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1 Audio Video Production Camera Mounting Equipment.

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1 1 Audio Video Production Camera Mounting Equipment

2 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment2 Purpose Shaky shots are a sign of amateur video Difficult to get steady shots without a support Makes it easier to operate camera Prevents unnecessary camera movement Helps to keep the camera operator from becoming tired

3 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment3 Handheld or Shoulder Mount Camera held in operator ’ s hand or in hand while resting on shoulder For lightweight cameras Support on shoulder or hold in hand Allows for quick movement from one location or shot to another Cameras get heavy when taping for a long time Operator gets tired Difficult to hold shots steady Difficult to achieve smooth camera movement

4 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment4 Handheld or Shoulder Mount To get the steadiest possible shots Avoid the telephoto setting on the lens Use the wide angle setting when possible Lean against something – a wall, tree, pole

5 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment5 Monopod Monfrontto VIDEO MONOPOD Cat. No: 557B A single pole used to help support the camera Lightweight and easy to carry Sets up quickly The camera operator can not let go of the camera

6 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment6 Tripods Usually for lightweight ENG cameras/camcorders Three adjustable legs Adjustable height Must make sure tripod and camera are level Can be used on uneven ground or stairs Can be used with a dolly (wheels) Oconnor Video System

7 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment7 Pedestals Usually larger and heavier than a tripod Primarily used in a studio Allows smooth movement in any direction Easy to raise or lower the camera Use a counter balance system or pneumatic (air) pressure or both to raise and lower the camera Can steer in any direction Sachler Studio Ped 2-75

8 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment8 Camera Stabilizing Systems Allows camera operator to run or walk with the camera Springs and counterweighted system absorbs movement Camera mount worn by the camera operator Can be heavy and difficult to use for a long period of time Smaller lighter units are available for small camcorders Steadicam ProVid 2

9 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment9 Jib A crane like device that allows for a great amount of camera movement Allows for a great amount of movement · One person does all camera and jibs operations Short jib can be clamped to surfaces Long jib is self supporting and provides more movement than short jib Miller Projib 958

10 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment10 Crane Allows for a great amount of camera movement Heavy and large Occupies a lot of space studio floor Needs at least two operators May need a driver in addition to camera operator and dolly/boom operator The smaller jib is more common in studios Panther Galaxy Crane - Platform

11 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment11 Camera Mounting Heads Connects camera to the mount Allows the camera to tilt and pan 2 BASIC TYPES FLUID HEAD & CAM HEAD Sachtler DV6

12 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment12 Camera Mounting Heads FLUID HEAD Usually for ENG cameras or camcorders Lightweight Spring loaded mechanism in a thick oil Usually uses a leveling ball to attach the head to a tripod making easier to level the camera on the tripod Sachtler DV6

13 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment13 Camera Mounting Heads CAM HEAD For heavy cameras Usually used with pedestals Allows for smooth panning and tilting Separate drag and lock controls Vinten Vector 700

14 IVCP: Camera Mounting Equipment14 Automatic Camera Mounts Uses robotics to control camera movements, zoom and focus Camera operator is not on the studio floor Can be used in programs that follow a format-- teleconferences, meetings, news Vinten HS-100P and BCS controller Vinten SP-2000X-Y Servo Pedestal

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