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Library as Place By: Liz Bernal, Chris Breitenbach, Nicole Burchfield, Diana Kocunik and Liz Samaniego.

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1 Library as Place By: Liz Bernal, Chris Breitenbach, Nicole Burchfield, Diana Kocunik and Liz Samaniego

2 Introduction Library 1.0 Library Surrogates Future of Library 2.0 Library as Place: the good, the bad and the ugly

3 Stop making it feel like church.* 47-year-old from the United Kingdom

4 Library 1.0 Andrew Carnegie (birthday Nov. 25) Contributed $56,162,622 to establish 2509 libraries in the English speaking world 1911 – Notes on Library Buildings by James Bertram (secretary)

5 Notes on Library Buildings Rectangular shape with a basement and first floor Guard against waste of space at entrance –Corridor 12-18 ft wide running from entrance to circulation desk 20 ft inside (half the size for a smaller library) Warned not to allot to much valuable space to cloak room, stairs, and toilets No suggestions about exterior other than to keep it plain and dignified Discouraged fireplaces Should be used exclusively for library purposes only – no municipal or educations offices

6 First Floor 12-15 ft ceilings Book stacks Circulation desk area close to entrance for Librarians to supervise Reading rooms - Adults and Children Rear and side windows 6-7 ft above floor Book stacks and if necessary glass partitions to divide space and provide quiet

7 Basement 9-10 ft ceilings 4 ft below natural grade level Storage Lecture room Heating/boiler room Restrooms


9 Carnegie Adult and Child Reading Rooms – Circa 1903

10 Library Surrogates Run the library like a bookstore.* 55-year-old from the United States

11 Typical Librarians?!?

12 Action Figure Librarian

13 Old Bridge Public Library

14 Where to go and how to find?

15 Thats a lot of books!

16 Library or Bookstore?

17 Librarian or Bookseller?

18 Programming or Book Event?

19 Borders New Books

20 Where am I going?

21 Makes me want to shop!

22 Future Libraries I think this survey is right on track. The libraries should look at community spaces like Starbucks and Borders, and should also look at the value of online material like Google, and they should try to be more relevant in the current age.* 51-year-old from the United States

23 Green Library Profile Fayetteville Public Library: Blair Library Architecture Firm: Meyer, Scherer, and Rockcastle (Principal Team)

24 Blair Library, AR Opened October, 2004 1 st library to register with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Received LEED Silver NC certification –(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design )

25 Final Floor Plan of Main Library Main Floor - Cafe, Children's Area, Meeting Room, Browsing Collection Upper Floor - Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Adult, Reference, Genealogy, Large Print

26 Drawing 1: Sample building plans as presented in James Bertram's Notes on Library Buildings.

27 Was the Cost worth it? Circulation at Blair increased –271, 187 to 718,159 a year Library visits: –192,179 to 576,773 Completed on time and on budget and the building is debt-free

28 Flickr Project Show us your Library 2.0

29 Time for a really big show! Ladies and Gentleman…The Beatl…err…Library As Place

30 Conclusions Keep up the good work* Mentioned 61 times by respondents ranging in age from 15 to 82 from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States *All quotes are from the OCLC Perceptions of Libraries and Information Science 2005 Report (section 4: Respondents Advice to Libraries)

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