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Life as a child soldier By Deshon Lenear.

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1 Life as a child soldier By Deshon Lenear

2 Hook What was life like as a child soldier in Sierra Leone?
Why did I choose this topic?

3 Thesis According to Norimitsu Onitshi, In Sierra Leone on May 9, 2002 the rebels forced the kids to work as domestic workers and sex slaves. Most of the kids were child soldiers because they didn’t have enough men to fight. The rebels drugged the kids so they can have them fight the government and in wars risking their lives

4 Information First, one reason how life will be as a child soldier is risking the soldiers life. For example, the rebels had kids as young as eight carrying lightweight weapons. They even had the soldiers planting bombs. The soldiers were used in wars and they fought for both rebels and the Revolutionary in the civil war. The smallest soldiers were placed close to the enemy. According to Onitshi, more than 5,400 children who the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNCF) estimates were forced to fight for Sierra Leone (NY Times).

5 Media YouTube Video A 14 year-old boy carrying a semi-automatic

6 Conclusion In conclusion, how was life as a child soldier?
I think life as a child soldier is bad because the soldiers were risking their lives, the rebels forced them to work as domestic workers, and they don’t see their family anymore and they can get killed fighting with guns. I think the rebels should not be taking kids from their family and let them live their lives. The rebels should take men instead of the kids. I think it would be hard to be a child soldier in Sierra Leone. I think one day one of the soldiers will stand up to the rebels and fight back so all this child soldier labor can end.

7 Questions 1. Who did the child soldiers fight for? the Revolutionary
Both The Rebels 2. Do you think life as a child soldier is good or bad? Why? 3.If you were a child soldier what would you do?

8 Sources of Information
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