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The United States Constitution

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1 The United States Constitution
The Goals & Principles

2 The U.S. Constitution #1 The Preamble Seven Articles
Twenty-seven Amendments

3 The Preamble #2 It is an introduction to the Constitution
It states the goals (purpose) of the Constitution

4 Goals of the Constitution #3
Form a More Perfect Union Create a nation where states work together Interstates, U.S. Currency

5 Goals of the Constitution #3
Establish Justice Make a nation that is fair Jury, Court System

6 Goals of the Constitution #3
Insure Domestic Tranquility Keep peace within the country National Guard, Federal Marshalls

7 Goals of the Constitution #3
Provide for Common Defense Safeguard against attacks, protect Army, Navy

8 Goals of the Constitution #3
Promote General Welfare Contribute to the well-being of its people Social Security, Financial Aid

9 Goals of the Constitution #3
Secure the Blessings of Liberty Protect the great advantages of freedom Laws, Acts, Commissions

10 Principles of the Constitution #4
Popular Sovereignty Principle of the government where people hold the final authority or power Limited Government Principle that the government is not all powerful but can do only what the people say it can do Federalism Division of power between the national and state government

11 Principles of the Constitution continued
Separation of Powers Division of the operations of the national government into three branches, each with its own powers and responsibilities Checks and Balances Means by which each branch of the national government is able to check, or control, the power of the other two branches

12 Checks and Balances

13 Representative Government: government of elected officials

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