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Maryland Cancer Collaborative ORIENTATION Alva Hutchison, Chair.

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1 Maryland Cancer Collaborative ORIENTATION Alva Hutchison, Chair

2 Overview of the Situation: We’ve got a big, complex problem = CANCER We’ve got many ways to address the problem = MARYLAND’S CANCER PLAN We’ve got stakeholders and volunteers to help with the problem = MARYLAND CANCER COLLABORATIVE HOW DO WE GET SOMETHING DONE to address the burden of cancer in Maryland?

3 The Maryland Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan…what is it? A resource for all Marylanders A guide for health professionals Provides Goals/Objectives/Strategies to guide cancer control activities in Maryland Encourages collaboration and cohesiveness among stakeholders working to reduce the burden of cancer in Maryland

4 MCCCP Chapters Chapter 1. Burden of Cancer in Maryland Special Topics in Cancer Control Chapter 2. Cancer Surveillance Chapter 3. Cancer Disparities Chapter 4. Patient Issues and Survivorship Primary Prevention of Cancer Chapter 5. Tobacco-Use Prevention/Cessation and Lung Cancer Chapter 6. Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Healthy Weight Chapter 7. Ultraviolet Radiation and Skin Cancer Chapter 8. Environmental/Occupational Issues and Cancer Site-Specific Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer Chapter 9. Colorectal Cancer Chapter 10. Breast Cancer Chapter 11. Prostate Cancer Chapter 12. Oral Cancer Chapter 13. Cervical Cancer Tertiary Cancer Control Topics Chapter 14. Pain Management Chapter 15. Palliative and Hospice Care

5 The Full MCCCP  Living Document  Easy to Use Format  Interactive PDF of Plan w/ links to more info available at:

6 About the Plan Includes for each chapter:  Summary of latest data and information  Goals/Objectives/Strategies  SMART Objectives  Links to more information to be housed at:

7 Executive Summary Small document for easy reference Two page summary of each chapter including the Goals/Objectives/Strategies

8 How do we move from Plan…. to ACTION? MCCC Plan has: 14 Chapters plus Burden of Cancer Chapter 23 Goals 76 OBJECTIVES Each with 2-3 Strategies NEED TO PRIORITIZE! NEED TO COLLABORATE!

9 Maryland Cancer Collaborative GOALS Work with individuals and organizations throughout the state to implement the Maryland Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan Bring together existing groups and new partners from across the state to collaborate on a common goal: reduce the burden of cancer in Maryland

10 CDC Comprehensive Cancer National Program Priorities Emphasize Primary Prevention of Cancer Coordinate Early Detection and Treatment Activities Address Public Health Needs of Cancer Survivors Use Policy, Systems and Environmental Changes to Guide Sustainable Cancer Control Promote Health Equity as it Relations to Cancer Control Demonstrate Outcomes through Evaluation

11 Maryland Cancer Collaborative There are 6 Committees (Based on CDC’s Priorities) Primary Prevention Early Detection and Treatment Survivorship, Palliative Care, and Pain Management Policy Cancer Disparities Evaluation

12 MCC Steering Committee Chair: Alva Hutchison, Retired Executive, American Cancer Society, South Atlantic Division Primary Prevention Chair Elizabeth Platz, ScD, MPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Early Detection and Treatment Co-Chairs Rachel Levin, Chase Brexton Health Services Craig Pollack, MD, MHS, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Survivorship/Palliative & Hospice Care/Pain Management Co-Chairs Brock Yetso, Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults Suman Rao, MD, Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Cancer Institute at Franklin Square Policy Chair Kathleen Hoke, JD, University of Maryland School of Law, Center for Tobacco Regulation Cancer Disparities Co-Chairs Carlessia Hussein, DrPH, RN, DHMH, Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities Marcos Pesquera, RPh, MPH, Center on Health Disparities, Adventist HealthCare Evaluation Co-Chairs Marie Deiner-West, PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Kathy Helzlsouer, MD, MHS, Mercy Medical Center Maryland State Council on Cancer Council Liaison : Brian McCagh, Berman Cancer Institute, Greater Baltimore Medical Center DHMH Comprehensive Cancer Control Liaison: Courtney Lewis

13 Maryland Cancer Collaborative Committees Each committee has a chair or co-chairs Committees: Have reviewed relevant chapters in the Plan Have determined priorities from the Plan to work toward in the next two years (2012-2014) Have created action plans outlining specific activities for their selected priorities Are implementing their action plans Each committee meets at least twice per year, sometimes more often. Teleconferencing is usually available. Full Collaborative meets at least annually (next meeting: January 2013) Full Collaborative meets at least annually (next meeting: January 2013)

14 How we will make a difference! Priorities for 2012-2014 Address Gaps in Cancer Control in Maryland Are Best Achieved through Collaboration Each Committee offers 2 OBJECTIVES and associated STRATEGIES from MCCC Plan to implement2 OBJECTIVES and associated STRATEGIES Each Committee follows an Action Plan [contact staff or Committee Chair(s) for specific Action Plans]

15 How we will make a difference! Agencies and Community Organizations implement strategies from the Maryland Cancer Plan, within their program of work Report Activities from the Community to DHMH with the Implementation Reporting ToolImplementation Reporting Tool

16 Maryland Cancer Collaborative Membership OPEN MEMBERSHIP Anyone interested can join Members can join a Committee or join as a Corresponding Memberjoin a Committee or join as a Corresponding Member Members sign up to work on selected objectives and activities through Collaborative Committees

17 Maryland Cancer Collaborative Membership Members agree to: Be identified as a member of the MCC Support and utilize the Cancer Plan Participate in meetings regularly (except for corresponding members) Take specific action to implement the goals, objectives, and strategies of the Cancer Plan Support and participate in evaluation of implementation efforts Report implementation efforts and progress to DHMH Report in-kind contributions toward Maryland Cancer Collaborative activities, such as student volunteer time, donated meeting space, implementation efforts, etc. Bring available resources to the table (expertise, specific skills, educational materials, website and/or graphic design services, mailings, meeting rooms, student volunteers, etc.)

18 Maryland Cancer Collaborative Membership Members Sign a Membership AgreementMembership Agreement Follow a specific Communications Approval ProcessCommunications Approval Process Follow Policy Ground Rules (pending approval, TBA)

19 Questions? Alva Hutchison, Chair 302-841-3632 STAFF CONTACTS Sarah Conolly Hokenmaier, MPA Acting Deputy Director, Center for Cancer Prevention and Control 410-767-0804 Meredith Truss, MPP Health Policy Analyst, Maryland Comprehensive Cancer Control Program 410-767-5641

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