tampons? Its really a matter of personal choice. Some people prefer one, some the other. pads tampons Girls usually choose pads to begin with and maybe try out tampons later on. padstampons Chemists and supermarkets have a fantastic range of pads and tampons to choose from. With a bit of research, youll soon find the products that suit you best. period Its important to be prepared before the first period arrives. Talk to a grown up you trust, maybe a parent, carer or teacher about whats going to happen and what to do when it does.

22 padstampons Disposing of pads and tampons padstampons Dont flush pads or tampons down the toilet. They can block pipes. Wrap them up and put them in a bin if possible. There are special bins in toilets at school for this purpose. Youll find these bins in lots of other places too.

23 Girls may want to talk to someone about whats happening to them. Parents or carers are obvious people girls could ask. Other relatives such as grandparents or older friends as well as teachers may also be able to help. If girls prefer they can always look at books about growing up that theyll find in libraries and bookshops or on reliable websites. Theres a list of good websites on the last slide of this PowerPoint.

24 Puberty A Close-Up on Boys Puberty puberty In boys puberty usually starts later than in girls – usually after the age of 10 or 11, but it can be later than this. break Voices break and become a lot deeper. sweat Bodies start to sweat more and, because it is fatty, the sweat is smellier. A thorough all over daily wash is essential!

25 penisgenital organspubic hair. Hair grows in various places on boys bodies – including under the arms, on the chest, legs and around the base of the penis. Hair around the genital organs is called pubic hair. The hair on the face is generally the last to develop. testicles sperm Sperm The testicles get bigger and start to make millions of sperm every day. Sperm swim around in a protective fluid called semen. penis The penis gets thicker and longer.

26 penis Boys often worry that their penis isnt as big as other boys. Sizes do vary a bit but not as much as people think. circumcised foreskin penis About half of all men in the world are circumcised. This means that the foreskin, the flap of skin round the end of the penis, has been cut away, usually for religious reasons, when they were babies. peniscircumcised foreskin If the penis has not been circumcised it is very important to clean under the foreskin every day. foreskin headpenis Boys should be able to pull the foreskin back to expose the head of their penis.

27 erectionpenis An erection is when the penis stiffens and sticks out from the body. This often happens in the morning or can happen when boys think about people or see pictures that they like. Ejaculation semenerect penis Ejaculation is when a small amount of semen is squirted out of the erect penis. The amount varies but its usually less than a teaspoonful.

28 ejaculation wet dream Wet dreams When ejaculation happens at night, during sleep, its called a wet dream. Wet dreams are completely natural, but not everyone notices that they have them. penis urinationejaculation The penis is also used for urinating, but urination and ejaculation cannot happen at the same time.

29 Masturbation sexual organs Masturbation is when a person touches or strokes their own sexual organs because it feels good. Masturbationprivate masturbate Masturbation is private. Some people masturbate, others dont. People of all ages may do it. Masturbation sexual feelings Sometimes people disagree about it. Masturbation isnt harmful and it can be a way to find out about sexual feelings and learn about your own body.

30 Boys may want to talk to someone about whats happening to them. Parents or carers are obvious people boys could ask. Other relatives such as grandparents or older friends as well as teachers may also be able to help. If boys prefer they can always look at books about growing up that theyll find in libraries and bookshops or at reliable web sites.

31 And Finally…….. Remember that millions and millions and millions of young people go through puberty every year. Its all part of an entirely natural process and will sort itself out in the end. In the meantime, if you need help ask someone appropriate who you trust. If you prefer, use your Independent Enquirer skills to find out for yourself. Britannica online, books from the libraries and websites like: will help answer any questions you may have.

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