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Christmas in English speaking countries

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1 Christmas in English speaking countries
→ Let’s discover another culture and let’s find out about other Christmas habbits → Let’s compare the French traditions to the British traditions YOUR MISSION: READ ALL THE SLIDES (diapositives) AND COMPLETE THE QUESTIONNAIRE

2 A Traditional English Christmas Dinner
The Christmas Dinner is the main Christmas meal and it is usually eaten at mid-day or early afternoon. A traditional Christmas dinner includes roast turkey, brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, rich nutty stuffing, tiny sausages wrapped in bacon and lashings of hot gravy. For pudding (dessert) there's always a rich, fruity pudding which you douse in flaming brandy – said to ward off evil spirits. Bread sauce Roast turkey Cranberry sauce Parsnips and Swede Roast potatoes Brussels sprouts Stuffing (farce)

3 English traditions A Turkey Tradition
A Christmas tradition involving the turkey is to pull its wishbone. This is one of the bones of the turkey which is shaped like the letter 'Y'. Two people will each hold an end and pull. The person left with the larger piece of the bone makes a wish. Did you know? (history) Henry VIII was the first person to eat turkey on Christmas Day. Around 10 million turkeys are consumed in the UK each year. For 87% of people in the UK, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a traditional roast turkey

4 Dessert: the traditional Christmas pudding
The Christmas Pudding (dessert) Christmas pudding is a brown pudding with raisins (or grappes), nuts and cherries. It is similar to fruitcake similar, except that pudding is steamed and fruitcake is baked. Christmas pudding is served with custard or brandy sauce. Brandy is often poured over the pudding, which is then set a light as it is carried to the table. The lights are turned off so people can see the flames. Traditionally silver coins were hidden in it. A silver coin brought good fortune to whomever was lucky enough to find it when the pudding was cut. Every member of the family must give the pudding a stir and make a secret wish. Custard On cachait une pièce (a coin) dans le pudding et celui qui la trouvait devait trouver la chance pour l’année à venir.

5 Christmas crackers A Christmas Cracker is a coloured paper tube, twisted at both ends. There is a banger inside the cracker and when it is pulled by two people, the cracker snaps in half making a loud bang!                                              Bang!!! Inside the cracker there is a paper crown made from tissue paper a joke on a sheet of paper and a little present/gift

6 Another tradition in Great Britain and in the United States: to sing Christmas carols (Christmas songs) Holly night Jingle Bells we wish you a merry christmas

7 A Christmas story! (oral comprehension)
Click here and listen to this dialogue! Ne vous inquiétez pas, l’objectif n’est pas de tout comprendre mais de comprendre les principales informations, mots de vocabulaire appris dans ce témoignage authentique d’enfants anglais sur Noël. So don’t panic! Rudolf is the most famous reinder of santa!


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