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THE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH By Ava, Allison, Arjun, Chris, Cody and Steven.

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1 THE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH By Ava, Allison, Arjun, Chris, Cody and Steven

2 KEY VOCABULARY WORDS Territory: a place owned and governed by a country. Gold rush: a huge movement of people bring to find gold. Forty-niners: one who went to California seeking gold in the gold rush 1849. Cape: a point of land that reaches out into the ocean. Clipper ships: were the fastest ship in the time. Isthmus: a narrow piece of land that connects two larger land areas. Swamp: a low wet area usually covered by shallow water. Claim: an area a miner said belonged to him or her. Industry: All the businesses that make one kind product or provid one kind of service. Entrepreneur: a person who sets up a new business. Free enterprise: a kind of economy in which people can own and run their own businesses. Consumers: the people who buy a product or service. Population: the number of people living there. Vigilante: a person who takes the law into his or her own hands. Discrimination: the unfair treatment of people because of such things as their religion, their race, or their birth place. Technology: the way people use new ideas to make tools or machines. Line Graph: a graph that uses a line to show changes overtime.

3 MAJOR EVENTS  Hydraulic Mining was invented  Gold was found in California  Sam Brannan tells everyone he sees  Clipper Ships start making trips to California  People start turning into vigilantes


5 TIME PERIOD 1848-1849: first person found gold December 1848, President James Polk told congress about discovery In 1849, Mifflin Gibbs set out to New York to search for gold 1852, thousands of Chinese also joined the Gold Rush ¼ of gold seekers were immigrants. They came to California from Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia

6 TIME PERIOD (CONTINUED) In 1849, passengers sailed to New York. Some people suffered from a disease, although more than 40,000 passengers arrived More than 45,000 people reached the gold fields by traveling overland in 1849 United States became a leader in producing gold in the 1850’s Before the Gold Rush began, San Francisco only had about 900 people. By 1849, it had 6,000 people. In 1850, more than 35,000 people filled the streets

7 TIME PERIOD (CONTINUED #2) California’s non-Indian population grew from about 14,000 people to about 100,000 in 1850. By 1852, it’s population had grown to about 250,000 people In 1848 and 1849, miners could find simple tools By mid 1850’s, however most of the gold was lying on top of the ground and was founded. Sacramento had terrible floods in the 1850’s In 1884, California made hydraulic mining against the law. Population grew fast after the Gold Rush in 1848

8 ~~THE TEST SLIDE~~ What is Hydraulic Mining? Mining that involves water Shoveling Drilling Thieving (Robbery) What is an Isthmus? __________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Who was the man who first picked up gold in California? John Sutter James Marshall Bob Marley

9 17. About how big was each miners claim or territory? 18. Most miners got their money to buy things from the gold they found. Would you do it that way, or would you do it your own way? Explain what you would do and why you would do it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ BONUS QUESTION (Does not count on your test grade. This question was not mentioned in PowerPoint or Social Studies Book. Hint: The actual Rush happened in a tributary in that state). Which other American State had a Gold Rush?

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