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CICJIS Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System

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1 CICJIS Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System

2 CICJIS Web Page

3 CICJIS—Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Info. System
“Colorado has the only statewide, integrated justice system in the country designed to electronically share information among the courts, probation, the district attorneys, the local law enforcement community, and the department of corrections There are >65 data-sharing applications currently in use.” -- Bob Roper, CIO, Colo. Judicial Branch August 24, 2001

4 Entities that Share the Network

5 CICJIS Functions

6 Closed, fully connected mesh network
Each host is responsible for the information it releases & updates, and for choosing with whom to share it. Courts Dept of Corrections Law enforcement Firewalls at each host site District Attorneys Probation

7 CICJIS Principles CICJIS operates through a middleware solution whereby each participating agency maintains its own legacy system linked by a central index. Information is shared using “business rules.”

8 CICJIS Principles—2 This “business rules” sharing mechanism enables the State to leverage its investment in the existing legacy systems without developing a completely new sixth system, even though the five computer systems were not initially designed to communicate with one another.

9 Size 1800 court and probation users.
5250-type terminals that provide access to data via the AS/400 DBMS. A cluster of IBM Netfinity servers that support the Department’s Document server & Jury server.

10 Network Closed network. Fully implemented Mesh Frame Relay Network.
T1-CSU/DSU & Cisco Router connectivity to all 107 remote locations. End-user access to each host and across the net is 5250 emulation via dumb terminal and PC emulation.

11 Protocol TCP/IP Provides the ability to encapsulate SNA packets in TCP/IP packets, thus protecting all data transferred from the AS/400 host to the remote locations. IP numbering plan exists with a class A license for Judicial only. Host-to-host communication is via Etherlink to the router (to fully use the T1 line speeds at the AS/400 locations).

12 Hardware—1 IBM AS/400 Model 730. IBM AS/400 Model 720. IBM RS6000.
IBM Netfinity Server 5500. IBM Netfinity Server 7000.

13 Hardware—2 2 primary platforms:
IBM AS/ , which operates as the server. That database is mirrored on an IBM AS/400 model 720, and that is front-ended with an IBM RS6000, which serves as the main connection point with the CICJIS database located on an HP 9000

14 CICJIS Architecture

15 CICJIS Software Operating system: OS/400 version v4.3
Database software: DB2/400

16 Applications software—1 (vendor provided):
Communication Utilities/400. Language Dictionaries/400. Performance Tools/400. Application Development Toolset/400. Query/400. TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities/400.

17 Applications Software—2
Office version/400. Client Access/400. R/Dars-400. Q&A Database Library. Sequel-Advanced System Concepts.

18 Applications Software—3
Blend/400. Robot /Alert Support Center/400. Abstract/Probe. Primary CICJIS Related App. Software. Integrated Colorado On-Line Network, ILE-RPG/IV.

19 Benefits of Integration—1
Improves Public Safety. Eliminates Redundant Data Entry. Provides Complete & Current Data. Improves ability to evaluate the impact of policy changes.

20 Benefits of Integration—2
Documented Benefits: Using single-point statewide inquiries. Minimizing redundant data collection efforts. Reducing resources required for queries. Reducing paper-handling costs. Improved response times.

21 Lessons Learned in Colorado—1
Get management support early & at each stage. Control of development through all constituent agencies. Problem resolution – handled at the operational level. Document the business & technical aspects of the project.

22 Lessons Learned in Colorado—2
Analyze business rules before implementation. Develop the integrated system incrementally and build upon early success. Establish buy-in from system stakeholders. IT acquisition is a continuing investment.

23 Lessons Learned—3 Ensure funding for implementation & training.
Make sure the planners/implementers have: good people skills, are committed, and have capacity to reprioritize projects & resources.

24 Lessons Learned—4 Remember to provide training.
Minimize technical change. Benchmark against project goals & objectives. [This is critical to the continued marketing of the project.]

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