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Rotary Club President as CEO

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1 Rotary Club President as CEO
Presented by: Ken Solow

2 You Are Entering a Rotary “No Spin” Zone
Our only goal is to best prepare you for your Rotary Presidency.

This special ten (10) hour two (2) day exam is given each year to all Rotary Club President-Elects. The comprehensive President-Elect exam measures Presidential abilities in all aspects of Rotary Leadership and Management skills. This test demonstrates high levels of face validity, inter-rater reliability, and is statistically significant at the P>.01% levels. The latest ( ) pass/fail ratio was 46.7.

4 Rotary Club President as CEO (Three skills for a successful Presidency
Be a positive force for change in your Club. 2. Find, motivate, and teach the right people 3. Define your Club’s goals and objectives, set your priorities (short and long-term thinking)

5 What are your Club member’s hopes and aspirations for you
What are your Club member’s hopes and aspirations for you? Based on a Ken Solow survey of 0 Club members. Tracking error of 100%. Don’t screw up the Club. Don’t screw up the Club’s programs. Don’t embarrass us in front of the community.

6 How can you best meet your Club’s expectations of you?

7 SHOCK & AWE The Baltimore Sun
July 2, 2009 Special Edition SHOCK & AWE Inside: Special section on terrible aftermath. U.S. President to address Joint Session of Congress today. Dazed 7620 Rotarians Wandering the Streets New District Governor Frey “No Comment” From Wire Reports District 7620 – Eye Witnesses are reporting today that dazed and stunned Rotary District 7620 Club Officers and Lane Directors are wandering aimlessly through the streets after encountering the overwhelming force and vision of their new Club Presidents. Medical personnel are overwhelmed by the sheer number and severity of the cases they are treating. “It was horrible,” said one Lane Director while being treated for shock…..

8 Please rank the following in order of importance:
Rotary Career Family

9 The forces of darkness and evil will oppose you with their most terrible weapon:
“We can’t ask people to do that because this is a volunteer organization.”

10 Ken Solow points to ponder:
Are you planning on leaving your Rotary Club after your presidential year? You will never have more influence in your Club to effect positive change than your presidential year.

11 Doing the math: Out of 30 Rotarians in any Club:
How many will have good intentions? How many will return your phone calls? How many will accomplish a task? How many are good managers/delegators? How many could be your “go to” guys or gals?

12 Build Your Organization Step 1: Find Your Go-To People
2-4 people you trust implicitly Who won’t let you down Who will honestly tell you what you are doing right and wrong People you can vent to Who you can have a beer with (iced tea) and “just talk Rotary.”

13 The Club President/CEO’s Unique Role: Manage Your Managers
Inspire Motivate Listen Direct Advise

14 10 Rules for the Proper Care and Feeding of Rotary Club Lane Directors

15 Rule #3: Lane Directors (Committee chairs) Should Be Experts in their Lane
There is a lot to learn about Rotary. Committee Chairs should know their craft. Know where to find the resources to get help, i.e. R.I., District, Club, other Clubs.

16 Rule #4: Have a Written Agenda .
Organize their thoughts. Crystallize their vision. Easier to communicate to others. If it isn’t in writing, it doesn’t count.

17 Rule #5: Recruit. Recruit. Recruit. Recruit.
Be enthusiastic – members will want to join. Not done in Club Assemblies or by . Be able to articulate plans for the year.

18 Rule #6: Delegate! Be an excellent manager.
Let other Rotarians share the joy. Be a “Type A- or, better yet, a B+.” We know they can do it better than anybody else.

19 Rule #7: Think outside of the box.
Try something different. Be creative and innovative. Steal ideas from other Clubs. A good idea will live forever in your Club.

20 Rule #8: Train Their Successor.
No possibility of strategic success without continuity of management. If they recruit and delegate, successor management becomes obvious. More members equals more choices.

21 Rule #9: Meet Regularly With Your Club Officers.
Share “war stories.” Brainstorm about what is working and what isn’t. Focus on discussing Club talent. Make sure the Club is not confused by the different Lane priorities.

22 Skill #3 Define Goals & Objectives, Set Priorities
You will have all of the “normal” planning challenges: Membership Meetings Fun Fundraising Foundation

23 …& Then You Have to Plan for the Big Surprise
Each year RI has a new international “theme.” Paul Frey will be sharing it with you AFTER you’ve made your plan. Know its coming!

24 Some Unexpected Good News….
You already have the beginnings of your plan. (Hint: “What is the one thing you most want to improve about your club & your community.”

25 THE GOOD NEWS! Ken Solow opinion #416
You have 7 months to: Choose your people Evaluate your Club Craft your plan Become the Club’s CEO

26 SOME BAD NEWS! (Ken Solow opinion #642)
Rotary’s greatest weakness is the decentralized management of it’s Clubs. Club Presidents spend little time creating strategic plans, building their organization, finding and motivating people, and spreading our message to the community. Each Club has the complete freedom to fail.

27 The BEST NEWS OF ALL! (Ken Solow opinion #643)
Rotary’s greatest strength is the decentralized management of its Clubs. There are virtually no corporate barriers to any one Club’s desire, determination, vision, imagination, and willingness to serve their community. Each Club has the complete freedom to succeed!

28 “If you have the choice to sit it out or dance….I hope you dance.”
From Lee Ann Womack…. “If you have the choice to sit it out or dance….I hope you dance.”

29 Membership/Meetings/Retention

30 The Meeting Is A Show Scripted agenda Dynamic Entertaining
Enjoyable for ALL Informative for ALL Welcoming for ALL

31 Entrance Where is the meeting? Clear signs Welcoming atmosphere
Greeters Instructions

32 Image Is the atmosphere warm? Do members welcome strangers?
Backs or fronts?

33 Meeting Dynamics Speaking in code Explanations of programs
Visitors talk Limit presentations Keep it lively

34 Sergeants Fun! Varied Effective Use the money for some purpose
Make it Interesting! Happy/Sad Bucks

35 Speaker Informative programs It’s a lot of work Theme months
Clear instructions Make it Interesting!

36 Out of the Box! Daily joke Daily toast Daily thought
Make each meeting an event

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