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ACTION FORUM Children’s Summit Commitment to Action.

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1 ACTION FORUM Children’s Summit Commitment to Action


3 Funder Interest/ Involvement and TA

4 Centralized, hierarchical Connecting takes time Closed and proprietary Effectiveness is equated with longevity Decentralized, collaborative Connecting is speeding up Open and transparent, porous Effectiveness is equated with mobilization, alignment Networked for Action – Partner, Innovate and Document Organization-centric model Network-centric model

5 The “Secret Sauce” of Networks and Collaboration

6 Indicators to Drive Success School Readiness Example o Preschool enrollment o Quality preschool seats available o Utilization of medical home o Developmental screenings by age 5 o Parental engagement for brain/language development



9 Pair up (2 minutes) What is one thing on your mind with regard to our children?

10 The Design Cycle


12 Sample of Eco System Questions SCHOOL READINESS – to Parent: 1. If someone asked you to describe how preschool adds to your child’s development in addition to what you and your family offers, what would you say? 2. What would you look for if your child were to attend preschool? 3. If your child is in or went to preschool already, what do/did you like about it?

13 Bright Spots: Quick Bets Lead to Change

14 1,000 Literacy Kits and More #RPL Challenge

15 Talk, Read, Sing

16 Parking Lot How often do you think we should schedule Action Forums? A. Monthly except summer B. Every 6 weeks C. Quarterly What is still on your mind about today?

17 Next Steps September is Attendance Awareness month Spread the word with social media! Next Action Forum: Friday, October 17th

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