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St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission.

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1 St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission

2 Selection Purpose Bike Share Overview Case Study Analysis Demand Analysis Demand Thresholds Recommendations Next Steps Overview

3 We chose this project because the concept of Bikesharing is a growing trend in cities throughout the US and World. To capitalize on the fact that the City of Port Huron can and should be a tourist attraction in the State of Michigan. Submitted this project to Michigan State University’s Planning Program, to have a group of students in the Practicum Class conduct the study for us. Selection

4 Purpose Determine the feasibility of a bikeshare program in St Clair County, primarily in the City of Port Huron. This region continues to grow and develop, and we realize the importance of providing transportation alternatives to the traditional single occupancy vehicle. Importance of sustainable communities in regards to air quality or for the overall health and well-being of the community.

5 Benefits SocialEconomicTransitEnvironmental Bike Share Overview Short – term bicycle rental Commonly concentrated in urban settings An “as-needed” transportation option Operate via unattended stations (i.e. kiosk) Unlock in response to membership keys and/or customer credit card

6 Bike Share Generations

7  This study sought to compare bike share programs of a smaller scale with a similar population as Port Huron. Case Study Analysis Washington D.C. Spartanburg, SC Pullman, WA Salem, MA Minneapolis, MN

8 Population of Port Huron: 30,184 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010) Program# of Bikes # of Stations PopulationOwnershipTrips / Year # of Members Salem Spins20241,000City of Salem ~ 2,000 n/a Spartanburg B-Cycle 15237,000Partners for Active Living ~ 3,700 450 Greenbike (WSU) 120928,300Washingto n State University ~ 17,000 10,000 Programs of Similar Size Source:

9 Demand Analysis  Anticipated Users  Bike share is attracting new users of all ages, sizes, and types.  Statistically significant indicators of ridership levels were race, income and high-income jobs, alternative commuters, and total jobs, among others ( Monterey County Draft Bicycle Sharing Feasibility and Implementation Plan, 2012).  Market Analysis  GIS Analysis  A GIS analysis captures preliminary indicators of population, job, and retail densities.  Community Indicators  Special consideration is given to the combination of the tourist population demand for bike share as well as the local conditions, opportunities, and population of Port Huron. “Bike share can capture a new market of bicyclists, reaching beyond the anticipated users.” - St. Clair County Bike Share Feasibility Analysis, 2013

10 Location

11 Indicators of a Successful Bike Share RetailJobPopulation GIS Analysis: St. Clair County

12  Higher Population Density = potential for greater market demand  The more use of bikes, within a dense population, the more visible the program (if branded with bright colors), thus the cyclical opportunity for continued ridership. Population Density

13  Higher employment density yields greater access to potential bike share users (Bike sharing in the United States: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation, 2012, pp. 17).  Port Huron Hospital has the most number of employees in the county, with 1,750 employees (Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County, 2010). Job Density

14  Bike share users need a destination, and retail stores provide a utilitarian purpose for bicycling.  Retail density needs to be combined with a safe, visual, and easily accessible bike route to the destination. Retail Density

15 GIS Analysis

16  Factors chosen to be significant specifically to Port Huron include: Community Indicators: City of Port Huron Bicycle infrastructure Connection to Transit Community Colleges Community and Tourist Attractions Tourism Population Parks and Recreation Areas Income and Race Expenditures Commuting Distances and Mode Share Topography Weather

17  Paralleling the community indicators, thresholds are compared to existing conditions in Port Huron, MI.  Were determined from the case studies, including: Salem, MA Spartanburg, SC Pullman, WA Demand Thresholds



20 Recommendations 1.Station Location Analysis 2.Community Surveys 3.Bike Share Programmatic Summary  System  Bikes & Stations  Financial Feasibility 4.Supporting Actions

21 Station Location Analysis  Stations can be placed on public or private property.  The locations should also be checked for (1) cell reception, and (2) proper dimensions for the station style/bike share program chosen source:“BikeSharing in the United States,” 2013. source:


23 Station Location Survey  To provide potential station locations, 45 professionals from Port Huron were contacted via email, with 11 responses (24% response rate)  Each contact provided their top five locations based on their professional knowledge, and experience from residency.

24  Its recommended to perform a community wide survey for the demand for bicycling and bike share, the promotion of the system, and to analyze the desired placement of stations. Community Surveys

25  System  The bike and station provider would be determined by competitive bid, or a cost comparison  Higher technology provides more ease of use, more security for the bicycle, branding and marketing opportunities, more efficiency energy use, and much more.  Bikes and Stations  Phased-out model  2 stations (kiosk) and 11 docks  5 to 6 bikes per station (kiosk)  Financial Feasibility  Public –Private Partnership  Fee Matrix: o $5 daily fee o Free 1 st hour and subsequent fees for additional ½ hours  Cost: o Approximately, $76,000 (capital costs) & $27,000 (maintenance/operating, per yr) Bike Share Programmatic Summary

26 Supporting Actions SponsorshipPartnershipsAdvertisingMarketingPromotion

27 Next Steps Establish Partnerships St. Clair County RESA Port Huron Museum St. Clair County Community College Port Huron Hospital Business Model Selecting/Developing

28 Thank you ! Photo courtesy: St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission

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