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What happens after we go home? A shared book by Room 12 Students and Ms Ross Illustrated by Jack and Jaydi.

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2 What happens after we go home? A shared book by Room 12 Students and Ms Ross Illustrated by Jack and Jaydi.

3 Mr Mallon double checked the door. “All locked,” he muttered and then he jumped into his car and drove away. Room 12 was silent for a moment. Then there was a whispering and a scratching sound. Pens and books started to creep out of the desks. “That feels better,” Caleb D’s desk sighed. “No! Get back in, you naughty books,” Taylah’s desk growled. The desks started to wriggle backwards around the edge of the room. The chairs shuffled back by the stereo. They got into two lines down the middle of the room. Tyler’s pencil flew through the air and head butted the light switch. Blake’s desk whispered, ”Turn off the lights, we don’t want to get caught. Someone might come. Turn them off.” Emma’s Literacy book agreed, “I like playing in the dark.”

4 A blue go go crazy bone belonging to Juanita jumped onto the CD player and turned on the music. Bob the builder started blasting out of the stereo. All the chairs started to do jump jam. Cassidy’s chair screamed out, “Come on bodies, get grooving.” Suddenly the bodies from our topic pictures jumped off the whiteboards and started doing back flips along the white board ledge. “Gulp, gulp”, Matthew L’s fish started to swim around the ceiling. Paige’s fish joined in. Soon all the fish were leaping and drifting around the room. Oliver’s books were getting worried. They didn’t like all the noise and confusion. Cory’s pencil case stood on Ms Ross’ desk. “Everyone get back to where they belong. This is crazy,” it said. The red zip was going back and forth as it got more and more bewildered.

5 Eryn’s rubber jumped onto Room 12’s high flying plane and zoomed around the room. The teaching station started racing the book trolley until it flipped over and everything fell out. Melman the giraffe and Marty the zebra jumped out of the 3D shape and galloped around the room. Caleb G’s lego person opened the door and they disappeared out on to the field. Liam’s glue stick yelled, “Let’s go on the adventure playground.” Lots of pencils, books, desks and chairs hurried out the door and took over the playground. Maddi’s desk stood on the deck and shouted to them to come back inside. “Man, we are going to be in huge trouble when Ms Ross gets to school tomorrow.” The next door neighbour and his wife woke up with all the noise. They peered over the fence. “Hide!” said Daniel’s Zac Power book as it slid down the pole. Everything froze.

6 “Those naughty children have left their things outside. We better tell Mr Johnson in the morning.” The frost trees started to grow and spread all over the room dropping their glitter and chalk all over the floor.The flying fish got tangled up in the branches and then Jack’s ruler started to have a sword fight with Ewan’s ruler. Mia’s library book was terrified about how much damage was happening to Room 12. “I think we better get back into our desks,” she said.

7 Hannah’s homework book used all her spelling words to get the equipment outside to come back into the classroom. Lucky she had words like, responsibility, respect, considerate and cooperation in her word list. Matthew H’s coat came flying in from the cloak-bay, “Someone’s coming” it shouted. Kayla’s pencil sharpener had had enough and decided to set off the alarm. That made Ms Ross’s computer zoom out of the cupboard and start giving orders. “ Who set off the alarms? Mr Bloor and Mr Johnson will be coming, and maybe the police too. We better get everything back into order.

8 Jess and Kaytie’s chair started helping everything get back into place. The bodies stuck themselves back on the whiteboard but all out of order and Nikita’s group body stuck itself upside down. The fish untangled themselves and just hung on their strings innocently. The trees shrunk back to the normal size, Melman and Marty had disappeared down Guppy Road and didn’t come back. All the books, papers, pens and pencils tidied themselves away into the desks.

9 Mr Bloor and Mr Johnson opened the door to Room 12 and everything was quiet. “I wonder what set off the alarms?” Mr Bloor asked. “Everything looks OK here,” Mr Johnson replied, “But there is a lot of glitter and chalk all over the floor. Ms Ross will have to clean that up in the morning.” “Mmmmmm,” said Mr Bloor, “I was in Room 12 yesterday, I must’ve forgotten to get the children to clean the floor!”

10 The next day when the children all came to school they couldn’t understand why their desks were all in different groups but they were all tidy. “It looks like they’ve been having a party,” Ms Ross said. There was a soft chuckling sound that seemed to come from the walls.

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