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UK – Cameroon Trade & Investment Forum May 7 th 2014.

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1 UK – Cameroon Trade & Investment Forum May 7 th 2014

2 Glencore leading integrated producer and marketer of commodities, with worldwide activities in the production, refinement, processing, third party procurement, storage and transport of those products more than 90 offices in over 50 countries; operations comprise over 150 mining and metallurgical sites, oil production assets, farms and agricultural facilities. We employ approximately 200,000 people, including contractors listed on London, Hong Kong and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges current rating BBB (stable) / Baa2 (stable) scale and commodity diversity unique business model, fully-integrated along the supply chain to capture value in an evolving competitive landscape ability to respond to changing industry dynamics core competence in commodity marketing, logistics, risk management and financing leading industrial asset portfolio of diversified operations with strong growth prospects diversified position across multiple commodities, suppliers and customers world-class management team, entrepreneurial culture and track record of value creation At a glance Key competitive strengths Metals and Minerals Energy Products Agricultural Products Copper Zinc/Lead Aluminium Ferroalloys Nickel Iron Ore Coal Oil Grains Oils/Oilseeds Sugar Cotton Key financials (US$ m) 20122013 2

3 Where we operate 3 More than 90 offices in over 50 countries, over 150 industrial sites and facilities

4 A high value, liquids-based strategy…with trading synergies 4

5 A growing Exploration and Production Portfolio 5 E&P Portfolio LocationAsset Participation Equatorial Guinea Participating Interest Cost Bearing Interest Block I23.75%25.00% Block O25.00%28.57% Block X37.50%44.10% Block V *80.00%100.00% Block EG 05 *60.00%75.00% Cameroon Participating Interest Cost Bearing Interest Matanda *90.00% Bolongo *100.00% Tilapia33.33% Chad Participating Interest Cost Bearing Interest DOB/DOI33.33% Mangara Field35.00%41.17% Badila Field35.00%41.17% DOH33.33% Doseo/Borogop33.33% * Glencore operated Morocco Participating Interest Cost Bearing Interest Boujdour Offshore* 38.25%51.00% Foum Ognit Offshore 18.75%25%

6 EG05 PSC Ratified A track record of success Exploration 2004200520062007200820092011201020122013201420152016 EG Block O PSC Signed Alen Discovery EG Block I Farm-In Aseng Discovery Cameroon Matanda PSC Signed Diega Discovery EG Block X PSC Signed Cameroon Bolongo PSC Signed EG Block V Farm-in Cameroon Tilapia Farm-in Chad Farm-in Carla Appraisal Oak Appraisal Development and Production Aseng POD Approval Alen POD Approval Aseng First Oil Badila First Oil Alen First Oil Matanda Drilling A strategy started in the early 2000’s, now translating into reserves and production Morocco Farm-in Krim Exploration Well Drilling History: 52 wells drilled since 2004 17 exploration wells 21 appraisal wells and 14 development wells 5 dry holes Carla DiscoveryOak Discovery 6

7 Growing upstream production 7

8 NM-3x well confirms significant wet gas play in Cretaceous Well results currently being evaluated Further drilling opportunities in the license with total potential of >1tcf Gas monetisation feasibility study on going 8 Cameroon – Matanda Matanda (Glencore 90% Operator, AFEX 10%)

9 Oak oil field discovered in 2012 Resource potential in the development area of 30 – 100mmbbls oil Current appraisal drilling programme nearing completion Development feasibility study set to commence 9 Bolongo (Glencore 100% & Operator) Cameroon – Bolongo

10 Conclusions Cameroon is a core area for Glencore upstream investment Exploration investment to date in the Bolongo and Matanda licenses exceeds US$460mm Appraisal results from the Oak discovery may lead to a development requiring significant investment. Future potential for significant gas development exists in the Matanda license 10


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