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1 Blackboard Sales Presentation. 2 Agenda Introduction –The Company and the Community Why Blackboard –Product Strategy What Blackboard Provides –Product.

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1 1 Blackboard Sales Presentation

2 2 Agenda Introduction –The Company and the Community Why Blackboard –Product Strategy What Blackboard Provides –Product Capabilities and Features How Blackboard Works With You –Services Summary and Discussion –Next Steps

3 3 Introduction The Company and the Community

4 4 Addressing the Issues The Challenge: A vanguard of colleges has begun to grapple with the problem and is winning what amount to big productivity gains through technology. At the 63,000-student Dallas County Community College District in Texas, a 12% budget cut is making it tough to provide enough classes to meet a 20% jump in enrollment since 2001. The Solution:

5 5 Blackboards Education Partnerships 1,250+ Colleges & Universities 450+ International Institutions 400+ K-12 Districts

6 6 The Blackboard Community Users Conference Client Advisory Boards Email Listserve Behind the Blackboard Regional User Groups Developer Community

7 7 Bb Mission and Vision Blackboards Mission: –To transform the Internet into a powerful environment for the education experience Blackboards Vision: –To improve the educational experience for students, teachers and researchers While our mission is about a destination, our vision for getting there is all about people and the outcomes important to them and how we impact their educational possibilities.

8 8 Why Blackboard Product Strategy

9 9 The Networked Learning Environment A true networked learning environment exists when any student or teacher can: –view instructional content –collaborate with educators –evaluate academic performance –access any learning resources at any time to achieve their educational objectives.

10 10 MISSION CRITICAL EXPLORATORY TIME SUPPORTEDSTRATEGICTRANSFORMATIVE: THE NETWORKED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Phase I Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4 Phase 5 Course web sites Commercial enterprise course management system Online courses, organizations, and institutional services integrated with back-office systems A full online campus with learning communities and shared digital content resources When any student or teacher can view instructional content, collaborate with educators, evaluate academic performance, and access learning resources at any time to achieve their educational objectives. INSTITUTIONAL GROWTH The Path to the Networked Learning Environment

11 11 MISSION CRITICAL EXPLORATORY TIME SUPPORTEDSTRATEGICTRANSFORMATIVE: THE NETWORKED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Phase I Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4 Phase 5 INSTITUTIONAL BENEFITS The Faculty Benefits of a Networked Learning Environment Student Centered Learning Access to High Quality Content Instructor Efficiency Anytime / Anywhere Access

12 12 Common Content Problems When Trying to Achieve a Networked Learning Environment Content Mayhem –File management and storage confusion Content Multiplication –Editing déjà vu - same document in multiple locations –Email clogging and version soup Content Isolation –Great content that no one can find, easily share –Limited tools to record and display achievement Content Vulnerability –Library Reserve Readings distributed without adequate copyright controls

13 13 What Blackboard Provides Product Capabilities and Features

14 14 Allows digital content to be shared, repurposed, and managed in diverse ways.

15 15 Blackboard Academic Suite

16 16 ACCESS TO HIGH QUALITY CONTENT STUDENT CENTERED LEARNING INSTRUCTOR EFFICIENCY ANYTIME ANYWHERE ACCESS Content & File Mgmt Collaborative File Storage Learning Objects Catalog e-Reserves e-PortfoliosVersioning Workflow Disk & Bandwidth Mgmt System Integration Enterprise Scalability Multi-Language Support Standards Building Blocks Blackboard Content System Capabilities by Benefit

17 17 Access to High Quality Content: Content and File Management Single point of editing Create many links to one file Edit files one time to change everywhere Share files and folders with other users or members of groups Share passes to files with people outside of system

18 18 Access to High Quality Content: Collaborative Web-enabled File Storage Shared workspaces for content development: –Course content –Learning objects –Departmental resources –General Documents WebDAV support Share files and folders with other –Users –Groups –Members of courses –Institution roles

19 19 Access to High Quality Content: Learning Objects Catalog Search high-quality content Browse by category Keyword searches Find targeted content with metadata tags

20 20 Access to High Quality Content: e-Reserves Seamlessly integrate library materials into course environment Librarians manage digital copyright requirements Control content to enforce copyright policies

21 21 Student Centered Learning: e-Portfolios Create a record of achievement Create a website Share with users and courses Send to users outside Blackboard

22 22 Instructor Efficiency: Versioning Track changes to documents Roll back to earlier versions

23 23 Instructor Efficiency: Workflow Send files for approval Review content to ensure quality Route files to other users and allow the sender to track the progress on completion

24 24 Instructor Efficiency: Disk Space and Bandwidth Management Grant space and quota by Institution Role or User Monitor system usage Guard against system abuses

25 25 Instructor Efficiency: System Integration Integrates with: –Student information systems –Authentication systems –Back-office systems

26 26 Anytime, Anywhere Access: Enterprise Scalability Proven ability to scale to hundreds of thousands of active users Supports additional application servers to allow the implementation to grow with adoption

27 27 Anytime, Anywhere Access: Multi-Language Support Enables institutions to run multiple languages on the same system Supports foreign language courses and students Supports most European Languages as well as multi-byte character sets such as Japanese and Chinese

28 28 Anytime, Anywhere Access: Standards System interoperability (IMS, SIF, OKI, etc.) Content specifications (IMS, SCORM, NLN, etc.) Privacy (FERPA) Accessibility (Section 508) Metadata (IMS, Dublin Core, etc.)

29 29 Anytime, Anywhere Access: Building Blocks (Open APIs) Free software development kit (SDK) Documented application programming interfaces (APIs) Create new functionality or integrate external systems with Blackboard products

30 30 How Blackboard Works with You Services

31 31 Implementation (Design, Develop, & Test) Technical infrastructure System integration Training Support Marketing and promotion Customizations System admin. processes 3 Educational Technology Lifecycle Selection Assemble Project Team Define Requirements RFI & RFP Proof of Concept/Demonstration Pilot Program 1 Monitoring & Assessment Monitor adoption and use Evaluate strategic goals Manage risks Document costs Assess operational maturity 4 Procurement Finalize contract & proposal Obtain legal approval Obtain executive approval 2 13 4 2


33 33 Organic vs. Planned Adoption Organic Adoption Organic / Exploratory Adoption Initially driven by End Users End User Plateau Strategic Phase Necessary for continued growth Planned Adoption Planned/Foundational Adoption Initially driven by Executive Sponsor Accelerated growth Strategic planning upfront Transition Management is the key to successful adoption regardless of approach. MISSION CRITICAL EXPLORAT ORY SUPPORT ED STRATEG IC TRANSFORMA TIVE Phase I Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4 Phase 5 Transitio n 1 Transitio n 2 Transitio n 3 Transitio n 4 Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4 MISSION CRITICAL FOUNDATION AL SUPPORT ED TRANSFORMAT IVE Phase I Transition 1 Transition 2 Transition 3

34 34 Managing the ETF Phase Transitions to Achieve Adoption The Transitions represent specific steps that must be managed to mature along the technology framework Two components for successful transition management exist –Implementation Approach: A specific process for managing the institutions maturing technology environment and usage –Implementation Activities: Those specific activities required for successful transition at each phase

35 35 Blackboard Services Blackboard Consulting Blackboard Training Blackboard ASP Blackboard Support

36 36 Blackboard Services: Consulting e-Education Planning: –Blackboard System Planning –Business Continuity and Recovery Systems Architecture Design: –Application Load Balancing and Database Clustering –High Availability Infrastructure Design –Performance Engineering Solution Implementation and Maintenance: –Application Installation, Migration and Configuration –Systems Integration –Application Development and Building Blocks –Business Intelligence Reporting –Systems Maintenance Programs Plan Design Implement & Maintain

37 37 Client Objective Need to provide content to the right people, in a timely fashion, and in the right format. The challenge was that enterprise content at BCUC spanned many different departments, and had a multitude of content providers and consumers Blackboard Consulting Deliverables Defined a strategic objective for the Blackboard Content System and audited BCUCs current content management practices – including reviewing the content lifecycle to identify content providers, consumers, and reusable data elements, all of which were captured through use- cases. Designed a solution, leveraging the content lifecycle and required metadata to derive a structural permissions model Implemented the system for enterprise-wide usage Client Outcomes BCUC has streamlined many of its internal processes. For example, the process for validating new courses and building their syllabi is clearly defined and requires far less manual intervention. Blackboard Content System Planning Plan Design Implement & Maintain

38 38 Blackboard Services: Training Types of Training: –Administrator and System Support Training –Instructor and Course Designer Training –Developer Training –Custom Training Training Location Options: –Onsite Workshops –Online Workshops –Regional Events Training Series: –Administration Series –Essentials Series –Effective Course Design

39 39 Blackboard Services: ASP Blackboard ASP Statistics: –350+ Customers –3 Million+ Users in our Systems –500,000+ Courses –1,000+ Servers –11 Terabytes of Storage Capacity and Growing –7 Terabytes of Data Transferred Daily –72,000,000+ HTTP Requests Served Per Day –99.7% or Better Uptime Guarantee ASP Benefits: –Reliability –Security –Scalability –Fully Managed Services –Lower Costs than Self-Hosted

40 40 Blackboard Services: Blackboard Client Support You and your staff quickly responded to the problem and understood its importance. The service we received this week in response to this issue was exemplary. You really care about your product and your customers. Larry McGrath, University of California Riverside "I simply can't be happier with the level of quality support that I'm receiving from Blackboard right now! Eric Kunnen, Grand Rapids Community College System Administrator Support –Dedicated Technical Support Manager –24 hour support and toll free number –Access to Behind the Blackboard, the web-based support solution –Surveys, newsletters, and other client communication –Client service reviews –Six global support locations Faculty and Student Support –Professional support staff provide a customized end- user support experience via phone, web and email Premium Support –Advanced system consulting and health checks

41 41 Summary and Discussion Next Steps

42 42 Client Goal: –Achieve a Networked Learning Environment Client Benefits: –Anytime Anywhere Access –Instructor Efficiency –Access to High Quality Content –Student Centered Learning The Blackboard Content System Blackboard Solution: –Collection –Sharing –Discovery

43 43 The Blackboard Advantage The Largest e-Learning Community of Practice –2,000+ clients in 60 countries –Multiple independent email lists, user groups, conferences Exceptional Services and Support –End to end services including strategic planning, integration customization, training, ASP hosting, and Support. –Dedicated Technical Support Managers and Account Managers Vision and Experience –Understanding of how institutions are trying to achieve a Networked Learning Environment –Understanding the challenges institutions face when managing all of their online content

44 44 Next Step Questions and Comments Follow-up Items

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