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Sabine BULTEEL Product Marketing Manager Thomson Broadband Connected November 17, 2008 The Thomson Gateway as Software Service Platform.

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1 Sabine BULTEEL Product Marketing Manager Thomson Broadband Connected November 17, 2008 The Thomson Gateway as Software Service Platform

2 Thomsons Vision

3 3 The Residential Gateway as Service Enabler in the Connected Home 2 Simplicity of installation and use is a key success factor, both for operator and end user 4 Appropriate physical links between devices, control points, rendering equipment: Best in class WiFi.11n, 3G, PLC, POF, DECT, HPNA Ethernet, … 1 Home Gateways have to be future-proof, both Hard- and Software, facilitating the Service Provider the introduction of new services to its installed base 5 Extended Remote Management Software and Tools are necessary to address the diversity of connected devices around the Home Gateway 3 Advanced Service Offering – Building the Digital Home

4 4 1. The Gateway must be Future Proof Open Architecture Easy Component integration – Dynamic Application Hosting Building THE gateway for YOUR innovative services Network compatibility Guaranteed QoS IP Acceleration Maximized throughput Most Powerful and Versatile Software Core Customizable and Flexible Highly Advanced Value Added Service Offering

5 5 1. Thomson Gateway is Future Proof Unified Configuration Incorporation of customer applications Incorporation of host applications and devices Centralized configuration management OPEN ARCHITECTURE : WHAT? Fast time-to-market for own, Thomson or 3 rd Party applications and services Easy new service integration Third party development Life Cycle Management Full Control BENEFITS

6 6 2. Simplicity of Installation and Use Key success factor for enriched user experience and mandatory to avoid high operational costs at operators side GATEWAY & SERVICE INSTALLATION TR69 Zero Touch Provisioning Installation Wizard ServYou CONNECTING DEVICES WPS (WiFi Devices) Easy Pairing (DECT Phones) NEW SERVICES – SERVICE UPGRADES Dynamic Application Hosting/OSGi Home Portal DEVICE DISCOVERY HTML Wizard Voice Intercept ServYou/Home Portal Install Discover Discover Connect Connect Activate Activate

7 7 Home Portal Solution Customizable components Online Marketing Personal Address Book Push Services: easy activation by clicking Push product offering Link to search engine

8 8 3. Building the Digital Home Residential Gateway Advanced Services Home Devices

9 9 Quid UPnP AV ? Content Directory Service Media Server Connection Manager Service AV Transport Service Rendering Control Service Media Renderer Connection Manager Service AV Transport Service Control Point

10 10 UPnP A/V What it is Protocol defined by UPnP Forum Allows to control digital Audio/Video content Discover capable devices Play A/V content Stored anywhere in the home On any display device in the home From wherever you are in the home Defines the possible ways to do this Allows for certification What it is NOT Does not take care of DRM This is outside UPnP A/V Does not tell what A/V formats you need to support Does not guarantee two devices work together Risk for ….

11 11 DLNA Requires UPnP A/V and WiFi Alliance certification Contains catagories similar but more extensive than UPnP A/V Digital Media Server Digital Media Controller Digital Media Player Digital Media Renderer Guarantees interworking by defining a minimum of requirements Media formats to be supported Networking stuff Similar to WiFi logo Superset of UPnP A/V Guaranteed functioning out of the box What does it bring

12 12 DLNA

13 13 And other DLNA certified ones…

14 14 What do we offer? What we support but is not required by DLNA … Support for Meta Tags Title, Artist, Genre, Album, Camera type Presentation to control points the Apple way TG787 First Residential Gateway Worldwide DLNA certified

15 15 The Thomson Ecosystem 1.Auto Detection of Media Renderer 2.Auto fetch of Control Point 3. Play music from GW HD, even remotely 4. Even via Mobile CP +

16 16 Content: what and whenever you want Service Based Subscriptions: The WiFi tablet streams the content enabling anyone to enjoy a true personal video experience anywhere in the home Access online music or stored on your PC and play on your HiFi Access online music and play from your DECT phone Advanced Services

17 17 Femto Cells IMS/UMA Connect a Webcam via WiFi or USB to the Gateway and watch your house remotely on your PC or mobile through a webpage of your Gateway Advanced Services Multi line/multi number on DECT Home Phone Assistance CD Quality Sound

18 18 Home Phone Assistance Ethernet FXO FXS What? Normal State - SIP registered: commercial + dial tone No Internet Connection (Ethernet cable out): warning + dial tone FXO out: special warning commercial: - push content (commercials, songs, RSS feeds voice etc.) - you have new mail warning: you have no internet connection, you will be calling on a fixed rate X special warning: you cannot make a phone call, please check your cables or consult… Additional Services to be offered by ISP, bringing additional revenue streams

19 19 Portal Home Surveillance and Home Monitoring Partnering with

20 20 The Connected Home – for each device in the home – from each device in the home Multiple services

21 21 Software Development Improved drivers delivered to match carriers market needs – - WiFi alliance member for latest new technologies – - Providing latest security methods Engineering capabilities Radio specialists for the antenna design Regulatory experts for each area of the world Design experience for thermal issues linked with WiFi Research on new applications such as video over WiFi Long-time experience in Wireless Early on the market with 802.11b (2001) High performance and low cost solution for 802.11g Launching as first 802.11n Close cooperation with leaders on WiFi chipsets market Testing tools In house WiFi testing specialists 2 test labs for our own testing on top of supplier ones Azimuth tool to allow us to emulate specific environment for test Thomsons expertise in Wireless: 4. In house physical links: wireless

22 22 802.11n: larger bandwidth, better coverage, more reliable 1.Streaming Music growing number of people streaming music directly from the internet 2.Streaming Video 3.Media sharing 4.Network Attached Storage (NAS) Users expect major increase in TV, video and film via Internet Share files between multiple PCs: 57% of HNW users Need for more bandwidth Drivers for 802.11n > Need for more bandwidth > Need for reliable connection

23 23 802.11n: larger bandwidth, better coverage, more reliable Cheapest retailer in Europe selling draft 802.11n at unbeatable prices PC market is driving.11n Source: DellOro Wireless LAN Report, Five Year Forecast 2007-2011, January 2007 WiFi remains a growing market.

24 24 3G : HSPA USB Dongle Fallback access before xDSL activation or in case of xADSL failure Mobile HSDPA Internet access NO SETUP CD drivers embedded in the gateway NO SETUP CD drivers embedded in the dongle

25 25 PLC (Powerline Communications)POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) - a 1mm polymer core and a thin cladding to guide the light - the outer buffer protects the fiber against damages Advantages: Easy to use - cut and plug Small - 2.2mm or 1.5mm Flexible - bending radius down to 25mm 4. In house physical links: wired solution

26 26 Thomson attends Plugfests for testing interoperability TR-069 Air upgrade DECT phones LAN VoIP phones/STB discovery (TR-111) TR-069 pass through: set up and management of Home Networking devices UPnP Device Discovery and Management Proxy (get info of all UPnP devices in Home Network, and manage them from gateway) Storage Service: remote management of storage attached devices (TR-140) - 2008 5. Extended Remote Management Remote management solution based on TR-069 standard > 3 mio > 600K TR-069 Standard Extended Datamodel for Ecosystem Interoperable with extensive list ACS vendors Field Proven Track Record

27 27 Conclusion 2 Thomson Gateways PROVIDE the right mechanisms for simple installation and use is a key success factor, both for operator and end user 4 Thomson Gateways HAVE versatile physical link offer Best in class WiFi.11n, 3G, PLC, POF, DECT, HPNA, Ethernet, … 1 Thomson Gateways ARE future proof, both Hard- and Software, thanks to its open software architecture 5 Thomson Gateways are HAVE extended Remote Management Software and Tools 3 Thomson Gateways HAVE Advanced Service Offering both own development and 3 rd party integration

28 Product range and positioning

29 29 xDSL Product Portfolio 2008 ST516 ST536 ST546 ST510 ST546f TG585v7 TG585n TG587n TG787 TG782 & TG784 ST706 ST780 ST780 DeXtention TG797n TG789n VDSL2 TG787 VDSL2 TG780 Business TG787 VDSL2 Business TG628s ST620 & 620s ST608 WL TG608 TG605 TG605s

30 30 Positioning WIRED data – 500 series + TR-69 Remote Management 4 port Ethernet + TR-69 Remote Management f

31 31 Positioning WIRELESS data – 500 series 2.4 GHz Already 2 mio shipped this year

32 32 Positioning Voice and Data - 700 series 1 FXS 2 FXS 1 FXS 2 FXS + Ethernet WAN 2 FXS + GEthernet WAN


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