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Spanish Review Table of Contents 180 Verbs - Spanish to EnglishSlide 2 180 Verbs – English to SpanishSlide 33 Verb Tenses (past, future, ect)Slide 64 Made.

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1 Spanish Review Table of Contents 180 Verbs - Spanish to EnglishSlide 2 180 Verbs – English to SpanishSlide 33 Verb Tenses (past, future, ect)Slide 64 Made by: Nathan M.

2 Spanish to English

3 Tener To have Ser To be Estar To be Tocar To touch Estudiar To study Trabajar To work

4 Cantar To sing Viajar To travel Visitar To visit Ganar To gain, earn, win Nadar To swim Mirar To look, watch

5 Bailar To dance Hablar To talk Esperar To wait Pescar To fish Jugar To play sports Desear To desire

6 Necesitar To need Escuchar To listen Sacar To take Invitar To invite Preparar To prepare Cocinar To cook

7 Abrazar To hug Besar To kiss Patinar To skate Limpiar To clean Caminar To walk Practicar To practice

8 Romper To break Creer To believe Correr To run Leer To read Hacer To do or make Escribir To write

9 Aprender To learn Beber To drink Comer To eat Comprender To understand Ver To see Vender To sell

10 Llorar To cry Saltar To jump Contester To answer Llevar To wear Buscar To look for Ensenar To teach

11 Llegar To arrive Andar To walk Amar To love Manejar To drive Tomar To take/take in Ayudar To help

12 Asistir To attend Permitir To permit Vivir To live Repetir To repeat Insistir To insist Comprar To buy

13 Sentir To feel Cerrer To close Querer To like/love/want Empezar To start Perder To lose Recomendar To reccomend

14 Poner To put or place Traer To bring Oir To hear Conocer To know people/familiar with a place Ofrecer To offer Traducir To translate

15 Llamar To call Prestar To lend Decir To say or tell Pensar To think Preferir To prefer Entender To understand

16 Encontrar To find/seek Dormir To sleep Costar To cost Volver To turn Almorzar To eat lunch Poder To be able to

17 Contar To count Recordar To record Probar To test Volar To fly Salir To leave/go out Poner To put/place

18 Obedecer To obey Conducir To drive Saber To know facts/know how Ir To go Dar To give Banarse To bathe

19 Lavarse To wash Peinarse To comb Cepillarse To brush Ducharse To shower Afeitrse To shave Dibujar To draw

20 Esquiar To ski Cambiar To change Casar To marry Explicar To explain Descansar To rest - lie down Revisar To revise / check

21 Entregar To deliver Escalar To climb Regalar To give a gift Pintar To paint Odiar To hate Admirar To admire

22 Respetar To respect Empujar To push Probar To test Llenar To fill Atender To attend Merecer To earn

23 Parecer To appear/seem Pertenecer To belong Deber To owe Responder To Answer Dirigir To direct Compartir To share

24 Quitarse To remove Vestirse To dress Enojarse To hate, mad, angry Preocuparse To worry Portarse To behave Despertarse To wake up

25 Quedarse To stay Irse To go Darse Prisa To hurry Aburrirse To bore Cansarse To tire Impacientarse To be impacient

26 Burlarse To bully Equivocarse To make a mistake Casarse To marry Cortarse To cut Prepararse To prepare Secarse To dry

27 Divirterse To enjoy Ocuparse To ccupy Ponerse To put Levantarse To rise Acostarse To Lie down Callarse To Shut up

28 Depedirse To say goodbye Marcharse To leave/go Reunirse To Reunite Alegrarse To be happy Enfadarse To get angry Irritarse To irritate

29 Darse Cuenta To realize Quejarse To complain Pelearse To fight Barrer To sweep Colgar To hang Decorar To decorate

30 Planchar To iron Revolver To turn/spin Untar To grease Anadir To add Combinar To combine Pelar To peel

31 Mezclar To mix Echar To pour Precalientar To preheat Hornar To bake Montar To ride Parar To stop

32 Caerse To fall Estacionar To park Caber To fit Construir To construct

33 English to Spanish

34 To have Tener To be Ser To be Estar To touch Tocar To study Estudiar To work Trabajar

35 To sing Cantar To travel Viajar To visit Visitar To gain, earn, win Ganar To swim Nadar To look, watch Mirar

36 To dance Bailar To talk Hablar To wait Esperar To fish Pescar To play sports Jugar To desire Desear

37 To need Necesitar To listen Escuchar To take Sacar To invite Invitar To prepare Preparar To cook Cocinar

38 To hug Abrazar To kiss Besar To skate Patinar To clean Limpiar To walk Caminar To practice Practicar

39 To break Romper To believe Creer To run Correr To read Leer To do or make Hacer To write Escribir

40 To learn Aprender To drink Beber To eat Comer To understand Comprender To see Ver To sell Vender

41 To cry Llorar To jump Saltar To answer Contester To wear Llevar To look for Buscar To teach Ensenar

42 To arrive Llegar To walk Andar To love Amar To drive Manejar To take/take in Tomar To help Ayudar

43 To attend Asistir To permit Permitir To live Vivir To repeat Repetir To insist Insistir To buy Comprar

44 To feel Sentir To close Cerrer To like/love/want Querer To start Empezar To lose Perder To reccomend Recomendar

45 To put or place Poner To bring Traer To hear Oir To know people/familiar with a place Conocer To offer Ofrecer To translate Traducir

46 To call Llamar To lend Prestar To say or tell Decir To think Pensar To prefer Preferir To understand Entender

47 To find/seek Encontrar To sleep Dormir To cost Costar To turn Volver To eat lunch Almorzar To be able to Poder

48 To count Contar To record Recordar To test Probar To fly Volar To leave/go out Salir To put/place Poner

49 To obey Obedecer To drive Conducir To know facts/know how Saber To go Ir To give Dar To bathe Banarse

50 To wash Lavarse To comb Peinarse To brush Cepillarse To shower Ducharse To shave Afeitrse To draw Dibujar

51 To ski Esquiar To change Cambiar To marry Casar To explain Explicar To rest - lie down Descansar To revise / check Revisar

52 To deliver Entregar To climb Escalar To give a gift Regalar To paint Pintar To hate Odiar To admire Admirar

53 To respect Respetar To push Empujar To test Probar To fill Llenar To attend Atender To earn Merecer

54 To stay Quedarse To go Irse To hurry Darse Prisa To bore Aburrirse To tire Cansarse To be impacient Impacientarse

55 To appear/seem Parecer To belong Pertenecer To owe Deber To Answer Responder To direct Dirigir To share Compartir

56 To remove Quitarse To dress Vestirse To hate, mad, angry Enojarse To worry Preocuparse To behave Portarse To wake up Despertarse

57 To bully Burlarse To make a mistake Equivocarse To marry Casarse To cut Cortarse To prepare Prepararse To dry Secarse

58 To enjoy Divirterse To occupy Ocuparse To put Ponerse To rise Levantarse To Lie down Acostarse To Shut up Callarse

59 To say goodbye Depedirse To leave/go Marcharse To Reunite Reunirse To be happy Alegrarse To get angry Enfadarse To irritate Irritarse

60 To realize Darse Cuenta To complain Quejarse To fight Pelearse To sweep Barrer To hang Colgar To decorate Decorar

61 To iron Planchar To turn/spin Revolver To grease Untar To add Anadir To combine Combinar To peel Pelar

62 To mix Mezclar To pour Echar To preheat Precalientar To bake Hornar To ride Montar To stop Parar

63 To fall Caerse To park Estacionar To fit Caber To construct Construir

64 Verb Tenses

65 Present Ar verbsEr/Ir Verbs amoso as aan o es e imos emos en

66 Present Progressive + Estoy Estás Estamos EstáEstán ando iendo

67 Near Future Voy Vas Va Vamos Van + A + Infinitive

68 Immediate Past Acabo Acabas Acaba Acabámos Acaban + de + Infinitive

69 Preterito é aste ó amos aron Ar Verbs í iste ió imos ieron Er/Ir Verbs

70 Futuro é án emos ás á

71 Imperfecto Ar verbsEr/Ir Verbs aba ía aban ábamos abas aba íamos ías íaían

72 Other things you need to know: Any irregular verb conjugations Ser vs. Estar Saber vs. Conocer Imperfecto vs. Preterito

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