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BUILDING NEW RUTTERS WHILE STILL AT SEA Career Guidance For American Samoan Youth.

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2 BUILDING NEW RUTTERS WHILE STILL AT SEA Career Guidance For American Samoan Youth

3 What Conditions Need to Exist? ßStaff development is provided to teachers to understand students personal needs ßStudents make realistic choices ßParents have access to information and resources to enable them to assist their children in their education ßGuidance is recognized as the fourth R

4 What Conditions Need to Exist FOR SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMS? ßEmployers actively employ high school/tech school graduates ßStudent behaviors and academic success improve ßStudents, parents, and teachers have access to career and education resources ßTeachers integrate career development activities into the classroom

5 What Conditions Need to Exist? ßPßPrincipals support the program ßDßDOE budgets provide for the guidance program ßDßDOE policy includes certification standards for school counselors ßAßAdequate time is allowed for guidance activities in the school ßGßGuidance program gives credit for participation

6 The Plan to Make it Happen! ßPilot test a few schools with program and resources ßProvide training/ongoing ßProvide materials and resources ßDOE commit to the time for planning and implementation ßPlan and implement evaluation strategies

7 The Plan to Make it Happen! ßInclude business leaders in committees ßInvolve community groups, Parents, Associations, etc. ßActive participation with pilot schools taking the lead ßPublic relations Tell of success ßMarketing so all demand it ßBest practices are shared ßRecognize achievement is recorded and understood

8 The 7 As of Career Guidance Leadership in American Samoa ßA model and framework ßA plan to succeed ßAn army of helpers ßAdvocates everywhere ßAmmunition that it works ßArsenal of tools and equipment ßAnswers for critics

9 Expections for Success ßCounselor certification in place ßCounselor certification training ßDeveloped written guidance plan ßWeb page on career, educational, work place data ßElementary career development curriculum ßCareer development course mandated for all high school students ßDOE that is committed ßAdvisory group ßSchool expectations for guidance

10 American Samoa Are we there yet? ßTrained counselors ßExpanded and equipped guidance centers ßComputer labs used for guidance ßArticulation agreements with the college ßTest and measurement program in place ßStudent career planning and portfolio program ßStrong relationships with employers and work experience program ßComputerized evaluation program tied to student outcomes in the guidance program ßCounselor certification ßSchools are staffed with counselors ßCareer planning expectation in schools ßCareer portfolios being implemented ßWeb page of career, educational and labor market information ßArticulation between MOE, DHR, and college ßMeasurement tools in place ßAnnual plans for all schools ßFull time MOE guidance leaders ßCareer development curriculum in place

11 summary All youth want to succeed if there are role models, expectations, and opportunities All youth who participate in Guidance program from elementary thru high school do succeed. Guidance is not just the counselors responsibility teacher, parent and family also Schools must help all students see a bright future, plan for it and have skills to acquire and maintain.

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