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1 A Systems Approach to Growing a 21 st Century School District

2 2 Iredell County population 146,384 Iredell-Statesville Schools population 21, 231

3 Where We’ve Been… 2002 District Results Graduation Rate61% SAT991 – 57 th in NC Dropout Rate6.5% Attendance94.1% --55 th in NC Performance Composite77% (before math & reading re-norming) OSS Days Saved0 Faith-based Partners0 Business Partners40 Fund Balance- $2.5 Million


5 Our Mission Iredell-Statesville Schools will rigorously challenge all students to achieve their academic potential and to lead productive and rewarding lives. We will achieve this mission with the support of parents, staff, and the community. Our Vision A school system committed to improving student learning by igniting a passion for learning. Our Values Student and learning focus Motivated faculty and staff Partnerships and teamwork Continuous improvement focus Management by fact Results focus

6 District School Classroom Student Interlocking plans connect the work at all levels of the system…

7 …and provide SYNERGY! Great organizations “row as one;” they are quite clearly in the same boat, pulling in the same direction in unison.There is a palpable sense of “we.” - Lickona and Davis 2006

8 Our Core Competencies Aligned and integrated systems approach to managing and improving the school system Depth and breadth of our continuous improvement capability

9 EVERYONE has… Cuts in funding Personnel changes Changes in initiatives (Common Core in Education) BUT…everyone approaches them differently.

10 It’s a Choice: Proactive with Process or Reactive and “hope approach”


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18 18 Dropout Rate % of Dropouts Grades 9-12 Indicates Improvement

19 19 Cohort Graduation Rate % of Students Graduating Indicates Improvement

20 20 SAT Average Scores Average SAT Score Indicates Improvement

21 21 Continued Growth Despite Economy Technology Initiative International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Dual Immersion Program Career Academy Educational Foundation Community Classroom to sustain our forward progress.

22 22 Proactively Engaging Stakeholders: Actively communicating the importance and purpose of public education, its record of success, and its capacity to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

23 23 Proactively Engaging Stakeholders: Community Coalition SOS (Save our Schools rallies)

24 24 I-SS Hosts its First Education Forum February 4, 2012

25 25 It’s about CONTINUOUS continuous improvement! DO ACT PLAN STUDY

26 26 For More Information: Dr. Melanie Taylor Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

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