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Book 12 Bicycle Signals IMSA Ontario Expo October 1, 2014 Markham, ON.

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1 Book 12 Bicycle Signals IMSA Ontario Expo October 1, 2014 Markham, ON

2 2 Background

3 Growth of Cycling Increasing cycling as mode of transport and recreation Cycling master plans Personal & environmental benefits However, we’re not Europe….yet 3

4 Publications 4 OTM Book 18 TAC Bicycle Traffic Control Guidelines OTM Book 12 TAC Bicycle Signals OTM Book 15 Book 12 Bicycle Signals

5 Current Guidance Situation OTC identified gap in available guidance TAC was working on it, just published updated version based on 2004 project OTM Supplement is specific to legislation/conditions in Ontario Limited bicycle signal dedicated guidance currently available in N.A. 5

6 Product Provide guidance to practitioners on managing bicycle flow through signalized intersections Standalone supplement to current Book 12; will likely be integrated in future update Based on best practice – not research assignment Based on existing legislation 6

7 Principles of Content Bicycle + Traffic signal specific Book 18 structured to refer signal related elements to Book 12 supplement; Book 18 contains pavement marking and signs needed Attempt to maintain consistency with TAC Conform to HTA B 7 Bicycle traffic signal (TAC standard) is in an Appendix only

8 Process Project Working Committee + CIMA PWC provided input, not just review MTO on committee as advisor and to help assure consistency Book created “from scratch” 8

9 Content 9

10 General Legislative Signal Timing Bicycle-Specific Displays Bicycle-Specific Phasing Decision Criteria Detection 10

11 Legislative Framework Ontario HTA Bicycle is vehicle No riding on sidewalks or in crosswalks Bicycle signal display currently not allowed Two signal heads required for separate phase or movement Near-side heads allowed only as auxiliary 11

12 Signal Timing Factors and Constants Signal timing is a compromise which has to accommodate all users Start-up Lost Time (actuated signal min green) Affected by cross traffic (visibility, speed, etc.) Grade More research still needed Clearances Perception/reaction similar to motorists Stop more quickly (amber) Travel slower (all-red) 12

13 Displays Display options limited at present to standard heads (with signs for separate phases) Displays for same phasing as parallel street 13 Could add a tertiary head here, perhaps low mounted

14 Displays Separate phase Bicycle signal head should stress uniqueness in size, colour, placement 14

15 Phasing Parallel to pedestrian movements (crossride) 15

16 Phasing Separate or partially separate phasing Leading phase example 16

17 Phasing IPS Contra-flow 17

18 Justification for Use Use minimum required – separate phasing should be uncommon Typical uses for separate phasing: Non-compliance with existing control (safety) Contra-flow situations Unique path through intersection Improve LOS for bicycles (large volumes of bicycles) 18

19 Justification for Use Example of unique path through intersection Ottawa) 19

20 Detection 20

21 Detection Allows for bicycle specific timings Improved service Quadrupole loops TAC has pavement markings Mississauga uses “long distance” detection in bike lane Optical detection Pushbuttons discouraged 21

22 Thank you ! Questions ?

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