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Internet Service Options Providers in the Crossville Area Plans and Prices PPCUG 19 July 2010

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2 Internet Service Options Providers in the Crossville Area Plans and Prices PPCUG 19 July 2010

3 Purpose Background What your service options are Awareness of provider options Information for making decision Prices do not reflect promotions Constantly changing Suggestions, ideas

4 What ? ISP = Internet Service Provider DSL = Digital Subscriber Line Wi-Fi = Wireless Fidelity CATV = CAble TeleVision VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol 1000 Kilobytes = 8 Megabits, Mbps Quantity - Speed

5 Internet Connection Options Dial-up Satellite DSL Cable Wireless-Cell Hotspots

6 Options, Choices, Decisions Location Speed Cost Reliability Promotion & Bundles are confusing and hard to comprehend

7 Internet Connection Types Dial-up connections-economical, minimal hardware, only need a phone line, slow, cannot get phone calls DSL-splits phone line into data and phone, talk and surf at same time, always on, hardware cost Cable- speed, always on, may not be available

8 Internet Options Dial up NetZero AOL PeoplePC VolFirst Earthlink Juno High Speed Cable DSL Satellite Wireless Hotspots

9 Dial up ISP Casual internet user Telephone tied up while on line Connected only when in use Many choices in providers National dial in numbers for travellers Your telephone company does not have to be your ISP

10 Cheap(er) Dialup ISPs Earthlink: (931) Crossville, unlimited access, 8 s, phone support, $150/year Juno Platinum: 2GB storage, unlimited access, $131.40/year (931) Crossville, $89.88/year, unlimited, support, 1 PeoplePC: (931) Crossville, 4 , $155.40/year AOL: (800) only, $119.88/year, unlimited, 1 , limited support

11 Free Dial-Up Internet Option NetZero/Juno/United Online-10 hours/month, multiple addresses, local access numbers, easy signup, no obligation, not for Mac (931) Crossville (931) Crossville

12 VolFirst Unlimited dial up $17.95/month ($215/year), 8 , 10 MB web space, & Q. Is Firewire Broadband available to everyone? A. Ideally, customers must be less than 12,000 feet or approximately three miles from their central office or remote serving terminal to qualify for Firewire Broadband service. Plan prices range from $24.95 to $69.95/month

13 High Speed Option Providers Frontier Comcast Charter Spirit ATT Verizon Sprint HughesNet

14 Unbundled High Speed Options Comcast: $64.95/month, 12Mbps down, 2Mbps up, 7 , 10G web space Frontier: $57.48/month, 2-year, wireless modem, 8 , 3Mbps down, 384Kbps up, 25M web space HughesNet: $69.98/month + $99.00 one time, 1Mbps up, 128Kbps down, 5

15 Comcast Economy Internet Service: $ Mbps down, 384 Kbps up, must subscribe to CATV or voice Performance: $ Mbps down, 2 Mbps up, must subscribe to CATV or voice Performance Plus: $ Mbps down, 2 Mbps up, must subscribe to CATV or voice Cheapest CATV plan is $29.95/month

16 Frontiernet FrontierFastup to 3 Mbps $49.99/mo +$4.50 equipment fee Frontier dial up--$34.99/month + $4.50 modem Frontier Internet Liteup to 768Kbps $39.99 FTR stock pays 0.75/year dividend, 2/3rds owned by Verizon

17 Comcast & Frontier Internet only Comcast: 6 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up $ $5.00, special 1 st 6-months $29.99 Comcast: 8 Mbps down, 2 Mbps up $ $5.00, no commitment or termination fee Frontier: 3Mbps down, 384 Kbps up $ $4.50, 12 month commitment

18 A T & T (931) 707 or 484 Unfortunately AT&T DSL Service is not available in your area. We will continue to evaluate our AT&T DSL Service and remain committed to providing leading, next generation high speed Internet services for today's consumer customers.

19 Spirit Broadband $32.95 for 1Mbps $37.95 for 3Mbps $42.95 for 6Mbps Service area ?, Reliability?, Support?

20 Charter Services Lite: 1Mbps up, $19.99/month Express: 8Mbps up, $29.99/month Plus: 16Mbps up, $39.99/month Max: 25Mbps up, $54.99/month Ultra: 60Mbps up, $99.99/month

21 Mobile Internet ATT: $60.00/month for 5GB + $0.05/MB over, 2-year, 3Mbps down, Verizon: $59.99/month for 5GB + $0.05/MB over, 1Mbps down, 600Kbps up Sprint: $59.00/month for 5GB; " It's fast enough that you could replace your DSL or Cable internet service with Sprint Mobile Broadband. It's that fast.."

22 AT&T Plans new 7 June DataPlus200Mb of data; $15/month DataPro2 Gb of data: $25/mo. + 1Gb/$10. TetheringDataPro + $20/month Free Wi-Fi at 20,000 hot spots in US

23 Examples Application Approximate Size (1 text page without attachments) 3 KB Word Document (5 text pages) 70 KB Typical Web Page 300 KB Low Resolution Digital Photo 500 KB PowerPoint Presentation (20 pages text & light graphics) 3 MB 1Graphically intense pages or pages with video can exceed 3MB.

24 Verizon options for Unlimited Data: These data packages are additional to voice plan. Monthly Mbyte Allowance Monthly Charge Per MB rate after allowance 0 MB $0.00 $ MB $9.99 $0.20 Unlimited $29.99 Data package of $9.99 or higher are required for 3G Multimedia phones, and Data Packages of $29.99 or higher are required for 3G Smartphones

25 Sprint 3G Network 3Mbps peak- 600Kbps to 1.4 Mbps average 5GB in up & down $59.99/month No 4G here

26 Wi-Fi Hotspots Village Green shopping mall Fairfield McDonald's, Arby's, Subway Art Circle Public Library Day's Inn Plateau Travel Plaza Cumberland Medical Center Here

27 magicJack Transfer current land line phone number in August Computer must be on with active Internet service, but voic & call forwarding will work with computer off $39.95 plus S&H, then $19.95/year local and long distance Not for dial up or satellite internet

28 Consider a Free account GmailGoogle AIM MailAOL GMX Mail Yahoo! Mail Windows Live Hotmail

29 Opinions Wean yourself from your ISP's - Casual user with laptop: dial-up with accelerators and hotspots Comcast Performance service w/TV $73/mo Give VoIP a try Take advantage of Specials/Promotions even from you current provider

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