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Cool Metal Roofing.

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1 Cool Metal Roofing

2 Cool Metal Roofing Products
Concealed Fastener Skyline Roofing Sterling Roof System Exposed Fastener Products Nor Clad Delta Rib & Delta Rib III 2 ½ Corrugated Super Span

3 Why ASC Building Products……..
Incorporation of Cool Technology

4 Cool Technology What are Cool Coatings?
They are high quality, durable ceramic pigments that resist fading and increase Infrared Radiation (IR) reflectance of a metal roof system Available in two technologies DuraTech® xl (Skyline Roofing, 3 ft. & 2 ft. products) DuraTech® 5000 (Sterling Roof System)

5 Cool Technology How do Cool Metal Roof coatings work? Visible Spectrum
What do you see Infrared Spectrum What you feel

6 Cool Technology Why buy Cool Metal Roofing? The obvious
Lower Energy Bills Cool(.29 SR) vs. Non-Cool(.12 SR) $.09/sqft per yr (Case Study Baggett Elementary vs. Poole Elementary) Tax Incentives The not so obvious Heat Island Effect

7 Cool Technology

8 Cool Technology Cool Color Terms (Handout)
Reflectivity: a measure of a materials ability to reflect solar energy Note: Reflectance is not glare Emmissivity: a measure of a materials ability to release heat Solar Reflective Index (SRI): Calculation using a material solar reflectance and emittance.

9 Cool Technology Cool Roofing Organizations, Codes, etc. (Handout)
Energy Star (Federal EPA) LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) California Title 24 CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) Cool Roof Legislation

10 Tax Incentives Tax Incentives Energy Policy Act of 2005
Homeowners tax credit - 10% of cost up to $500 Homebuilders tax credit – $2,000 (see handout) Commercial Building owners - $1.80/sq ft (see handout) A manufacturers certificate is available by request for all Cool colors Check with local power companies PG&E (California) - Up to $.20/sqft based on reflectivity Progress Energy (Florida) - $.05/sqft for Energy Star labeled product w/ a max of $1000 TWU Electric (Texas)

11 Questions

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