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Florida Atlantic University 2011-12 Operating Budget UFS – Academic Planning & Budgeting Orientation.

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1 Florida Atlantic University 2011-12 Operating Budget UFS – Academic Planning & Budgeting Orientation

2 Area E&G Auxiliary Concessions Senior Vice President 957,109 2,057,215 25,250 University Budget Office 507,929 113,904 Controller’s Office2,697,322 1,406,429 Human Resources1,381,135 209,865 Media Relations Purchasing Department 444,887 96,742 Police Services4,196,268 6,620,023 Technical Support Services 612,646 292,212 Business Services 483,720 9,147,954 Communications/Marketing 374,223 Total Financial Affairs $11,655,239 $19,944,344 $25,250

3 Florida Atlantic University

4 Educational & General ●General Revenue – consisting primarily of sales tax (73%) and corporate income tax (8%) collections, as well as license fees and other taxes and operating receipts. ● Education Enhancement Trust Fund - consisting of collections from the sale of state lottery tickets. At least 38% of total lottery collections are dedicated to the trust fund. ● Student Fee Trust Fund - consisting primarily of matriculation fees and tuition (out-of-state fees) paid by students, as well as application and other student fees. Auxiliary Enterprises ● University business operations that are self-supporting through user fees, payments, and charges. These include; housing, student union, food service, bookstore, parking, and student health services. Grants & Contracts ● Funding from federal agencies, state agencies, foundations, and private sources that enables the University to conduct specific research projects or provide specific services.

5 Athletics Local Fund ●Funding from student athletic fees as well as ticket sales to athletic events, corporate sales, game guarantees, and conference distributions. Student Government ●Funds from student activities and service fees to support student government operations and student activities such as clubs and organizations. Concessions ● Funds from concessions operations such as vending machines. Student Financial Aid ● Funding from student financial aid fees as well as financial aid support from all sources, such as federal financial aid awards.

6 Fund Type 2011-12 Budget Educational and General$ 241,744,261 Student Financial Aid 174,483,578 Grants and Contracts 61,868,134 Auxiliary Enterprises 102,608,700 Student Activity 9,651,114 Athletics 18,241,864 Concession Fund 500,250 Total $ 609,097,901

7 VP AreaE&G Auxiliary/ Athletics/ Student Gov Financial Aid ConcessionFoundationGrantsTotal President$1,446,302$18,241,864$85,000$19,773,166 Financial Affairs11,655,23919,929,34425,25031,609,833 University Architect20,267,742753,0733,00021,023,815 Student Affairs2,668,45736,188,78930,00038,887,246 Strategic Relations1,869,55433,5001,903,054 Ft. Lauderdale Campus 4,011,737833,7304,845,467 Davie Campus6,106,44465,5626,172,006 Jupiter Campus1,918,1742,059,8533,978,027 Treasure Coast Campus 1,810,55575,9441,886,499 Strategic Planning & Information Technology 22,206,0236,205,573174,483,57846,500202,941,674 University Advancement 1,719,5981,728,8333,448,431 General Administrative Service 2,099,74612,683,376200,00014,983,122 Total VP Areas$77,779,571$97,037,108$174,483,578$423,250$1,728,833$0$351,452,340

8 CollegeE&G Auxiliary/ Athletics/ Student Gov Financial Aid ConcessionFoundationGrantsTotal Provost Area$9,722,030$4,126,272$0$68,000$13,916,302 University Libraries8,534,974552,650$10,0409,097,664 Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute 10,266,57310,949,216157,14821,372,937 Research Division312,923$51,593,61651,906,539 College of Science23,197,728831,378203,60924,232,715 College of Medicine14,709,205280,006140,00015,129,211 Arts & Letters24,238,598202,9293,000746,41025,190,937 College of Business24,310,1029,350,385221,91933,882,406 College of Education15,710,1154,039,2926,000292,2955,095,28625,142,988 College of Engineering 13,823,450857,75561,00014,742,205 College of Nursing5,478,9871,331,5981,332,5658,143,150 Honors College4,167,86950,3004,218,169 CDSI9,492,136892,789285,41310,670,338 Total Academic Affairs $163,964,690$33,464,570$0$77,000$3,450,399$56,688,902$257,645,561

9 Fund Type 2011-12 Budget PECO$ 775,000

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