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CEMENT CONCRETE ROAD. The State Government have decided to give thrust to the scheme for construction of cement concrete roads in the villages in every.

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2 The State Government have decided to give thrust to the scheme for construction of cement concrete roads in the villages in every nook and corner of the State with special focus on SC/ST/PVTG (Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group) habitations. Fund Allocation: Block is treated as a unit. Fund will be allocated directly to the blocks each year equally. Flow of Funds:  Funds from all sources to be aggregated.  Scheme is implemented in convergence with other schemes like Biju KBK/ BRGF/ GGY/ TFC or any other scheme.  Untied in nature and supplement to the programme and provide synergy and convergence to the different development programmes.  The labour cost – MGNREGS. Target: Certain number of villages will be taken up each year with an aim to cover all the villages under the scheme over a definite time frame with focus on habitations of weaker and most vulnerable social groups in convergence with other schemes. Guidelines - Cement Concrete Road

3 Selection of villages: B.D.O. is authorized to select the villages to be taken up: i.The villages/habitations inhabited by PVTGs with no coverage of C. C. Road - 1 st preference. ii.PVTG villages partially covered with C. C. Roads – 2 nd priority. iii.Villages inhabited by STs in majority with no coverage of C.C. Road. iv.ST villages partially covered with C. C. Roads. v.Villages of SC community with no coverage of C.C. Road. vi.SC villages partially covered with C. C. Roads. vii.Bigger habitation having no coverage of C.C. road – Next Priority viii.In other habitations, the C. C. Roads should be planned for execution from the ST/ SC basti towards the main habitation and not vice-versa. ix.The villages belonging to other category already covered with 500 metres or more of C.C. Roads should not be ordinarily considered under this scheme.

4 Preparation of Annual Action Plan: a)BDO shall draw up a perspective plan by listing all the habitations/villages GPwise for his block in the order of priority described above. b)The annual action plan should be drawn up out of the perspective plan so prepared keeping in view the availability of resources. Only after coverage of all the habitations/villages mentioned in the category (i) above, category (ii) cases will be included in the plan. Same logic shall apply for category (iii) and subsequently, category (iv) and other villages. c)List of projects finalized by the B.D.O. shall be submitted to the Collector for his approval. d) Collector will draw up a holistic plan Block wise / G.P.wise taking into consideration the likely flow of fund under various schemes and possibility of convergence.

5 Preparation of Annual Action Plan (contd…): e)Balance portion of the village can be taken up so as to achieve the target of 500 metre. f)Complete transparency in the choice of project and location. Block Plan be made available in the website. g)The Revenue village-wise fund entitlement based on population. PopulationFund entitlement of the village 0 to 5003.00 Lakh 501 to 10005.00 Lakh Above 10007.00 Lakh

6 Preparation of Annual Action Plan (contd…): h)Every year, the Action Plan consisting the list of villages to be taken up, population of the village with specific reference to PVTG, ST/SC and the project cost for each project shall be prepared by B.D.O. following the procedure prescribed above and submitted to Collector by 31 st January to be considered for the next financial year. Collector shall ensure approval of the action plan based on the principles enunciated in para-5 above and communicate the same to the respective block development officer latest by 28 th /29 th February. i)As soon as the first instalment of the allocation is received by the blocks, they should issue work orders to the already identified VLLs/ Gram Sanjojaks as per the approved action plan for the year.

7 Implementing Agency: Panchayat Samiti. Execution of Work: a.Executed either by Gram Sanjojak or through VLL selected by Palli Sabha. b.Overall responsibility for implementation of the Scheme shall lie with Collector & Project Director of the district. c.DRDA shall furnish monthly progress report (MPR) Social Audit:  Social Audit and vigilance shall be encouraged at grass-roots level.  Collector of the district shall also prepare schedules of inspection which prescribe the minimum number of field visits for each supervisory level functionary and shall ensure that the inspection schedules are faithfully followed by supervisory level functionaries.

8 Progress under CC Road upto March, 2011 FINANCIAL ACHIEVEMENT State Release- ` 75.00 Cr Total Funds Availabale- ` 75.00 Cr. Funds utilised - ` 39.05 Cr Percentage of utilisation -52% PHYSICAL ACHIEVEMENT No. of works Taken up-3016 No. of works Completed -1166 Percentage of achievement -39% Length of CC Road constructed-244.42 Km.

9 Percentage of utilisation of TFA under CC Road during 2010-11 %

10 Percentage of Physical Achievements under CC Road during 2010-11 %

11 Financial & Physical Achievements under CC Road during 2010-11 Sl. No. District Financial (` in Lakh)Physical (Projects in Nos.) Total Funds AvailableExpenditure%Taken upCompleted%Length (In Kms.) 1Angul191.08130.86686438595.50 2Balangir334.40301.93901551328519.77 3Balasore286.62151.195310253522.52 4Bargarh286.62194.5868116655610.26 5Bhadrak167.2090.1054120524316.30 6Boudh71.6648.00673617471.80 7Cuttack334.39237.84711831377514.20 8Deogarh71.6655.60782418752.70 9Dhenkanal191.08115.70618032405.78 10Gajapati167.2080.434877684.02 11Ganjam525.48275.0452171432533.00 12Jagatsinghpur191.08173.86915246889.47 13Jajpur238.85172.467283323914.52 14Jharsuguda119.4366.87563115483.08 15Kalahandi310.51191.226213175579.76 16Kandhamal286.6217.00623 01.40 17Kendrapara214.9756.1226306205.96 18Keonjhar310.51201.64658933377.93 19Khurda238.859.004150 0 20Koraput334.3932.001010214 3.32 21Malkangiri167.2074.83453300 22Mayurbhanj621.02289.2947151755014.46 23Nawarangpur238.85160.3667140775511.22 24Nuapada119.43100.80843732866.44 25Nayagarh191.0884.09447713174.78 26Puri262.7451.03194811841.45 27Rayagada262.7465.99256017283.48 28Sambalpur214.97173.638170456416.05 29Subarnapur143.3171.80504416360.55 30Sundergarh406.05231.2557104595714.70 TOTAL7499.993904.51523016116639244.42


13 Financial & Physical achievements made (Cumulative up to end of April 2011) Sl. No. District Financial (` in Lakh)Physical Receipt During the Year Exp. upto end of the month BalanceUC submitted No. of quarters for which funds released No. of quarters taken up No. of quarters completed No. of quarters in progress Quarter handed over to the H & FW Deptt. 1234567891011 1Angul77.70 0.0019.9216 0 2Bargarh110.7081.8028.900.0020 5153 3Bhadrak95.2590.255.008.7317 6110 4Deogarh47.1045.002.100.0099814 5Dhenkanal99.9048.7851.1224.4518 0 0 6Gajapati248.96219.3929.57104.1352 43920 7Jagatsinghpur78.7572.756.0015.5815 1415 8Jajpur30.90 0.00 66600 9Kandhamal716.33378.35337.9811.49150132141189 10Keonjhar579.96519.6560.31433.23114 843068 11Malkangiri116.85116.550.300.0023 1940 12Mayurbhanj955.33943.7811.55409.07197 17423131 13Nayagarh26.25 0.0026.2555505 14Sambalpur373.76364.149.62176.0377 69867 15Sundergarh802.33712.5389.80674.701741611441773 Total4360.073727.82632.251903.58893862607255401

14 12 TH F.C.A.

15 Percentage of utilisation of TFA upto April 2011 (since inception)

16 Percentage of U.C to Released Amount upto April 2011 (since inception) %

17 Financial Achievements made under 12th FCA upto April 2011 (Since inception) Sl. No. District Financial (` in lakh) Funds ReleasedExpenditure% of exprUC submitted% UC to Released amount 1Angul3451.873444.821002392.0369 2Balangir4223.05 1003821.7090 3Balasore5022.354952.88993590.2771 4Bargarh4373.854180.68962671.4461 5Bhadrak3280.083280.071002975.9491 6Boudh1018.211015.61100665.8265 7Cuttack5728.805634.62984846.4085 8Deogarh947.16944.20100801.0685 9Dhenkanal2945.16 1002150.0673 10Gajapati2325.92 1002103.3690 11Ganjam7115.986332.37895621.4179 12Jagatsinghpur3271.243173.62972391.3273 13Jajpur4606.674408.01964086.9089 14Jharsuguda1259.571176.5693870.4569 15Kalahandi4087.263934.17963808.2993 16Kandhamal2496.352447.44982084.3483 17Kendrapara3877.873872.881002330.2660 18Keonjhar4296.484285.481003375.3079 19Khurda3265.57 1002568.6479 20Koraput3563.853536.20992406.3568 21Malkangiri1750.741744.211001557.5289 22Mayurbhanj6226.036174.15995919.2695 23Nawarangpur2708.442698.071002557.0094 24Nuapada1645.301607.74981326.2281 25Nayagarh3093.763059.02992907.6694 26Puri4107.17 1003295.3180 27Rayagada2712.642668.81982303.8285 28Sambalpur2323.402314.271002026.6087 29Subarnapur1565.06 1001229.7579 30Sundergarh4211.454204.211003919.8293 TOTAL101501.2999522.019882604.2981

18 Percentage of Physical achievements made upto April 2011 (since inception)

19 Physical Achievements under 12th FCA upto April’11(since inception) Sl. No.DistrictProject taken upProjects Completed% 1Angul72567255100 2Balangir3405 100 3Balasore3275432745100 4Bargarh5486542599 5Bhadrak3560 100 6Boudh12601256100 7Cuttack55935581100 8Deogarh864 100 9Dhenkanal1798 100 10Gajapati1559 100 11Ganjam5539483787 12Jagatsinghpur2321227398 13Jajpur2596225887 14Jharsuguda906 100 15Kalahandi2610259599 16Kandhamal29152908100 17Kendrapara18681867100 18Keonjhar72817276100 19Khurda1249 100 20Koraput25032497100 21Malkangiri850846100 22Mayurbhanj3736937360100 23Nawarangpur3954 100 24Nuapada2339228298 25Nayagarh24932489100 26Puri1312130399 27Rayagada1529415287100 28Sambalpur21842182100 29Subarnapur1876 100 30Sundergarh1886318860100 TOTAL17985717855399

20 13 th F.C.A.

21 Financial Achievements under 13 th FCA upto March 2011 during 2010-11 (` In Lakh) Sl. No DistrictOBFunds Received during the year Total Funds Available Expenditure% of Exp.Balance 12345678 1Angul -790.17 250.7732539.40 2Bolangir -1058.31 493.0647565.25 3Balasore -1164.57 338.9229825.65 4Bargarh -942.24 0.000942.24 5Bhadrak -760.18 366.9848393.20 6Boudh -245.02 5.182239.84 7Cuttack -1302.19 445.6734856.52 8Deogarh -222.98 78.3835144.60 9Dhenkanal -753.32 112.8315640.49 10Gajapati -546.65 0.300546.35 11Ganjam -1854.42 0.0001854.42 12Jagatsinghpur -734.83 339.4246395.41 13Jajpur -1081.34 147.8914933.45 14Jharsuguda -290.85 0.000290.85 15Kalahandi -1056.13 431.3141624.82 16Kandhamal -691.86 111.2116580.65 17Kendrapara -1006.05 92.359913.70 18Keonjhar -1169.92 410.4935759.43 19Khurda -666.99 413.2762253.72 20Koraput -1054.36 124.6012929.76 21Malkangiri -502.51 27.405475.11 22Mayurbhanj -1901.47 515.05271386.42 23Nawarangpur -859.71 206.2624653.45 24Nuapada -409.56 13.583395.98 25Nayagarh -675.26 246.6137428.65 26Puri -893.27 544.0261349.25 27Rayagada -794.70 81.7510712.95 28Sambalpur -607.46 165.4327442.03 29Subarnapur -367.79 34.009333.79 30Sundergarh -1301.57 0.0001301.57 Total 0.0025705.68 5996.732319708.95


23 Percentage of utilisation of TFA under SFC upto March’11 during 2010-11

24 Percentage of physical achievements under SFC upto March’11 during 2010-11 %

25 Financial & Physical achievements under SFC upto March 2011 during 2010-11 Sl. No. DistrictFinancial (` in Lakh)Physical (No. of Projects) TFAExpenditure%Taken upCompleted% 1Angul437.84193.52441067975 2Balangir852.31162.651917110964 3Balasore612.5870.78121578454 4Bargarh685.3773.91112008342 5Bhadrak394.9164.2016661117 6Boudh228.6292.9141603050 7Cuttack1097.22355.343234417852 8Deogarh196.4266.0034462146 9Dhenkanal488.9844.509793848 10Gajapati316.0393.15291415539 11Ganjam1446.5591.49631911135 12Jagatsinghpur319.8537.97121278164 13Jajpur1040.64214.252125013454 14Jharsuguda456.5395.00219111 15Kalahandi795.1648.0961071413 16Kandhamal472.2731.9074824 17Kendrapara812.90111.50142089144 18Keonjhar536.36212.8840773951 19Khurda810.62198.1924832125 20Koraput417.5263.451516411369 21Malkangiri247.2069.9628412561 22Mayurbhanj1144.37210.57182018944 23Nawarangpur345.8940.3612671928 24Nuapada*268.2723.3094412 25Nayagarh635.43222.60351956935 26Puri484.7086.101817515689 27Rayagada589.2546.71810976 28Sambalpur660.43169.952616610664 29Subarnapur369.15209.4057744865 30Sundergarh798.44159.9720883135 Total17961.803560.60203922184647

26 Financial & Physical Achievements under SFC during April 2011 Sl. No. DistrictFinancial (` in Lakh)Physical (No. of Projects) TFAExpenditure%Taken upCompleted% 1Angul244.320.0002700 2Balangir689.660.0006200 3Balasore541.800.0007300 4Bargarh611.460.00011700 5Bhadrak330.710.0005500 6Boudh170.910.0003000 7Cuttack741.880.00016600 8Deogarh130.420.0002500 9Dhenkanal444.480.0004100 10Gajapati222.880.0008600 11Ganjam1355.0639.02320800 12Jagatsinghpur281.880.0004600 13Jajpur826.390.00011600 14Jharsuguda361.530.000800 15Kalahandi747.070.0009300 16Kandhamal440.370.0004600 17Kendrapara701.400.00011700 18Keonjhar329.220.0003800 19Khurda612.430.0006200 20Koraput354.071.0005100 21Malkangiri177.240.0001600 22Mayurbhanj936.050.00011200 23Nawarangpur305.530.0004800 24Nuapada*244.970.0004300 25Nayagarh412.8327.40712643 26Puri398.600.0001900 27Rayagada548.040.00010200 28Sambalpur490.480.0006000 29Subarnapur159.750.0002600 30Sundergarh685.420.0005700 Total14496.8567.420207640


28 SUBMISSION OF UC OF RGSY SCHEMES RELATING TO GPS BUILDING IN REVISED UC FORMAT (Rs. In Lakh) Sl. No.Name of the DistrictGrant releasedUC submittedBalance UC to be submitted 12356 1ANGUL6.00 0.00 2BALANGIR23.25 0.00 3BALASORE22.50 0.00 4BARGARH10.50 0.00 5BHADRAK12.00 0.00 6BOUDH0.00 7CUTTACK27.0020.007.00 8DEOGARH0.00 9DHENKANALA16.50 0.00 10GAJAPATI21.750.0021.75 11GANJAM20.630.0020.63 12JAGAT SINGHPUR3.750.003.75 13JAJPUR17.250.0017.25 14JHARSUGUDA17.250.0017.25 15KALAHANDI22.500.0022.50 16KANDHAMAL0.00 17KENDRAPADA37.500.0037.50 18KEONJHAR4.500.004.50 19KHURDA13.880.0013.88 20KORAPUT24.750.0024.75 21MALKANGIRI15.000.0015.00 22MAYURBHANJ21.750.0021.75 23NABARANGPUR53.25 0.00 24NUAPADA14.25 0.00 25NAYAGARH37.500.0037.50 26PURI15.000.0015.00 27RAYAGADA9.750.009.75 28SAMBALPUR18.000.0018.00 29SUBARNAPUR6.000.006.00 30SUNDERGARH0.00 TOTAL492.00178.25313.75


30 Details meetings of Distrct-level Vigilance & Monitoring Committee held during 2010-11 Sl. NoDistrictsDates of V &MC meeting conducted during 2010-11 1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterRemarks 1Angul05.06.10 05.10.1002.02.11 2Bargarh 11.07.10 3Balasore18.06.10 20.11.10 4Bhadrak07.04.1017.09.1006.10.10 5Bolangir 02.09.10 19.01.11 6Boudh 06.11.10 7Cuttack03.06.10 8Dhenkanal20.05.1022.09.10 9DeogarhNil 10Ganjam 25.09.1002.11.1010.02.11 11Gajapati 10.07.10 28.01.11 12Jajpur05.06.10 04.11.10 13Jagatsinghpur 21.08.10 27.01.11 14Jharsuguda 12.07.10 15Kandhmal09.04.10 20.11.10 16KalahandiNil 17Khurdha29.06.10 30.12.1016.05.11date fixed 18Koraput 09.09.10 19Keonjhar 07.07.10 20Kendrapada 08.04.10, 09.06.10 14.09.10 21Mayurbhanj18.06.10 12.05.11date fixed 22Malkangiri 20.09.10 23Nayagarh 03.07.10 24NabarangpurNil 25Nuapada05.04.10 26Puri18.06.10 19.01.11 27RayagadaNil 28SambalpurNil 29Sonepur11.06.1006.09.10 06.02.11 30Sundargarh 08.07.10 12.01.11

31 Timely submission of MPRs and other reports. C.B. & O.B. to be matched. Any change in the O.B. to be intimated and prior permission to be obtained from the Department. ISSUES OF M.I.S

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