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Payment Vouchers PV Document

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1 Payment Vouchers PV Document
Advantage Financial System

2 Payment Vouchers Payment Vouchers (PV) can be used to: Reimburse employees for goods purchased on behalf of the University Pay an off-campus supplier for goods and services

3 Payment Vouchers PV documents are commonly used for: Stipends Honorariums Employee reimbursements Royalties and copyright fees Repair parts Software and reference manuals

4 PV Fields Fields to complete on PV Header: Document Total Vendor Code Check Category Tax Code

5 PV Fields Fields to complete on PV Line Detail: Line Number Invoice (Optional) Agency Org/Suborg Function (Optional) Object/Subobject Amount (Not including tax) Description

6 PV Fields PV documents require special fields that may not exist on other documents: Check category code Tax code 12/30 character descriptions Invoice number

7 PV Fields: Check Category
Check category code is used to sort the check for distribution: E1 – check will be picked up from Accounts Payable E2 – check sent to payee without attachments (most commonly used) E3 – check sent to payee with attachments

8 PV Fields: Tax Code Tax code is used to determine the tax rate: UT – used for tangible goods from out of state vendors T0 – used in all other cases

9 PV Fields: Description
The PV contains a field for descriptions The field will allow 30 characters and the first 12 will print on the check The full 30 character description is stored in the online tables

10 PV Fields: Invoice Number
The PV contains a field for invoice number If an invoice number is entered, this will print on the check in place of the 12 character description Use invoice number only when paying for something billed on an invoice

11 PV Approvals The PV requires Level 1 and Level 4 approval Level 1 is applied by the requesting department Level 4 is applied by Accounts Payable after they receive all documentation and review the PV

12 Payment Vouchers Enter E as this is the original document

13 Payment Vouchers Enter the total amount of all the billing, including tax if charged

14 Payment Vouchers Enter the vendor code from VNAS or VEN2

15 Payment Vouchers Enter the appropriate check category

16 Payment Vouchers Enter the appropriate tax code

17 Payment Vouchers These lines complete the header portion of the PV document Press Enter to move to the line details

18 Payment Vouchers Enter line number to distinguish this line (start with 01)

19 Payment Vouchers Enter a vendor invoice number, if necessary

20 Payment Vouchers Enter a description of what is being paid for

21 Payment Vouchers Enter the Agency/Org being charged

22 Payment Vouchers Enter the Object/Sub-Object being charged

23 Payment Vouchers Enter the amount being paid. If paying for tangible goods from an Out-of-state supplier, do not include tax. Otherwise, include tax if charged.

24 Payment Vouchers Edit the document to validate all entries and check for errors Enter “ED” in the Function field and Enter Press the F7 key

25 Payment Vouchers After Editing, the PV will move to PEND1 status for approvals

26 PV: Inserting Lines A PV may contain more than one line A line may be entered on the PV to pay for multiple items Each line must have a distinct line number In the Function field, type “I” then Enter

27 PV: Deleting Lines Individual lines can be deleted from a PV document Approvals must be removed before a line can be deleted In the function field, type “DL”

28 PV: Deleting Lines Enter “DL” in the function field and place the cursor on the line number to be deleted. Press Enter.

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