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Theodore Roosevelt as President: Domestic Issues

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1 Theodore Roosevelt as President: Domestic Issues

2 The Square Deal Roosevelt became President after the death of President McKinley. His first domestic action was settling a coal miners’ strike. The United Mineworkers (UMW) and the mine owners in Pennsylvania couldn’t agree on a settlement. When the owners refused impartial arbitration, Roosevelt got mad and threatened to send the US Army in to run the mines. The mine owners agreed to a settlement. This was one of the first times the US government did not automatically side with the owners in a labor dispute

3 Most progressives neglected the problems of African Americans.
They would speak out against racial injustice, but really did nothing. Roosevelt didn’t do much to help the situation, but he did use Booker T Washington as an advisor in dealing with segregation problems in the South.

4 Dealing with Trusts Roosevelt also became known as a trust buster.
He preferred to have the federal government take an active role in regulating business. He believed there were 2 types of trusts: Good Trusts: would allow the govt to regulate them Bad Trusts: would not allow the govt to regulate them. Roosevelt ordered the attorney general to prosecute Bad trusts by using the Sherman Antitrust Act.

5 While Roosevelt was in office, Congress passed the Expediting Act in order to speed up antitrust cases by giving them priority over other cases in federal courts. Also the Department of Commerce and Labor was created and its secretary was placed in the Cabinet. Altogether Roosevelt started 44 cases against trusts while in office. He was not very successful in breaking up all trusts, but he was successful in regulating railroads after winning the Northern Securities case.

6 Public Health Roosevelt did a lot to protect the public’s health.
Congress passed the Meat Inspection Act which made it necessary for the government to approve all meat shipped across state lines. Congress also passed the Pure Food and Drug Act. This act made it unlawful to make or sell impure foods or medicines. Congress also made it illegal to use false or misleading labels or advertising.

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