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Ms. Campanicki Allied Health I QUARTERLY REVIEW : MP 1.

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1 Ms. Campanicki Allied Health I QUARTERLY REVIEW : MP 1

2 Question 1 Employees use ____________ to identify relationships between departments and authority. Legal Responsibilities Employability Skills Communication Systems

3 Question 2 This is a set of acceptable standards and principles that determine morality. Legal Responsibility Academic Foundation Teamwork Ethics

4 Question 3 This career pathway has skills that include planning, reporting, evaluation, and imaging. Therapeutic Health Informatics Diagnostic Biotechnology

5 Question 4 Which of the following have requirements for each state and career that are responsible for increasing knowledge of a professional? High School On-the-Job Training College Education Continuing Education

6 Question 5 In what time period did medications and surgeries get combined with religious rites? Middle Ages Modern Times Prehistoric Industrial Revolution

7 Question 6 Who was know for being the main doctor for the Gladiators and was trained by the Egyptians? Galen Hippocrates Rhazes Lister

8 Question 7 On the Barber-Surgeon pole: the top of the pole is known to be the symbol for what instrument of their craft? The bandages The tooth extractor The bowl The funnel

9 Question 8 All of the following are basic principles of parliamentary procedures except: Take one item at a time Minority rules Everyone's rights are protected Votes are counted by voice

10 Question 9 Who was known to help the sick and needy, but had not particular method of treating disease beyond faith and prayers? Christian Church

11 Question 10 This has remained in Western civilization as an expression of ideal conduct : Modern Hippocratic Oath

12 Question 11 These standards describe practices for maintaining wellness and prevent disease. Health Maintenance Practices

13 Question 12 Upon completion of your associate’s degree, students may go on and work on their master’s degree. True False

14 Question 13 Performing proper infection control practices is included in which of the following Nation healthcare Skill Standards? Technical Skills Employability Skills Safety Practices Communication


16 Question 14 Acupuncturist Therapeutic

17 Question 15 Quality Assurance Technician Biotechnology Research and Development

18 Question 16 Medical Illustrator Health Informatics

19 Question 17 Phlebotomist Diagnostic

20 Question 18 Podiatrist Therapeutic

21 Question 19 Patent Lawyer Biotechnology Research and Development

22 Question 20 Risk Manager Health Informatics

23 Question 21 Social Worker Support Servicies

24 Question 22 Cell Biologist Biotechnology Research and Development

25 Question 23 Project Manager Health Informatics

26 Question 24 Speech Pathologist Diagnostic

27 Question 25 Psychiatrist Therapeutic

28 Question 26 Environmental Specialist Support

29 Question 23 Electrocardiographic Technician Diagnostic


31 Question 26 ___________is a set of rules used to conduct a meeting in an efficient manner. Parliamentary Procedures

32 Question 27 A___________is chossen profession or occupation. Career

33 Question 28 Global information system (GIS) technologies plan for ___________and track outbreak patterns. Emergencies

34 Question 29 The ___________plans provide healthcare benefits to families of current or retired service members. MILITARY INSURANCE

35 Question 30 ___________centers are designed to help clients regain physical or mental abilities or teach them how to live with disabilities. Rehabilitation

36 Question 31 Individuals are responsible for promoting their own _________and choosing their own care. Wellness

37 Question 32 An important concern of healthcare workers and society in general is the demand for health services by the ___________generation. Baby Boom

38 Question 33 Healthcare plans designed specifically to control costs are called ___________. Managed care

39 Question 34 Voting on a___________can occur by voice, roll call general consent, division, and ballot. Motion

40 Question 35 Volunteer health organizations conduct___________, provides education/support for specific diseases. Research

41 Question 36 An important concern of THIS healthcare organization is to promote overall drug and food protection. FDA

42 Question 37 Amount of money and insured person must pay for services before an insurance company will contribute to the cost of the services provided is a ___________. Deductible

43 Question 38 Explorers form the New World and Asia brought back this bark to make a cure for malaria and its symptoms. Laudanum bark : Laudanum Chicory bark: Quinine Hemp bark: Brownies Quina bark: Quinine

44 Question 39 In the 17 th century, Black death was known to have killed what percentage of Europe's population? 1/3 2/3 This was the 16 th century and ½ 1/2

45 Question 40 In the 17 th century, Black death was known to have killed what percentage of Europe's population? 1/3 2/3 This was the 16 th century and ½ 1/2

46 Question 41 During the Crusades, Crusaders were impress with what group and brought back their techniques for medicine and battle field medicine? Greek doctors Barber-Surgeons Islamic/ Christians doctors Muslim/ Islamic doctors

47 Question 42 The main change in medicine largely due to anatomical knowledge, ease of legal can cultural restrictions was a part of this time period? Prehistoric Middle ages Renaissance Industrial Revolution


49 Types of Hospitals 1. profits are used for improvements, equipment, or expansion of services 2. care is provided for military personnel, dependence, and veterans 3. care is provided to a specific age group, disease, or treatment 4. shareholders own stock and invest money in the facility 5. care is given in accordance with religious beliefs. A. Nonprofit 1 B. government 2 C. religious 5 D. specialized 3 E. private 4

50 Types of HC Facilities 1. Includes nonprofit, specialized, and private 2. clients requires regular healthcare services 3. Provides care for acute or chronic illnesses 4. more than one clinician on location 5. quick response to illness or injury 6. care provided at home 7. regain mental abilities 8. test body fluids and blood 9. care for the terminally ill A. Clinics B. Rehabilitation C. Practitioner’s Office D. Hospital E. Emergency F. Long term care G. Laboratories H. Hospice I. Home health

51 Types of HC Skills 1. recording information in client’s chart 2. arriving to work on time 3. working side by side with physician 4. drawing blood safely and efficiently 5. getting enough rest and exercise 6. preforming duties according to laws and regulations 7. practicing principles of moral right and wrong 8. clean up skills A. Communication B. Teamwork C. Safety D. Technical E. Legal Responsibilities F. Health Maintenance G. Ethics H. Employability


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