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GOOD-BYE BERWYN HEIGHTS ES! Sixth Grade 20102011 Editors: Mrs. Tremper & Mrs. Hoskey.

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2 GOOD-BYE BERWYN HEIGHTS ES! Sixth Grade 20102011 Editors: Mrs. Tremper & Mrs. Hoskey



5 Mr. Buzzerds Sixth Grade Class Alessandro Arias Salazar Niko Morris Ayotide Bello Henry Moton Kayleigh Bourgeois Jessica Orozco Contreras Roxana Carino Herrera Zion Patterson Aboubacar Diabate Jacob Rivera Jordan Epps Zaire Rogers Nathaniel Forschner Michael Subah Jonice Gardner Chimelie Ukwandu Saleema Haimanchandra Dolapo Wemida Erika Martin Kai Willis Marianne McCloskey Shawn Wolfinger


7 Ms. Orbesos Sixth Grade Class Avonte Adusei Jonathan Aguirre Cindy Barrios-Castillero Ismael Bousso Stephanie Bravo-Ortiz Ronald Bundy Susette Corcino Fernando Cruz Mariche Mahezit Gaim Katie Hernandez Amy Joge Katherine Lopez Rolando Martinez Menjivar Deysi Maza Keniah McCutchen Siomara Munoz Kapri Piner Jacob Rivera Estefani Rodriguez Golam Sikder George Soler

8 Siomara Munoz and Deysi Maza Good bye Berwyn Heights! I feel sad to leave Berwyn Heights. Ive been here for 7 years. I will Miss all of my teachers from kindergarten through 6 th grade. I will also miss my friends that wont be with me next year. -siomara I will miss you Berwyn Heights and all the good memories we had together in the 6 th grade, with my friends and teachers. I will be going to greenbelt middle school and I will try to stay in contact with the school- deysi

9 Bye Berwyn Heights !!!! Katie Hernandez & Stephanie Ortiz

10 I'm going to miss everyone here in Berwyn heights especially my teachers. This school is special and awesome. Every year was the best year of my life. Now that I'm leaving I want to thank my teachers that I have achieved, succeed and the best years of my life. So thank you! Goodbye Berwyn Heights!! By Amy Joge and Cindy Barrios

11 You maybe scared of Mr.Buzzerd. But once you know him he is very nice. You will have a lot of fun with him and he will teach you everything you need to pass 6 th grade. Ms.Orbeso is very fun but when you make her mad she will put you in a corner like Katherine was. She will teach you a lot about science that you need to pass 6 th grade. Ms.Williams will teach you all about reading and all you need to know from figurative language to analyzing a story. These are the schools Katherine and Fernando are going to Katherines school Greenbelt Middle School Fernandos School Hyattsville Middle School


13 Ms. Williams Sixth Grade Class Stephanie Bravo Kingdley Chrispin Jocelyn Escobar-Alberto Jonae Gardner Tanya Jimenez Rachel Joje-Lima Jennifer Menendez Solorzano Heniaya, Moton Samantha Nace C-era Pierce Jessica Pineda Flores Elliot Ramirez Jorge Resendiz Chiquito Kevin Richardson Desmond Scott Odalvis Silva Meleena Sorto Treyvon Staten Chidozie Ukwandu Ashley Wilkerson Katherine Wolford

14 Shout outs This is the time to move on from this school. Ive been here since kindergarten and I loved this school but this is the time to leave and just take my memories with me and for u to keep them with u too. I want to give a shout out to all of my besties: Suzette, Ashley, Heniaya, Kapri, Kayleigh, Keniah,Rachel, Jocelyn, c-era, Estphaine, Meleena, and Zaire. AND CONGRATES TO G5 FOR ROCKING THE STAGE AT NORTHBAY AND THE TALENT SHOW AND IM NUMBER 3 IN G5 SOOO !!!!!!! I'm really going to miss this school but someday I mint visit depends but deuces. Bye I will always remember this school. Jonae Gardner

15 Im Going To Miss All My Fam! (Best friend Jonae) and Im a Miss You More Than The Teachers. We Have been together Since Third Grade! And Ima A Miss Kevin Youre Like My Brova! And Elliot Youre So My School Role Model! Heniaya, Me And You Had A lot Of Up And Downs But youre my 2 Man Show And I Love You! Keniah, I Love You SistaFace! And Suzette Barbie Ima Miss You!.And Niecy, I Love You Left-hand! And Nathaniel Ima Miss You Dude! And Aboubacar Ima Miss You Buddie!Ima Miss You Short Buddy Jocelyn! I am Miss Derryl Way To Much Youre To Funny!., And Erica Ima Miss You And Your Mom! And Tide Ima Miss You Son!! I am going to miss everybody I love. Everybody in the school like Ashley and the twins, Keniah, Suzette, Saleema, Jocelyn, C-era, Stephanies, Nathaniel, Elliot, Desmond, Meleena, Mahazeit, Michael, Jordan, Kia, and Everybody in the six grade! =] I am also am going to miss all the teachers. Good Bye =] BHES! Heniaya Moton Ashley Wilkerson

16 Heniaya Moton, Jonae Gardner and Meleena Sorto I am so glad I am going to middle school but I am going to miss everybody. I am really going to miss Ms. Williams and Ms. Orbeso and yeah Mr. Buzzard too. I will also miss all the kids, so long and farewell Heniaya out !! I am happy to leave this school but I am going to miss everybody specially all of my friends And the teachers too all of them that taught me what I needed to know and how to get around I will miss all the kids so long farewell jonae out !! I'm really excited to go to middle school, I'm really going to miss all of my friends and teachers and all of the fun activities that we did every year that this school was opened. I had a fun experience here I will miss all the kids so long and farewell Meleena out!!






22 Ode to the Sixth Grade Best Wishes From the Berwyn Heights ES Staff Youve been our fine students, So steady and good. We know we have taught you The best that we could. Youve gotten some knowledge That could lead to college. But manners, honesty, courage, and more, Will help you to face whatevers in store. Youve grown as weve watched you, But youve still far to go. Good luck on your journey, Where ever you go! Dr. Tremper

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