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ABRIR To Open. Aburrir To Bore Admitir To Admit.

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1 ABRIR To Open

2 Aburrir To Bore

3 Admitir To Admit

4 Añadir To augment To increase

5 applaudir To applaud

6 Asistir a To attend classes

7 Asumir To assume

8 Combatir To combat

9 Confundir To confuse

10 coser To sew

11 consumir To consume

12 cubrir To cover

13 Cumplir To complete To finish

14 Decidir To decide

15 Definir To define

16 Deprimir To depress

17 Describir To describe

18 Descubrir To discover

19 Discutir To discuss

20 Dividir To divide

21 escribir To write

22 escupir To spit

23 exhibir To exhibit

24 existir To exist

25 imprimir To print

26 insistir To insist

27 interrumpir To interrupt

28 invadir To invade

29 ocurrir To ocurr

30 partir To split, to break

31 permitir To permit

32 persistir To persist

33 persuadir To persuade

34 presumir To presume

35 prohibir To prohibit, forbid

36 recibir To receive

37 sacudir To shake off

38 subir To go up, rise

39 transmitir To transmit

40 unir To unite

41 vivir To live

42 aprender To learn

43 barrer To sweep

44 beber To drink

45 comer To eat

46 cometer To commit

47 comprender To comprehend

48 correr To run

49 creer To believe

50 deber To owe, ought to

51 depender To depend

52 esconder To hide

53 Leer To read

54 meter To insert, put in

55 prender To switch on

56 proceder To procede

57 prometer To promise

58 responder To respond

59 romper To break

60 someter To surrender, to submit

61 sorprender To surprise

62 tejer To knit

63 temer To fear

64 toser To cough

65 vender To sell

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