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Campuses of The University of Montana FTE Enrollment & Revenue FY10FY11FY12FY13FY14 Actual Budgeted Resident10,16110,54610,2189,6408,823 WUE700771747705712.

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2 Campuses of The University of Montana

3 FTE Enrollment & Revenue FY10FY11FY12FY13FY14 Actual Budgeted Resident10,16110,54610,2189,6408,823 WUE700771747705712 Non-resident2,4852,6002,6782,4852,680 Total13,34613,91713,64312,83012,215 Undergraduate9,92310,30410,0019,2668,876 Graduate1,6291,7811,7691,7751,625 Missoula College1,7941,8321,8731,7891,714 Total13,34613,91713,64312,83012,215 All indicators reflect that UM is on track to meet our projected enrollments, with an increased percentage of resident enrollment. UM is making recruitment and retention a top priority after a decline in enrollment the past two years. Fall 2013 shows a stabilization in the number of entering new students.

4 Expenditures per FTE Expenditures per FTE FY10 Actual Expenditures per FTE FY11 Actual Expenditures per FTE FY12 Actual Expenditures per FTE FY13 Actual Expenditures per FTE FY14 Budgeted Expenditures per FTE Growth Rate $10,526$10,564$10,929$11,937$12,9965.4% An increase in expenditures per FTE is a function of decreased enrollment and increased expenditures (pay plan and present law increase). For FY14, the university reduced expenditures by over $8 million in order to balance the budget. This was done in a manner that preserved the instructional program, which can be seen on the next slide.

5 Expenditures by Program FY10 ActualFY11 ActualFY12 ActualFY13 BudgetedFY13 ActualFY14 Budgeted Instruction $ Expenditures$67,462,766$70,444,592$71,665,637$77,589,165$74,127,479$79,563,564 Percent of Total48.0%47.9%48.1%48.6%48.5%50.1% Research $ Expenditures$996,173$1,257,656$1,556,622$2,267,463$1,257,312$2,575,351 Percent of Total0.7%0.9%1.0%1.4%0.8%1.6% Public Service $ Expenditures$1,440,103$1,475,313$1,452,114$1,478,120$1,481,283$1,521,248 Percent of Total1.0% 0.9%1.0% Academic Support $ Expenditures$18,321,204$18,933,636$18,738,919$20,077,451$19,677,371$19,359,349 Percent of Total13.0%12.9%12.6% 12.9%12.2% Student Services $ Expenditures$8,720,149$9,162,681$9,856,583$10,106,887$10,629,501$10,274,065 Percent of Total6.2% 6.6%6.3%7.0%6.5% Institutional Support $ Expenditures$15,144,762$14,022,092$15,030,921$16,369,745$15,841,952$13,299,101 Percent of Total10.8%9.5%10.1%10.3%10.4%8.4% Plant O & M $ Expenditures$16,020,650$17,568,102$17,243,078$17,297,131$16,414,194$17,177,862 Percent of Total11.4%11.9%11.6%10.8%10.7%10.8% Scholarship and Fellowships $ Expenditures$12,379,871$14,160,610$13,558,943$14,422,577$13,419,248$14,980,748 Percent of Total8.8%9.6%9.1%9.0%8.8%9.4% Total $ Expenditures$140,485,678$147,024,682$149,102,817$159,608,539$152,848,340$158,751,288 Percent of Total100.0%

6 Faculty & Staff Ratios UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA (includes Missoula College & Bitterroot College) FY09 Actual FY10 Actual FY11 Actual FY12 Actual FY13 Actual FY13 Budgeted FY14 Budgeted Student FTE to Contract Faculty 19.620.121.020.319.3 20.0 18.4 Student FTE to Contract Admin/Pro 89.588.890.088.867.9 81.1 64.6 Student FTE to Classified Employee 21.522.222.822.122.3 21.2 UM is on target to reach the 18:1 goal for student FTE to contract faculty. The underlying reason for the change in the student FTE to contract admin/pro and student FTE to classified employee is decreased enrollment. UM refined its calculation to determine staff FTE counts. This refinement is reflected in FY13 actual and FY14 budgeted figures.

7 Forest & Conservation Experiment Station The station embedded within the UM College of Forestry and Conservation: Provides independent research to sustain Montana’s forests and rivers from accelerating threats from wildfire, invasive species, and insect outbreaks. Develops the workforce in Montana for forest restoration, wildland fire suppression, wildlife management, and resource protection. Allows for a robust, nationally recognized research program that sustains over 150 graduate students. Produces critical information for Montana landowners on water availability for agriculture and outdoor recreation, the integration of wildlife species protection with energy development, and the return of native plants to disturbed landscapes.

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