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Presentation on a Strategy for Master Data Management

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1 Presentation on a Strategy for Master Data Management
This Presentation will describe how to get started to a Future with a Common Business Data Model, Web Services and a Single View of the Truth. Barry Williams Principal Consultant MDM-As-a-Service

2 Objectives of the Strategy
Provide Good Quality Data Establish a Single View of the Truth Adopt a Structured Framework Migration of Data from existing Systems always helps us understand where we can improve the quality of data that we depend on for day-to-day operations. For example it is often easy for duplicate Customers to be created, or invalid PostCodes to be used. Our aim is to provide a ‘Single View of the Truth’ where every Customer is identified uniquely and related data is valid, for example, all addresses have appropriate Postcodes.

3 Getting Started Step 1. Asses the Present – ‘As-Is’
Step 2. Determine the Future – ‘To-Be’ Step 3. Establish a Migration Path These Steps will help us migrate from the Present (“As-Is”) to the Future (“To-Be”) in a planned and controlled manner.

4 Early Days - Silo Databases
Ad-Hoc Data Integration (CSV Files, FTP, and so on) CRM Order Processing Billing This diagram shows a common situation where separate Systems and Databases exist in Silos. Data Integration is done on an Ad-Hoc basis, using the basic facilities that are available everywhere.

5 First Steps to Integration
Integrated Data Platform CRM Order Processing Billing This diagram shows an early steps to Data Integration, which can be based on the use of Web Services and a Generic Business Data Model. We have three Systems feeding data into a Consolidated Data Platform where a Common Business Data Model and a Service Bus are used to provide an integrated approach.

6 The Future MDM for ‘A Single Version of the Truth’
Generic Data Mart MDM for ‘A Single Version of the Truth’ Integrated Data Platform This diagram shows the Future that we can build on the Early Stages diagram that we just looked at. Building the Data Architecture for this Future requires two major Steps – one is ‘A Single Version of the Truth’ and the other is a link to the Generic Data Mart. The first requires, for example, de-duping of Customers and the establishment of a Master Product Catalogue. The second will require an analysis of the existing links that provide data for any existing Data Marts, such as an MIS or Corporate KPIs and Dashboards. CRM Order Processing Billing

7 The Long-Term Future Framework
Stage 1. Data Integration - Customer Master Index Product Master Catalogue Supplier Master Index Stage 2. Data Sources This diagram shows the second three Stages in the Framework. Data Integration involves a wide variety of tasks, including Data Quality, Data Clean-up and a Generic Business Data Model Data Sources requires identification of the main Systems that provide data within scope. The Information Catalogue is used as a repository to capture the wide range of information about everything within the scope of Enterprise Data Management. MDM involves the creation of a Customer Master Index and a Product Master Catalogue. Stage 3. Information Catalogue

8 Top-Level Business Data Model
MDM Suppliers MDM Customers MDM Products Orders This Top-Level Business Data Model is a natural starting-point for our migration to the Future. It is a natural level of communication between the Users, Management, Business Analysts and Development staff. It provides an approach and level of terminology which is business-oriented and not vendor specific, such as Oracle Financials or Salesforce. Order Items

9 Thank you for your time. You can contact me at
I hope you found my Presentation useful. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. My aim is to promote Best Practice through discussion and exchange of ideas on what works and what doesn’t work.

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